Nifty Onsen Announcing “Users’ Choice! Cleanest Onsen/Super Sento Ranking” ~This hot spring is among the top 10 in Japan, where corporate efforts shine~

Nifty Lifestyle Co., Ltd.
[Nifty Onsen] Announcing “Users’ Choice! Cleanest Hot Springs/Super Sento Rankings” ~This hot spring is among the top 10 in Japan, where corporate efforts shine~

“Nifty Onsen” operated by Nifty Lifestyle Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Narita) has 16,328 hot springs and bathing facilities nationwide (as of December 31, 2022). We have announced the “clean hot spring / super sento ranking” selected by user votes.
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■ Ranking background
A survey of Nifty Onsen found that many users emphasized
“cleanliness/cleanliness” when choosing a facility. Against this background, Nifty Onsen focused on cleanliness this time, and ranked the facilities that had a large number of votes for “cleanliness” in the “good points of this facility” voting part on the facility details page.
■ Ranking result details
1st place: Higashi Dogo Sora Tori / Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
[Image 2d49786-92-bef74aab63847f214ebd-1.jpg&s3=49786-92-0ef52374764158d54ee41fd70c1ac81e-945x413.jpg
Beautiful skin hot spring with various services
In the “Nifty Hot Spring Annual Ranking 2022”, it won first place in the “User Voting Division” in the Chugoku / Shikoku area. Located in Higashi Dogo Onsen, Ehime Prefecture, this is a hot spring facility based on the concept of “Ki no Yojo”.
The boasting natural hot spring is alkaline with a pH of 9.2, and is a hot spring for beautiful skin that brings smooth skin. This unique slimy hot water is used not only in all the baths, but also in the showers, and has a strong fan base. In addition, there were many positive reviews about the cleanliness, which is the theme of this time.
In addition to the hot springs, there is a wide range of services such as a spacious sauna where you can enjoy steaming, a bedrock bath, body care, and a relaxing room with about 10,000 comic books.
A full-fledged restaurant with terrace seats and a room with a semi-open-air bath are also available to accommodate a variety of needs.
-Reviews from users of “Todogo Sora Tori”-
“The entrance was spacious and the receptionist was very helpful. The room was clean and the family bath was spacious and the children were delighted. I would like to visit again.”
“Every time I go, the inside of the building is beautiful. The breakfast was also very delicious! I would like to go again.” “I happened to find this place on a trip and visited. I was surprised that it was bigger and more beautiful than I thought. The price was more reasonable than the Kanto area and it was a better deal than I usually go. The bath was slimy and it was my first experience. It was very good. It was good.”
2nd place: Tsukuba Onsen Kirari Bettei / Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture
[Image 3d49786-92-aa7a5ab306fb8b7dd231-2.jpg&s3=49786-92-7879bdac4bef973691249efbfeadb868-945x413.jpg
Adult-oriented day-trip hot spring with the scent of cypress A 5-minute drive from the Ken-O Expressway Tsukuba Chuo Interchange, and a 15-minute walk from the South Exit of Kenkyugakuen Station on the Tsukuba Express, this day-trip hot spring is for elementary school students and older.
It was built using the original cypress forest as much as possible, and you can soak in the natural hot springs flowing directly from the source while feeling the aroma of the trees in the open-air bath. The restaurant offers a menu that is particular about handmade, and the rice is cooked in a kamado.
The spacious bedrock bathing area “Ontetsubo” consisting of three areas is also gaining popularity and is highly rated by many repeaters.
-Reviews from users of Tsukuba Onsen Kirari Bettei-
“The staff always cleans the dressing room and the bathroom to keep it clean. 3rd place: Fujimi-no-Yu with famous clear water / Hadano City, Kanagawa Prefecture
[Image 4d49786-92-d862f40d1af6f24af4fc-3.jpg&s3=49786-92-16341acdfa1ac2ae396fb90b8093a45d-945x413.jpg
Boasting a view of the famous Mt.Fuji and the best water in Japan A day-use hot spring facility with an attractive view of Mt. Fuji from the restaurant as well as the open-air rock bath.
It is a natural hot spring rich in metasilicic acid, which is said to beautify the skin.
The Hadano Meisui, which was selected as No. 1 in Japan in the “famous water category with excellent taste” in the 100 selections of famous water, is used in the bathtub of the cold bath, and is highly evaluated by the sauna.
After taking a bath, we recommend the relaxation spot Soukai-an. All of our staff members are qualified as “manipulative therapists”, and you can receive high-quality treatments.
-Reviews from users of “Famous Water Hadano Fujimi no Yu”-
“It was my first visit because it is ranked high. As the reviews say, it is a small facility, but the view of Mt. Fuji and the cleanliness were very good.”
4th place: Yao Onsen Kitanoyu / Yao City, Osaka Prefecture
[Image 5d49786-92-141503ee25a8ea79cf17-4.jpg&s3=49786-92-1ba73cd1fc447432d5fc518c3a0088b2-945x413.jpg
You can enjoy 8 types of baths, including a rare hydrogen bath. In the “Nifty Hot Spring Annual Ranking 2022”, it is a popular facility that won the overall 1st place in western Japan.
There are eight types of baths, including open-air baths and indoor baths, including artificial alkaline simple hot springs,
high-concentration carbonated springs, high-temperature saunas, and hydrogen baths that are the first in the area.
In addition, in the bedrock bath, which has a women-only room, there is also a lory attraction.
