“Night School / Naked Singularities 3”, a “super-experimental science entertainment” that fuses the worl d of science with music, dance and art

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“Night School / Naked Singularities 3”, a “super-experimental science entertainment” that fuses the world of science with music, dance and art

Theoretical physicist Shinpei Kobayashi (Associate Professor, Department of Physical Sciences, Tokyo Gakugei University) and United Code Limited will hold “Night School / Naked Singularities 3” on Saturday, March 4, 2023.

What is “Night School/Naked Singularities 3”?
This is an event where you can experience science in a club with music. There are many people who are attracted to words such as black holes, big bangs, space-time and dimensions. “Night School” is a “super-experimental science entertainment” that combines the world of science with music, dance, and art to give you a taste of intellectual excitement.
Shinpei Kobayashi, an astrophysicist and an associate professor at Tokyo Gakugei University, who succeeded in the YouTube live “24-hour Physics”, which lectures the entire range of high school physics for 24 hours in a row in March 2020. E-tele’s educational variety “Thinking Gacha! ], he has further refined his performance skills and expanded his research field interdisciplinary.
The music production team UNITED CODE will be directing and producing, following “Physics that can pass through in 24 hours”. We will deliver a variety of contents such as performances and talk sessions by various guests, and a corner where participants can experience the world of physics together.
“Academics aren’t just something you do on your desk. Of course, physics too. If daytime learning at school is the existing framework, “night school” is a place of learning that removes that framework.
The etymology of physics is physis, a way of perceiving the world as a whole. Experience Physis in this space. ”
Opening: What to watch
Workshop 1: Monkey Hunting revised
Workshop 2: Simple calculation
Black hole Talk 1: If you look at a black hole under the light -Appearance of a black hole clarified by numerical simulation- Black hole Talk 2: Black hole drawing
Black hole Talk 3: Black Hole Kaitai Shinsho -How to peep into the “black hole” and the recipe for the naked singularity-
Special Lecture: Black Hole Solution
Talk Session: ??? x Shinpei Kobayashi
Special Lecture2: Breakdown of Difficulty
Closing & Future Perspective
Shinpei Kobayashi
(Theoretical Physicist, Associate Professor, Tokyo Gakugei University) Keisuke Nakashi
(Astrophysicist, Rikkyo University Visiting Researcher)
Takahiro Koike
(Science teacher, Tokyo Gakugei University Kobayashi laboratory researcher) Keisuke Ota
(Teacher at Fukasawa High School, Researcher at Kobayashi Laboratory, Tokyo Gakugei University)
Mikiya Takahashi
(Doctoral student, University of Tsukuba, Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, OB of Kobayashi Lab.)
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“Night School / Naked Singularities 3” Official Site
date and time
Saturday, March 4, 2023
OPEN: PM 16:00
START: PM17:00
Official YouTube channel
Presented by
United Code Limited
Supported by
PHYSIS Entertainment
Tokyo Gakugei University
Sponsored by
[Request for cooperation and support]
We are also planning a cooperative system with companies, educational institutions, and organizations that support “Night School / Naked Singularities 3”, which presents academics as new entertainment content.
We will realize various ideas by stimulating the curiosity of “learning” from children to adults.
Please contact us for inquiries about collaboration and cooperation. United Code Limited
Person in charge: Yuki Kitakami
Phone: 03-5308-2933
Email: info@united-code.com

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