newn Co., Ltd. The cosmetic brand “rihka” will release the brand’s first monochrome collection “behind the scenes” from January 26th.

newn Co., Ltd.
The cosmetic brand “rihka” will release the brand’s first monochrome collection “behind the scenes” from January 26th.
Introducing items inspired by her (model) captured through the camera lens and filter, which are essential for shooting.

From the cosmetic brand “rihka” produced by hair and makeup artist Mirai Matsuda, developed by newn Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ayataro Nakagawa), the brand’s first image of the backstage of the shooting. As a monochrome collection “behind the scenes”, 2 nail polish colors and 2 multi-pouches in limited packages will be released in limited quantities from January 26, 2023 (Thursday).
[Image 1d32762-82-9d78d9ff187a30953b72-0.jpg&s3=32762-82-1bf37ec002647ecc662c45afc9ad238a-650x488.jpg
■director message
Since its debut, rihka has
Make each item shine more,
I’ve been valuing the creation of the world view to convey to everyone. Once the item is complete,
What kind of costume, what kind of place, what kind of model, how do you embody it…
Every time, all the staff created it with a fresh feeling.
Behind the scenes of shooting
Express your thoughts on the item,
To make it look more beautiful,
I am trying various things through trial and error.
I want to publish it as soon as possible! The fact that you can create a LOOK that makes you feel
Because the feelings of all the staff involved are united,
I am truly grateful for this.
The theme of this collection is “behind the scenes”.
These items are inspired by her (model) captured through the camera lens and filter, which are indispensable for shooting.
We hope you enjoy the special world view of “behind the scenes”. by brand director Mirai.M
■behind the scenes
Beautiful poses and facial expressions of models that change as the shutter sounds in the studio. rihka’s view of the world created behind the scenes of shooting.
rihka’s first monochrome limited collection that captures the beauty of the moment seen through the viewfinder.
rihka nail polish: 2 limited colors / 9ml / ¥2,970 each (tax included) Release date: January 26, 2023 (Thursday) 20:00
Sales site:
Expressing the dynamism of a model that continues to change freely during shooting. Innocentness is added by adding large gold glitter to the clear white with a dignified impression.
[Image 2d32762-82-aa164da236ade0a7555b-1.png&s3=32762-82-12f92f75b9408fce858ab24337515cb5-350x263.png
A camera that captures instant facial expressions and emotions to create the world of rihka. A beautiful black with large silver glitter that looks like a flash of light.
[Image 3d32762-82-b96b854bd99bca490a95-2.png&s3=32762-82-d43f5bdeccf220d788d110419bcaf6c7-350x263.png
limited packaging
We will deliver it in a limited package inspired by rihka nail polish “her” and “lens”.
[Image 4d32762-82-19e7b6ac1844db734d95-3.png&s3=32762-82-175c60b443849d50e726d8116bb068b6-350x263.png
rihka petite bag 2 limited colors / ¥5,280 each (tax included) Inspired by rihka nail polish “her” and “lens”, it comes in two colors that are easy to match with any outfit. A multi-pouch that can be used as a cosmetic pouch or a shoulder bag.
Made with Portuguese fleece that pursues quality and lightness. By adopting a new soft and thick fabric, it has become a more luxurious finish. By applying heat cut processing to the string, it has been updated to make it easier to use. There is also a pocket inside so that you can easily carry the refillable eyeshadow palette “rihka feelings palette”.
Size: one size
Release date: January 26, 2023 (Thursday) 20:00
Inspired by rihka nail polish “her”, creamy white with a soft and elegant impression.
[Image 5d32762-82-2936839ed65b519a3f84-4.png&s3=32762-82-e0e3e6c8e411fe7a0945c7857a1d1d0f-350x263.png
Inspired by the rihka nail polish “lens”, this pure and beautiful black is perfect for a classy casual style.
[Image 6d32762-82-f5190a17bd38e846929f-5.png&s3=32762-82-3682013ac50618de6926f88795811f3a-350x263.png
■ SDGs initiatives
vanity case
By using non-wood paper called “bagasse”, which is made from recycled sugar cane stems and leaves, the package is eco-friendly. Please enjoy the soft texture that makes use of natural materials.
delivery box
By designing it so that it can be assembled without the use of tape, it reduces the use of plastic and makes the shipping box easier to recycle.
What is rihka
Light and salvation to all the people in the world who work hard…! It is a cosmetic brand that debuted in June 2020 with the concept of brand director hair and makeup artist Mirai Matsuda, who is always in her heart as a person involved in beauty.
Instagram: @rihka_official ( ■ brand director
Hair and makeup artist / Mirai Matsuda
Focusing on lifestyle media, he does hair and makeup for magazines, advertisements, and fashion catalogs. In her private life, she lives with her beloved cat Madeleine (male, 10 years old), which is also the name of her debut nail color.
Instagram: @mira0911 (
[Image 7d32762-82-7323d4cb879f4558110d-6.png&s3=32762-82-884021f8a972fb2cd43b82d4f12666dd-350x223.png
■Operating company
Company name: newn Co., Ltd.
Location: 5F Token International Building Main Building, 2-12-19 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Ayataro Nakagawa
Established: April 24, 2017
Capital: 82.5 million yen

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