Various events are also held, and it is crowded with many users every day. -Reviews from users of “Yao Onsen Kita no Yu”-
“Anyway, I think it’s clean and well-cleaned. I feel comfortable whenever I go. All staff greet you and are very friendly. ”
5th place: Natural Hot Spring Manten no Yu / Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
[Image 6d49786-92-4f151a51d501781d179f-5.jpg&s3=49786-92-eb9e544013ca614dbd1fe7f0379c5108-945x413.jpg
A hot bath facility in front of the station that gets strong support from sauna fans
Conveniently located just a 1-minute walk from Kamihoshikawa Station on the Sagami Railway Line.
The baths are mainly natural hot springs that can be enjoyed in rock baths made of natural stones, and there is also a lineup of unusual baths such as “Japanese and Chinese carbonated baths” that combine homemade crude drug extracts and carbonated springs.
In addition, there are sauna rooms equipped with automatic heating devices for both men and women, and heat wave staff perform “hustle heat waves” every day.
In addition, the cold water bath is deep and set at a relatively low temperature, and it is a facility where you can feel the commitment to the sauna, such as a mint bath.
-Reviews from users of “Natural Hot Spring Manten no Yu”-
“Anyway, it’s a wonderful and beautiful facility. Also, the sauna has been improved and renovated, and the water bath is large.”
6th place: Yokohama Natural Hot Spring SPA EAS (Spias) / Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
7th place: Shisui Onsen Yura no Sato / Shisui Town, Inba District, Chiba Prefecture
8th place: Arima Kaido Onsen Suzuran no Yu / Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
9th place:Yorimichi-no-yu hot spring where you can stay in Yamanashi / Tsuru City, Yamanashi Prefecture
10th place: Spametsa Otaka Ryusenji no Yu / Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture
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-Summary of Survey-
■ Survey period: December 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022
■ Survey method: Internet survey
User votes from 16,328 facilities listed in “Nifty Onsen” (as of December 31, 2022)
(Calculated based on the number of votes for the “good points of this facility” voting part “cleanliness”)
– Nifty Onsen editor-in-chief Yui Kawana general comment –
Shining Corporate Efforts, Efforts for “Cleanliness” of Each Facility I thought that newly opened facilities would dominate the top ranks, but the results of the ranking show the efforts of each facility. At the third-ranked Hadano Fujimi-no-Yu (Kanagawa Prefecture), the staff dedicated to cleaning take pride in maintaining cleanliness. It is said that they are cleaning well.
At Yokohama Natural Hot Spring SPA EAS (Kanagawa Prefecture), which ranked 6th, we changed the operation manual so that the staff disinfects every hour the places that many customers touch due to the corona crisis. Depending on the area, more in-depth measures are taken regarding disinfection and cleaning, such as assigning dedicated cleaning staff.
Yorimichi no Yu (Yamanashi Prefecture), a hot spring where you can stay in Yamanashi, ranked 9th. In addition to putting effort into patrols by the staff, the staff are free to bathe as a welfare program, giving them the opportunity to always see the bath from the customer’s point of view. They are trying to collect opinions. [Image 7d49786-92-04f15ae9d053e9fc5693-6.jpg&s3=49786-92-a39075293863b954f0971e76b7c85a33-670x502.jpg
-Cleaning by dedicated “clean staff”: Yokohama Natural Hot Spring SPA EAS (Kanagawa Prefecture)-
“Cleanliness” is the decisive factor in choosing a hot bath facility When we conducted a survey at Nifty Onsen before, the most decisive factor when users were looking for a hot bath facility was actually “whether the facility looks clean”. Due to the corona crisis, it seems that more and more users are demanding a clean facility than ever before.
At Nifty Onsen, we have installed buttons for user votes such as “cleanliness”, “food is delicious”, “sauna is good” on all facility detail pages, and the top three items with the most votes are displayed. (*It will not be displayed if the number of votes is less than a certain number.) We hope that you will refer to it when choosing a facility.
[Image 8d49786-92-a9871b26a32d3dbd03c2-7.png&s3=49786-92-d478b36510e9b167c54ca982d33585c3-966x586.png
-Reference: Nifty Onsen Customer Questionnaire “The decisive factor to choose when looking for a hot spring facility”-
[Image 9d49786-92-9c7930cba1365a7573d3-8.png&s3=49786-92-b77756f9f1bb0525e385f622e9998cc8-482x419.png
-Reference: “Good points of this facility” voting parts-
[Image 10d49786-92-f7d19806c9dd6a24fc46-9.jpg&s3=49786-92-8880f6fe050af24243514c783e12bbce-232x232.jpg
-Nifty Onsen Editor-in-Chief Yui Kawana-
■ About “Nifty Onsen”:
Comprehensive information media for hot springs and spas where bath lovers gather (*)
A website specializing in hot spring and spa information that allows you to search for 16,328 hot spring facilities nationwide (as of December 31, 2022). We post a wide range of hot bath information nationwide, from day-trip hot springs, super public baths to hot spring inns. Every December, we announce the “Nifty Hot Spring Annual Ranking”, and since 2019, more than 100,000 hot spring fans have voted.
* Users who use hot bath facilities more than once a month: 75% According to Nifty Onsen customer survey results (March 2022 survey valid responses: 3,141)
●We support the search for safe and secure hot springs and spas. Provision of “congestion information display service
(” and “refine search function for facilities implementing corona countermeasures
(” We are working to support people so that they can enjoy hot springs and spas safely and securely.
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