Nippon Publishing Co., Ltd. Hiraku Co., Ltd., which handles “Bunkitsu,” will produce “Neohas,” a book hotel in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, scheduled to open in the fall of 2024.

Nippon Publishing Co., Ltd.
Hiraku Co., Ltd., which handles Bunkitsu, producing the book hotel Neohas in Shimonoseki City, Prefecture, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2024

Hiraku Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Takuro Someya, hereinafter: Hiraku), a subsidiary of Nippon Publishing Co., Ltd. (President: Keiji Okumura, abbreviated as Nispan), is a subsidiary of Hayashi Housing Co., Ltd. (President: Seikichi Hayashi). will plan and produce the cultural complex facility “Neohas” (Shimonoseki City, Prefecture), which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2024. This is Hiraku’s first attempt to produce an accommodation facility. [Image 1d23227-157-62ae6d3792a2a1deaa8f-1.png&s3=23227-157-b48b7cb7634a3c1fd40abb10fdc49b02-1240x760.png
 Hiraku was established on April 20, 2022 as a subsidiary of Nikkei, which operates a brokerage business. With the mission of “creating places from the consumer’s point of view and providing a rich time”, we are developing a “Bunkitsu” business that delivers rich experiences to consumers, a production business, and a public place planning business.
In the “Neohas” project, members who have worked on “Bunkitsu” are involved in the concept making of the entire facility and the planning and production of the book hotel and bookstore.
■ Facility overview
“Neohas” is a cultural complex with a book store “BOOK STORE Neohas” that can be used by non-guests, a cafe, and an event space. Not only is there a bookstore inside the hotel, but you can experience the feeling of staying in a bookstore in a space where the bookstore and the hotel are integrated.
-Floor configuration-
1st floor: bookstore, cafe, event space
2nd Floor: Work/Study Space
3rd floor: Hotel front desk, restaurant
4th to 7th floors: Hotel guest rooms
*Floor composition is subject to change.
■ Thoughts put into “Neohas”
“Neohas”, which is the name of the facility and also the concept, comes from the words “to put down roots”. It expresses the desire to “grow thick roots in this area, nurture it, and become like a big tree, so that this place will remain a place of refuge for years and decades from now.”
To that end, I would like the people living in Shimonoseki City, Prefecture, to experience a rich daily life through books, so that the scenery permeates the fundamental part of people. By rediscovering and disseminating the charm of the region, people from both inside and outside Shimonoseki will come and go and stay, and a wide variety of cultures will be accepted. We aim to be such a “ne-no-hasu” place.
[Image 2d23227-157-418598f72e7cf7858ad6-0.png&s3=23227-157-cddcc4bf58f45569038ac3d137d69cee-972x787.png
■ Features of the facility
1. BOOK STORE Neohas
As a bookstore that can be enjoyed by hotel guests and locals, we will prepare 30,000 books in a wide range of genres, from picture books to specialized books, selected by the book director of “Bunkitsu”. In the bookstore space, we will utilize the know-how cultivated in the operation of “Bunkitsu” to hold events that convey the charm of the region and sell goods such as miscellaneous goods. A work/study space will also be set up, aiming to be a unique bookstore that can only be found at Neohas, as a base for knowledge.
2. Hotel “HOTEL Neohas”
By combining a bookstore and a hotel, we will provide an experience where guests can not only stay overnight but also stay up late in a space surrounded by books.
Based on the experience gained from the facility, it also functions as a base for sightseeing spots in the northern part of Shimonoseki. In addition, we plan to implement a project such as “Night bookstore” that allows guests to use “BOOK STORE Neohas” at night.
■ “Neohas” project team
Project owner Hayashi Housing Co., Ltd. (Shimonoseki City, Prefecture) Design / Spatial Design M&K Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
(Shimonoseki City, Prefecture)
Commercial store design/space design clay (Shimonoseki City, Prefecture)
Design/Event Planning/Proposal Ultoramai Design Office Co., Ltd. (Shimonoseki City, Prefecture)
Management support YM Consulting Co., Ltd. (Shimonoseki City, Prefecture)
Planning/operational support Nippon Publishing Co., Ltd./Hiraku Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Under the group management philosophy of “Treasuring the connection between people and culture, and delivering richness to everyone’s heart.” We will work to protect the environment where people can interact with books.
In addition, information on this project will be continuously distributed until the scheduled opening in the fall of 2024.

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