Nippon Feather Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Released “City Hall Blanket” with a simple design that is light a nd warm!

Nihon Feather Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Released “City Hall Blanket” with a light and warm simple design! -Efforts to circulate recycled raw materials in the city-

Japan Feather Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Kenji Hayano, hereinafter referred to as Jumou) will launch a “City Hall Blanket” that makes working in a cold office comfortable from January 30, 2023 (Monday). We will start selling.
Background of development of “City Hall Blanket”
Nihon Feather Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been developing various cold weather gear using feathers under its own brand, Jumou. The other day, we received a voice from a city hall employee who visited our directly managed store, saying, “I want a very simple throw, not a patterned one.” have become.
The “City Hall Blanket” has a calm design, both in the navy “normal version” and the white “SDGs version”, and is not only a feather product suitable for work situations.
The down used is a recycled material that has been carefully washed after being collected in the city. Feathers, which would be a source of CO2 if discarded and incinerated, were revived as “cold protection that is useful for saving energy” and “a valuable resource.” Furthermore, the white type (SDGs version) uses the scraps of futon manufacturing for the fabric, which contributes to the reduction of waste. (For that reason, there are individual differences in color from time to time, such as light beige and blue.)
These new products, which match the direction of the city hall, which strives to improve the environment, and the direction of our company, which aspires to develop sustainable products, will be released first from the local city hall store in Iruma City.
We hope to extend this initiative to other cities in the area. Features of “City Hall Blanket”
1. Simplicity and rugged construction
Both colors have a simple design that does not emphasize
individuality, making them ideal for workplaces that value a calm atmosphere. In addition, we are particular about manufacturing in our own domestic factory, and every corner is finished firmly, and it is a product that you will love when you use it.
2. Use environmentally friendly materials
Filled with recycled down that has been carefully washed after being collected locally. It is also a significant project that locally circulates clean reclaimed feathers with little odor peculiar to birds and scraps of futons.
Outline of “City Hall Blanket”
Name: City hall blanket (feather blanket)
Sales start date: January 30, 2023 (Monday)
Size: 75cm x 105cm
Fabric material: 80% polyester, 20% cotton
Stuffing: Jumou Ethical Umo (equivalent to 80% down)
Color: Navy “Normal version”,
 White “SDGs version”
Price (tax included): Navy: 3,300 yen, White: 2,750 yen
Dealer: Iruma City Hall Shop
Company Profile
Trade name: Nihon Feather Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kenji Hayano, Representative Director
Location: 836-1 Fusako, Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture 358-0053 Established: May 1983
Business description: Manufacture of feather products for commercial use ・Apparel OEM business
・Feather accessory sales business
・ Showroom Jumou store
·online shop
・Renovation business
Capital: 15 million yen
URL: []
[Image 1d69113-3-aef0af40be8f274799ae-3.jpg&s3=69113-3-c85f353beea515f06ea9f25e0d785725-1920x1280.jpg

[Image 2d69113-3-f00afe209f29a1928aa5-0.jpg&s3=69113-3-bc7d45801412ae5e0e6239abce475805-2992x2000.jpg
Navy that fits in the workplace (normal version)
[Image 3d69113-3-f269ce57f6e77bdb18d0-1.jpg&s3=69113-3-183542d39189e3509afe3bdebb3ff05c-2992x2000.jpg
More ethical white (SDGs version)
[Image 4d69113-3-cba81e3562dda9d79b6e-2.jpg&s3=69113-3-ded5853bd59506cd01019daa9b8dc8d0-2731x1919.jpg
Large size with a large amount of feather filling

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