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[Newly posted on Resort]-Oceanfront glamping in Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture, where you can spend time in a photogenic outdoor space-[BYUCCA glamping-Bukka-]
Etajima City, Hiroshima Prefecture [BYUCCA glamping-Bukka-] Grand opening announcement

At Resort, operated by Booking Resort Co., Ltd., Iseya Consultants Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Etajima City, Hiroshima Prefecture; Representative Director: Mayumi Yamashita) operates a total of five ocean front glamping buildings in Etajima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, called BYUCCA glamping. -Bukka-” has started posting.
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Enjoy “Etajima” with family, friends and couples
About an hour from Hiroshima city, Etajima is surrounded by the great nature of the sea, mountains and sky.
An extraordinary space that spreads out when you cross the symbolic Hayase Ohashi Bridge, the entrance that leads to Etajima.
An oceanfront glamping resort surrounded by the bounty of the ocean. A comfortable outdoor experience with bathrooms and dining spaces in all rooms. A relaxing time spent with family, friends and couples in a photogenic space. Feel the sea breeze, listen to the ripples, and be surrounded by a sky full of stars.
Enjoy an extraordinary glamping experience at [BYUCCA glamping-Bukka-]. [Image 2

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Etajima’s scenic spot Ocean front glamping located at the foot of the symbolic Hayase Ohashi Bridge
About 1 hour from Hiroshima city. Etajima City is surrounded by the nature of the sea/mountains/sky.
An ocean front glamping that was born at the foot of the symbolic Hayase Ohashi Bridge that leads to Etajima.
Relax slowly in the soft time of the sea breeze, the sound of quiet ripples, and the sky full of stars.
Enjoy an outdoor experience at an extraordinary island resort. [Image 4

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Private dome with bathroom and dining space in all rooms
Each room is equipped with safe and comfortable facilities for outdoor beginners, women-only groups, and families with small children. All rooms are equipped with bathrooms with large bathtubs and bright, clean toilets located adjacent to each room, so you can relax in any weather.
Each room also has its own dining space.
You can spend a comfortable and free stay with your family and friends, such as gourmet BBQ, as well as camping meals that you can bring in and enjoy.
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Rooms with rich individuality, selectable glamping style
The style of the room you spend your time at BYUCCA glamping can be chosen according to the occasion.
Super large [10m diameter dome tent] that can accommodate up to 10 people Popular topic for sauna [dome with barrel sauna]
You can also enjoy a soothing stay while listening to the sound of the waves [dome with a private jacuzzi], etc.
You can enjoy it according to your purpose, such as traveling with three generations of your family, traveling as a couple, or traveling with active friends.
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Enjoy Etajima Local activities around the area
Travel around Etajima, tie up with tourism resources, and enjoy Etajima to the fullest.
There are plenty of activities such as fruit picking in the warm climate, oyster making experience, marine activities such as SUP and sea kayaking, and cycling around Etajima.
Of course, you can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest by making pizza and experiencing a bonfire.
You can enjoy glamping in Etajima x outdoor, such as families with children and active date trips.
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Enjoying a Resort Stay Numerous Amenities
At “BYUCCA glamping”, we have prepared a selection of amenities so that you can enjoy glamping with peace of mind, such as families coming to the outdoors with their children for the first time in a while, or women only going outdoors for the first time.
In addition to bath amenities such as shampoo/conditioner, we have prepared so that you can enjoy a comfortable resort empty-handed. [Image 13d52784-163-15c2f2ff1d844290e3a9-14.jpg&s3=52784-163-e278435919ce8ce4af1743adc9d5539d-1500x844.jpg
[Image 14d52784-163-aaeb928d188e199535f6-15.jpg&s3=52784-163-9c6814c649ef8f55aabd83b86419c62e-1500x844.jpg
[Image 15d52784-163-2ad11d9d8822e6753890-7.jpg&s3=52784-163-91ac5be7ec51e9e6ed8868bd9966b270-1500x844.jpg
◆Facility overview
Facility name: BYUCCA glamping
Address: 2389-2 Ogaki-cho, Etajima City, Hiroshima Prefecture 737-2212 Number of accommodation buildings: 5
◆Transportation access
About 60 minutes from Hiroshima city
◆Resort is a reservation site specializing in glamping facilities and resort villas nationwide.
Glamping has been recognized as a new experience-based accommodation facility that is different from staying at traditional inns and hotels.
Glamping facilities are opening up all over the country one after another, and you can reserve glamping facilities that meet certain standards and are highly rated.
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