Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Aoi Yuki, 2nd Orchestra Concert “ella” will be held!

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
Aoi Yuki to hold 2nd Orchestra Concert “ella”!

It was announced today that voice actor Aoi Yuki will hold the 2nd Orchestra Concert “ella” on Sunday, April 2, 2023. The concert will be held twice at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Concert Hall.
It will be the first performance of his own song in front of the audience in about two and a half years since the highly popular 1st Orchestra Concert held in October 2019. Please pay attention to her future activities as she continues to show new charm even after celebrating her 20th anniversary as a voice actress.
■ Reception period
1/28 (Sat) 12:00 – 2/5 (Sun) 23:59
[About application]
■ Precautions
*You can apply up to 4 tickets per person.
* Preschool children are not allowed to enter
*Please note that the opening and performance times are subject to change. *Customers during the event may be broadcast/distributed via TV broadcasts, video distribution, etc.
*If you do not follow the instructions of the staff, you will be asked to leave. *Please note that if you do not follow the above precautions and are refused entry, no refunds will be given.
* When applying, please be sure to check the notes on the reception site and each item, and apply after agreeing (including accompanying persons).
* Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection in the future and the revision of the guidelines and guidelines of each government agency and industry group, we may be forced to change the operational rules and performance contents. note that.
*Tickets will not be refunded unless the performance is canceled or postponed. [Inquiries about application operation and input]
Please contact the following for inquiries regarding applications. ◇ This advance reception will be a lottery reception.
◇ Registration (free) as a Lawson WEB member is required for this advance. ◇Winners and losers will be notified by “confirmation on ‘My Page (Application Confirmation)'” or “notification to the registered email address”.
◇ There may be cases where the winning or losing notification email does not arrive depending on the customer’s communication status, so be sure to check the winning or losing result on “My Page (application confirmation)” during the lottery result announcement period. ◇ We cannot answer any inquiries if we do not receive the winning/losing email. ◇ We cannot answer any inquiries regarding winning/losing unconfirmed due to undelivered emails after the winning confirmation period. ◇ If you use specified domain reception or e-mail reception, please be sure to set so that you can receive “” and
◇Cancellation or change after winning is not possible.
◇ We cannot answer any inquiries regarding customer registration information. ◇It is prohibited to resell the tickets purchased in this sale for an amount exceeding the ticket face value, to attempt to resell the tickets by listing them at an internet auction, etc., or to purchase tickets on the premise of resale. If any of the above acts are discovered, the event organizer may invalidate the purchased ticket at its own discretion, refund the ticket price, and refuse admission. Also, if you have already entered, you may be forced to leave, so please be aware of this before applying.
[Inquiries about the event]
Please contact the following for inquiries regarding the event. L’Equipe Trois 03-3470-0330 (weekday12:00-18:00)
General release date: Saturday, March 11, 2023 10:00-
Scheduled to be sold at LAWSON TICKETS, Ticket Pia, and e-Plus Organizer: AXIS Inc./Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo
Planning: Aoni Production/Nippon Columbia

Details about this release:

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