NFT Marketplace tofuNFT, block chain game “Elemental Knight Online -META WORLD-” LAND NFT sales start from February 1st

NFT Marketplace tofuNFT, block chain game “Elemental Knight Online -META WORLD-” LAND NFT sales start from February 1st
The NFT marketplace tofuNFT will start selling the NFT item “LAND” in the blockchain game “Elemental Knight Online -META WORLD-” from February 1st.

“Elemental Knight Online -META WORLD-” is a blockchain game project that aims to build a completely new fantasy world economic zone in the Metaverse world using NFT. With the sale of LAND NFT this time as a starting point, tofuNFT will work to revitalize the Gensen Knight community and support marketing activities.
■ About “Elemental Knight Online -META WORLD-”
Official teaser video
[Video 2:] GensoKishi Online | Fan Made PV (Officially Acknowledged):
“Elemental Knight Online-META WORLD-” won the “Game of the year Gold Award” in Taiwan in 2012 and is the latest game series with over 8 million downloads. A game that incorporates the elements of NFT in the virtual space of the Metaverse, which uses blockchain technology to build a new fantasy world economic zone.
Elemental Knight Online Community
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YouTube: ■ About “LAND NFT”
The world of GENSO Metaverse is built on LAND. You can have a house (housing) in LAND, and each person can create various worlds by using the UGC function. For example, you can create an original part of the game map for Elemental Knight Online, set monsters and drop items there, and be involved in the game in a way that you manage it yourself.
About tofuNFT
tofuNFT is the world’s largest multi-chain NFT marketplace with over 30 EVM compatible chains. Most of the transaction volume consists of blockchain games, GameFi.
It will start on BSC in October 2021 and grow into the largest NFT marketplace on the chain from December. It is also already the largest NFT marketplace in Arbitrum, Metis, Boba, Aurora, Moonbeam and Astar, with Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Cronos, Optimism and other chains in the top 3 by volume. In September 2022, we announced a partnership with X2Y2, the NFT marketplace with the highest trading volume in the world.

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