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Original block chain and web3 service 4 works released! Cocone Group’s web3 business 2022 summary

The Cocone Group, which began researching blockchain technology around 2018, will start full-scale web3 business in 2022. Starting with the start of operation of its own blockchain “MOOI Network”, four web3 services including GameFi based on the same chain will be released in 2022.
In this document, while reviewing the overview of each service, we will introduce the significance and reasons for Cocone’s challenge to the web3 business, as well as our aspirations for 2023.
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About the Cocone Group, which accelerates the web3 business
Cocone is developing an avatar business that is loved by 130 million customers around the world, and has offices in 8 cities in 7 countries around the world.
Armed with a track record of over 1 million productions and over 13 billion in circulation for digital assets gained from more than 10 years of avatar development, the group as a whole has launched nearly 10 web3 projects to accelerate its business. increase.
With more than 100 employees engaged in blockchain and web3 business, and abundant resources and many years of know-how on avatar services, we are able to provide the value of “kawaii” that has become a global standard and on a global scale. Now available in a new format. We aim to expand the value of customers’ digital assets, including avatars, by leveraging the fun of evolving avatar services and utilizing blockchain technology.
Why Cocone is challenging the web3 domain
“Creating the excitement and world of living with characters” Since the beginning of the Web 2.0 avatar service, Cocone has created a world where life becomes fun and everyday life becomes exciting by expressing yourself as a character in a digital space that is different from your real self. I am aiming for
And in modern times, the evolution of technology called the web3 domain such as blockchain and the digital shift have expanded the possibilities in the virtual space. With more people and more time spent in the digital world, we are entering an era in which the digital world is as important as or more important than the real world.
It is an era where the diversification of real and digital
friendships, and digital economic activities and asset holdings become “natural”.
And that “naturally” is something that links and evolves with the digital world that Cocone aims to provide.
Connecting various digital assets and economies to the real world will completely change the experience and value of living as a character and expressing yourself in the virtual world.
To that end, Cocone aims to build a digital world that can provide unprecedented excitement and lifestyles, armed with the unparalleled achievements created by existing avatar services and 14 years of experience in the Web 2.0 ecosystem. challenge the realm.
web3 business development in 2022
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Cocone Group’s web3 service overview
■ “MOOI Network” ~Blockchain specialized in the metaverse area~ [Image 3

“MOOI” is a blockchain network “specialized in the metaverse area” developed by POST VOYAGER of the Cocone Group, and started operation in June 2022. Since the launch, in addition to the wallet and NFT marketplace “Jellyme”, we have developed and released various solutions such as DeFi at a high speed.
・Intuitive UI and UX design
・Low transaction fees and fast and convenient blockchain
・Klaytn Network, Polygon and bridge deployment
[Management] POST VOYAGER
[Service start] June 2022
ー「MOOI」Aspirations for 2023
As a platform to support Cocone’s new business, including web3 apps, we are proceeding with development and operation while monitoring the reactions of customers who continue to use it and the market. By 2023, we will develop services while expanding such functions, with the goal of strengthening stability and building a network specialized for avatar services. In the next year, we will prepare a system that allows onboarding of services other than Cocone, and aim to open it as a public network.
NFT Marketplace
■ “Jellyme” – NFTs from Cocone web3 service gathered together! ~ [Image 4

It is an NFT marketplace where various assets in the “MOOI Network” gather. [web]
[Service start] August 2022
ー「Jellyme」Aspirations for 2023
In 2023, POST VOYAGER will continue to expand the MOOI Network ecosystem centered on “Jellyme” and build a metaverse world so that more customers can experience web3. We will also improve the ecosystem and infrastructure so that the value of items owned by customers is recognized.
web3 service
■ “PKCL Twins” ~NFT x Avatar Service~
[Image 5

No token elements! Blockchain entertainment for women from Japan It is an avatar service that you can enjoy by combining more than 20,000 items that can be converted into NFTs to dress up twin avatars. You can sell sets coordinated with your own digital assets on the NFT marketplace. This service does not have “governance tokens” or “utility tokens” because it is designed to be easy to understand even for those who are unfamiliar with blockchains and NFTs. Instead, we have incorporated a number of mechanisms to increase the value of assets and NFTs acquired by customers within the service.
*Non-serviceable countries: Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, UAE, etc. [web]
[Operation] Cocone
[Service start] November 2022
ー「PKCL Twins」Aspirations for 2023
We will take on the challenge of conveying the sensibility that Cocone has cultivated to overseas customers. Even if you are not interested in NFT, we will deliver kawaii to people all over the world as entertainment that allows you to experience the latest web3 services. ■ “JANKEN” -The world’s easiest Play & Earn game-
[Image 6

