“New Year Fair 2023” 14900 yen only Amazon tablet 10 inch wi-fi model Purchase the target product for ¥ 2000,

“New Year Fair 2023” 14900 yen only Amazon tablet 10 inch wi-fi model Purchase the target product for ¥ 2000,
January 8-9

Amazon link for N-one NPad air: http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B0BGWQDDLL Original price: ¥19,900
Applied price: ¥14,900 (plus a promotional code saves 2000 yuan: NPad2000 saves 5000 yen)
[Image 1d110497-57-01a11e943c97a78d01f6-0.jpg&s3=110497-57-f2f07e2cee7a87a26ce07681c4bccf7d-1464x600.jpg
N-one Npad air Amazon Android 11 tablet 2023 New Year sale, last day of promotion. Equipped with high-performance UNIOC T310 CPU, it uses Android 11 OS. It is a hot selling product on Amazon due to its high cost performance. Page price: 14900 yen,This offer is very big, so get it as soon as possible
[Image 2d110497-57-a837b5f06ff5e2571fbb-3.jpg&s3=110497-57-b04c2844a481045629c51b7776a47dd4-1464x600.jpg
[Image 3d110497-57-9b03b4f3065920ad13b6-1.jpg&s3=110497-57-fc4ce3b293a51f10d0b39d22739d4a3a-1464x600.jpg
Low power consumption and low heat generation can be achieved, various functions have been enhanced, and more light operation and high-speed processing are possible. With a large capacity long-lasting 6200mAh battery, you can fully enjoy videos, music, games, etc. without worrying about time.
Android 11 OS N-one Npad air is equipped with android 11. In addition to improving quality of life, android 11 also gives users temporary permission control for unknown apps, which helps with information leaks.android 11 gives users better protection. maintain.
[Image 4d110497-57-b19ac5cdf9dad6b12d35-4.jpg&s3=110497-57-234ee21f73a95eb706dd3cb0c69b6e35-650x350.jpg
[Image 5d110497-57-fdde89e0d05161c636a4-8.png&s3=110497-57-0ec7d7613234a701d1b33ac2d553a5dd-1054x314.png
N-one (Company Chill Yue Science and Technology Zi Zi brand) takes “more fun, more love” as its core idea, and takes N-one’s
high-quality tablet PC and notebook PC as its main product to attract more people. We want people to enjoy the convenience of digital products, and use digital products to love their lives more. “N-one Official Site”
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