Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. Co-sponsored paint for a painting event at Hatoko Elementary School in Ayagawa Town, Kagawa Prefecture

Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd.
Co-sponsored a paint event at Hatoko Elementary School in Ayagawa, Kagawa Prefecture
~ Draw “yourself” on the canvas of your dreams! ~

Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) is pleased to announce that it sponsored a paint event held at Hatoko Elementary School in Ayagawa-cho, Kagawa Prefecture on December 6, 2022.
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how students paint
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Creatures on wooden canvas
The school is a small school with a total of 60 students, and the purpose of this event was to give the children who live hard in a small area a sense of the world by expressing their inner thoughts to the outside world. . In addition, it also contains the wishes of the teachers that when they grow up and fly out of this town to the wider world, they will not be afraid to think about the future with confidence.
With the theme of “my favorite creatures”, I drew a picture on a 45cm x 45cm wooden panel using 6 colors of water-based paint. Mr. SHOGEN, our special ambassador, an African paint artist, told us to “draw your own pictures for yourself without worrying about what others might think.” I painted various creatures in my own way. The creatures drawn in every corner of the panel are vivid and powerful as if they were really alive.
Through this workshop, we hope that the participants were able to experience the joy of painting and the importance of expressing themselves. We also hope that the children will dream of their own bright future and grow up to be “children with dreams”, which is the image of children that the school aims for.
Event name: Co-sponsoring the paint event for Hatoko Elementary School in Ayagawa Town, Kagawa Prefecture
      Draw your own personality on the canvas of your dreams! Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Location: Ayagawa Municipal Hatoko Elementary School 2256 Hatokoshita, Ayagawa Town, Ayaka District, Kagawa Prefecture
Organizer: Hatoko Elementary School, Ayagawa Town, Kagawa Prefecture, Nippon Paint Special Ambassador SHOGEN
Sponsor: Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.
Provided paint: Nippe water-based fine Sin (Product details:
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[Introduction of the activities of paint artist SHOGEN]
Born in Kyoto in 1986. After graduating from university, he lived a life as an office worker, but was fascinated by African painting techniques and traveled to Tanzania alone in 2014. Learn the technique from a local artist. Currently, while incorporating the elements of that technique and creating paintings that are interpreted with a unique sense, he is also active as a “paint evangelist” and paint artist. He is also appearing in our company’s “Perfect Interior EMO” image video.
SHOGEN Facebook:
SHOGEN homepage:
This is a CSR activity that started in 2017 with the concept of “delivering happiness to society through paints.” As part of this activity, together with Mr. SHOGEN, who has a sponsorship agreement with our company, we are holding various painting events to contribute to local communities all over the country. Through events, we will support local revitalization, support school education, create good memories for children, solve social issues through paint art, contribute to the community and convey the fun of painting to the world, and develop new paints and coatings. It also contributes to the creation of culture.
Until now (as of the end of December 2022), the project has held a total of 50 events across the country, with a cumulative total of about 4,300 participants.
Since 2019, we have named the project “HAPPY PAINT PROJECT” because we want to deliver happiness through paint.

[About Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.]
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Business Activities: Manufacture and sale of paints for construction (construction and civil engineering structures) and automotive repair paints
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