A block chain game of the world’s common hand play!
“JANKEN” is a blockchain game based on the finger game “Janken”. An original element was added to the simple “rock-paper-scissors” gameplay to create a deeper strategy. You can get paid tokens (JGT) by winning Janken, and you can enjoy collecting “Janken cards” used in the game as NFT. “JANKEN”, which is being developed globally, is unified with a world view like e-sports, and although it has simple rules, you can fully enjoy the fun, enjoyment, and frustration of the game.
*Non-serviceable countries: Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, UAE [web]
[Operation] Cocone
[Service start] December 2022
ー “JANKEN” Aspirations for 2023
Although less than a month has passed since the launch of the service, customers from all over the world, not only in Southeast Asia, which was the original target country, but also in South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, etc., are enjoying “JANKEN”. We plan to accelerate and expand this trend and hold an offline event to determine the world’s best JANKEN in 2023. Rock-paper-scissors, which is said to have originated in Japan, will continue to grow as a form of entertainment around the world.
■ “ClawKiss” ~Dress & Earn with NFT that can be changed~
[Image 7

Dress & Earn starting from NFT, “Vampire” community connected by NFT Based on the IP of the avatar brand “Selfy”, which has over 13 million customers in over 170 countries around the world, this web3 app enables “Dress & Earn” by coordinating avatars converted to NFT by blockchain. Customers become “vampires living in human society”, suck the blood of the humanoid “ESA” to earn tokens, and enjoy life as a vampire, such as interacting with the community. In addition to the growth of Tokenomics, we aim to build a digital world where people who find it difficult to live in modern society due to imposed common sense and stereotypes can express themselves freely and create a diverse social graph. increase.
*In-app language: English, Portuguese
[Operation] Cocone
[Service start] December 2022
ー「ClawKiss」Aspirations for 2023
Unlike the CCP service (avatar service) that Cocone has cultivated so far, this work is a challenge to the “form of avatar NFT” in the world of web3. We will grow while returning various things to NFT and token holders over the long term.
■ “Meta Livly” ~The world’s first avatar coordination P2E service~ [Image 8

Pioneer of Cocone Group’s GameFi Project
A P2E service using the IP of the popular avatar app “Rivly Island” that won the category award at the Google Play Awards 2021. The main focus is on coordinating fashion items and taking care of cute characters, so even customers who are not familiar with blockchain technology can easily and happily play. Focusing on the “joy of playing”, we aim to build a world where you can express yourself through customization of digital assets and connection with the community. Based on that concept, we have introduced a unique blockchain-based economic structure. Through the service, it is designed so that customers can obtain tokens and NFTs. In addition, we have independently developed a system that distributes profits from gacha (item purchases) with customers, rather than the company monopolizing them.
*Countries not covered by the service: Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore [web]
[Management] Cocone M
[Service start] August 2022
ー “Meta Livly” Aspirations for 2023
Based on the experience of operating the service for more than half a year after launching the service last year, we have focused on developing a simple and familiar system design so that customers of the avatar service can smoothly onboard to the blockchain-based web3 service. I’m in. As a result of updating in line with customers who understand the value of items and pursue the joy of playing, the usage rate of gacha within the service is also on the rise. In 2023, the asset value of the items acquired by customers will continue to increase, and we plan to develop services that focus on the fun of playing.

Kokone’s resolution for 2023
Cocone Co., Ltd. will enter its 16th term this year.
As a result of continuing to create a world where customers can express themselves according to their sensibilities, centered on the avatar service, we have created more than 1 million types of digital assets, and the total number of digital assets in circulation has exceeded 13 billion. .
They have a track record of creating a “unique world where digital items without parameters are valued in the community”, and are a great advantage in creating new services in the web3 era where NFTs and blockchains are used. increase.
In 2022, we will release our own blockchain network named “MOOI”. With NFT items, it is possible to build a new service that bridges the digital world and the real world, and four web3 apps based on this chain are developed in quick succession.
Cocone’s new challenge has begun.
And in 2023, a year that can be a big turning point for the web3 industry. While new projects and initiatives are born every day, Cocone aims to spread the web3 service unique to Cocone to the world.
To that end, we have also promoted the globalization of our company by establishing bases in eight cities in seven countries.
“Cocone’s unique ‘metaverse of sensibility’, Cocone’s unique digital world to customers all over the world”
Please look forward to Cocone’s unprecedented challenge.
About Cocone Co., Ltd. (
Cocone, which has a track record of over 13 billion digital assets in circulation, will provide a “metaverse of sensibility”.
Cocone Co., Ltd. is a company that provides a digital world where customers can freely express their sensibilities, the “Kansei Metaverse”. In addition to creating many “kawaii” apps that are loved by over 130 million customers around the world, including the avatar theme app “Pokekoro” series, we have created more than 1 million digital items, and through avatars. We have a wealth of know-how in community formation and management. In addition, we are actively promoting the web3 business from 2022. In addition to our experience in avatar development and community management, we will combine the latest technologies such as blockchain technology development and NFT marketplace management to build a digital world and metaverse space that can give shape to the “sensitivity” that Cocone is good at. We are.
-Company Profile-
Head office location: 3-1-18 Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Established: September 4, 2008
Representative: Shintaro Takaya, President and CEO
Business: Social network, application development, education, language, blockchain development
-Some group companies-
Cocone V Co., Ltd.
Cocone M Co., Ltd.
Cocone Education Inc.
Cocone U.S.
Cocone N.Y.
Cocone Europe
Shanghai Cocone Corporation
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