Nihon Chouzai and Tsukui’s Day Service Start Providing Online Medication Guidance Service Supporting at-home life by managing and optimizing medication administration for day service users

Nihon Chouzai Co., Ltd.
Nihon Chouzai and Tsukui’s Day Service Start Providing Online Medication Guidance Service Supporting at-home life by managing and optimizing medication administration for day service users
Nihon Chouzai Co., Ltd. News Release

Nihon Chouzai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yosuke Mitsuhara; hereinafter “Nihon Chouzai”), which operates dispensing pharmacies in 47 prefectures nationwide, and Tsukui Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Tsuyoshi Takabatake, President and Representative Director,
hereinafter referred to as “Tsukui”) will provide an online medication instruction service using the Japanese prescription online pharmacy service “NiCOMS (hereinafter referred to as “NiCOMS”)” for customers using Tsukui’s day service from 2023. It will be available at 11 locations from March 2019.
■ Background of introduction
According to a survey conducted by Nihon Chouzai and Tsukui targeting 65 elderly people ranging from those requiring support to long-term care, about 80% of them visited the hospital at least once a month and received prescription drugs. It was found that about 70% of them received support from family members and helpers. In addition, of the average number of elderly people in charge of one care manager of 27.6, 9.3, about one-third, said that they forgot to take their medicines, and leftover medicines due to forgetting to take or leftovers were always present. There is also data showing that there are issues related to taking medication, such as
As the number of single-person households and elderly households increases, we believe that appropriate medication management and proper medication administration will lead to extension of home life for the elderly. I have demonstrated.
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Through this service, customers using Tsukui’s day service will be able to use “NiCOMS” before and after using the day service, from online medication guidance to receipt of prescription drugs. In the day service, staff provide tablet operation support, and with the customer’s consent, specialists such as care managers, nursing care staff, and nurses attend online medication guidance and cooperate with pharmacists to help elderly people take medication. We will make use of it for management and proper medication administration. ■ Demonstration details
・Demonstration period: August 1, 2022 to November 30, 2022
・ Eligible day services: Tsukui Kodaira Hana Koganei, Tsukui Yokohama Nakata ・ Target pharmacies: Nihon Chouzai Hanakoganei Kitaguchi Pharmacy (Kodaira City, Tokyo),
            Nihon Chosho Izumiyamatedai ​​Pharmacy (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
・ Post-demonstration hearing results
“The care manager and family were able to handle what had taken half a day to do without having to wait for an appointment.”
“The patient was unable to correctly convey his medication status, and was able to do so through the nursing staff.”
“The care manager told me that there was an increase in forgetting to take medication at home, and by packing it into a package and giving a date, it led to an improvement in the medication adherence situation.” After the service will be available at 11 locations in March 2023, we plan to increase the number of locations where it is offered as needed.
Nihon Chouzai and Tsukui will find new roles for day services and dispensing pharmacies, and aim to extend the home life of the elderly and transform nursing care and medical care into DX.
*From Care Management Online July 23, 2015
■ About NiCOMS, an online pharmacy service for Japanese dispensing “NiCOMS” is an online medication guidance system that can be used free of charge, developed in-house in conjunction with September 1, 2020, when online medication guidance became available. Equipped with a reservation function, video call function, and payment function, it is operated at Nihon Chouzai pharmacies nationwide.
“NiCOMS” official website:
■ Materiality of the Nihon Chouzai Group to which this initiative applies [Image 2

The Nihon Chouzai Group aims to build a fair and highly transparent management foundation, and also identifies materiality in order to address social issues in the medical and healthcare fields through its business activities. Click here for Nihon Chouzai Group’s
sustainability initiatives.
[About Nihon Chouzai Group]
Based on the unwavering mission of facing the “life” of all people, the Nihon Chouzai Group operates a pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales business, a medical staff dispatching and referral business, and an information provision and consulting business, centered on the dispensing pharmacy business. is a healthcare group with diverse medical professionals. We will pursue sustainability through solving social issues through a business approach centered on medical care, and contribute to the “living” of all people.
[About Nihon Chouzai Co., Ltd.]
Since our founding in 1980, we have consistently pursued the “separation of dispensing pharmacies” and actively expanded dispensing pharmacies in order to fulfill the functions and roles that dispensing pharmacies should have to support the national health insurance system. Currently, we have developed dispensing pharmacies in all prefectures and have about 4,000 pharmacists, and have earned a reputation as a leading dispensing pharmacy company in Japan. In addition to popularizing generic drugs and working on home medical care, we have been actively investing in ICT from an early stage, and will continue to provide the high-quality, innovative medical services needed in a super-aging society.
[About Tsukui Group]
The Tsukui Group has expanded its business while maintaining the nursing care business as its core business, and has now grown into a company that develops human resources, leasing, and IT businesses. With the mission of “to face the challenges of a super-aging society and create an era where people can live happily for 100 years,” we will contribute to the realization of a prosperous society where everyone can live in their own way until the end in a familiar community.
[About Tsukui Co., Ltd.]
We started the nursing care business in 1983, and currently operate more than 500 day care services nationwide, serving more than 47,000 customers per month. This is the top number in the industry for both the number of offices and the number of customers. Centered on day services, at-home nursing care services (home-visit nursing care, home-visit bathing, home-visit nursing care, in-home nursing care support, etc.), residential nursing care services (pay nursing homes with nursing care, housing for the elderly with services, group homes, other housing ) are deployed.
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