Nifty Lifestyle Co., Ltd. If you are looking for a room, Nifty Real Estate Started initiatives related to real estate sales. The price assessment of your home and the selection of the real estate company that is right for you are at the same time

Nifty Lifestyle Co., Ltd.
[Nifty Real Estate for looking for a room] Started initiatives related to the real estate sales area. The price assessment of your home and the selection of the real estate company that is right for you are at the same time as the property search.
Started collaboration with “SUUMO Real Estate Sales”, a comprehensive real estate sales assessment service on 1/20 (Friday)

Nifty Lifestyle Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Narita, Securities Code: 4262) has expanded the existing services of “rental” and “purchase” in its main business “Nifty Real Estate”. In addition, we will start an approach to new development in the “sale” area.
Recently, Recruit Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshihiro Kitamura; hereinafter referred to as “Recruit We are pleased to inform you that we have started an introduction service for “SUUMO Real Estate Sales,” a comprehensive real estate sales assessment service operated by SUUMO.
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Background of entry into the real estate sales field
Our main business, “Nifty Real Estate,” offers a service that allows users to search for “rental properties” and “purchase properties” from a huge amount of information as a service that supports room search. In the future, with the aim of expanding services for further business expansion, we are considering expanding existing services to peripheral areas. The current situation has emerged that there are many anxiety and requests.
Among them, according to a questionnaire survey (Note 1) conducted by “Nifty Real Estate”, one out of three users who own a house indicated their intention to sell at the same time as looking for a property, and nearly half of them. However, it turns out that they want to sell their own house in the near future or to consult about selling. [Image 2d49786-91-5d005b4b1a9e8f1d2c42-1.png&s3=49786-91-011b10386ac8a6825419f9e9084c5358-1200x420.png
(Note 1): Real estate sales intention survey for Nifty real estate users / period from June 2021 to December 2022 Total: N = 10,482 people
Therefore, we have decided to start new developments in the sales area so that users can smoothly start considering real estate sales while searching for properties on “Nifty Real Estate”. In addition, as an approach to this end, in this initiative, we have started providing services in collaboration with “SUUMO Real Estate Sales”, a
comprehensive real estate sales assessment service operated by Recruit.
In real estate sales activities, it is essential to understand the value of the property to be sold in advance and to select a real estate company that will support various intentions that differ depending on the life stage. In this initiative, multiple real estate companies / intermediary companies will collectively assess free of charge so that you can choose a reliable activity partner who presents conditions more in line with your intentions from among a large number of real estate companies. In addition to making it possible to do so, we have prepared so that you can choose the assessment method that matches the sales activity situation, such as “simple assessment” to know a rough assessment price and “on-site assessment” to know a more accurate assessment price. increase.
Nifty Real Estate will use this service as a starting point to deepen and expand its efforts in the sales area, and will continue to strive to develop multifaceted behavior support services that are suitable for each individual.
About “SUUMO real estate sale” (
Operated by Recruit Co., Ltd. It is a service that allows you to request a free bulk assessment from multiple real estate companies while referring to the introduction pages of real estate companies, sales market prices, sales examples, and information on potential purchasers for each area nationwide. It is also a feature that you can choose the assessment method, such as “simple assessment” that allows you to know a rough assessment price or “visit assessment” that allows you to know a more accurate assessment price.
If you’re looking for a room app, Nifty Real Estate!
Nifty Real Estate, which we are working on, is one of the largest real estate property information search platforms in Japan that bundles more than 10 million properties (Note 2) posted on famous real estate portal sites. When looking for a room, researching and comparing multiple sites is a difficult task that takes time and effort for modern people who are busy every day. “Nifty Real Estate” collects a huge amount of information from around the world, optimizes it with its own information processing technology, and provides a service that makes it easy to see and search for desired information collectively on the web and app. It has exceeded 9 million (Note 1).
○ List of applications currently being offered
“Nifty real estate rental version”
・iOS app
・ Android application “Nifty real estate purchase version”
・iOS app
・Android app (Note 2)
・ Total number of listed properties: 10 million: According to Japan Marketing Research Organization Fiscal year ending July
2022_Competitive research in designated theme areas (desk research) ・ Cumulative number of downloads: 9 million: As of the end of September 2022, the total of the Nifty Real Estate app series About Nifty Lifestyle Co., Ltd.
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