Ninben Co., Ltd. The package and price have been significantly renewed to make it easier to pick up! “Magic of dashi and spices” series will be renewed on March 1

Ninben Co., Ltd.
It is easier to pick up, and the package and price have been greatly renewed! “Magic of dashi and spices” series will be renewed on March 1
Ninben Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President Ihei Takatsu) has renewed the “Magic of Dashi and Spice” series, “Seasonal Fish with Aqua Pazza”, “Seasonal Fish and Tomato Flavor Steamed”, and “Shimijuwa”. Basil Chicken” and “Spicy Chicken Saute” will be released nationwide from March 1, 2023 (Wednesday).
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The market for menu-specific seasonings continues to expand, driven by growing demand for convenience and time-savings. Therefore, in order to allow more customers to use the “Magic of Dashi and Spice”, we have renewed the package and retail price.
■ Renewal points
This time, we have streamlined the production system and changed the price to be more affordable on a daily basis. In addition, based on a survey of side dish seasoning users, we revised the package design to make it more appealing to customers. Using product names that make it easy to imagine the taste and sizzle photos that make it easy to imagine the finished product, the main concepts of “dashi” and “spice” are described in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, we changed the conventional box type to a standing pouch with a hook hole so that it can be displayed in various sales areas, and we designed it so that we can deliver it to more customers.
■ Product standard
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■ Product features
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Acquapazza with seasonal fish
An appetizing dish with the flavor of seafood and the scent of oregano and basil. White wine is added to create an elegant and refreshing taste,
It is the ingredient of aqua pazza.
◆Ingredients to prepare: White fish, cherry tomatoes
◆ Spices: Basil, Oregano, Laurel
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Seasonal fish and tomato flavor steamed
Finished with a tomato that goes well with katsuobushi dashi and a garlic sauce. A flavorful steamed ingredient with a refreshing scent of basil and oregano in the taste of seafood.
◆Ingredients to prepare: White fish, tomatoes, potatoes
◆ Spices: Basil, Oregano, Laurel
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Shimijuwa basil chicken
A basil chicken base with a blend of Japanese and Western flavors, combining the umami of bonito flakes and the flavor of soy sauce with basil and oregano.
Ingredients to prepare: chicken, eggplant, tomato
◆ Spices: chili, basil, oregano
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spicy chicken saute
A seasoning liquid for “Spicy Chicken Saute” that blends 8 kinds of spices in a soy sauce-based sauce with the umami of dried bonito. ◆Ingredients to prepare: Chicken thigh
◆ Spices: chili, garlic, turmeric
■ Developer’s voice (Eriko Hara, Product Service Planning Department) With the milestone of 5 years since its release in 2018, we have renewed the sales area to expand the sales of the series. We have changed the product format so that it can be delivered to more customers by developing it not only in the existing seasoning section dedicated to the menu, but also in the freshness section.
In addition, the market selling price of seasonings for Western-style menus tends to be slightly higher than seasonings for Japanese-style and Chinese-style menus. Therefore, we streamlined the production system and reviewed the retail price. The price is more accessible than ever, so please use it on your daily dining table or on special occasions.
■ What is the “Magic of Dashi and Spice” series?
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The “Magic of Dashi and Spice” series is based on the brand concept of “The encounter of Dashi and spices adds magic to cooking.” It is a special seasoning for Western dishes that you can enjoy. Please enjoy the carefully flavored main dish with Ninben’s “dashi” and special “spices”.
[Dashi and spice magic brand site]
Ninben, as a bonito specialty store with over 300 years of history, aims to be a “bonito and dashi life design company” that proposes the infinite possibilities of “bonito flakes” and “dashi” in all food scenes.
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