Nippon Take Ichiban Co., Ltd. New product / Mini bamboo toothbrush for infants Jointly developed model with up-and-coming licensed childcare facility management company “High Flyers”, now on sale!

Nippon Take Ichiban Co., Ltd.
[New product / Mini bamboo toothbrush for infants] Jointly developed model with up-and-coming licensed childcare facility operator “High Flyers”, now on sale!
Developed a new mini bamboo toothbrush for children aged 1 to 6, and started selling it to childcare facilities.

Astep Co., Ltd. ( Head office: Chiba Prefecture), which develops the bamboo household goods brand “BambooOne”, including bamboo amenities starting at 40 yen per toothbrush and outdoor tableware. Funabashi City / Representative Director: Tsuyoshi Nishiuchi) and Nippon Bamboo Ichiban Co., Ltd., a specialized sales company ( Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director: Tomoya Ishikawa), Chiba High Flyers Co., Ltd. ( Headquarters: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director: Takashi Hinata), which operates a licensed childcare business in the prefecture, “Kitos”, and targets 1 to 6 years old We jointly developed a mini-type bamboo toothbrush “BambooOne Toothbrush Mini” and started introducing it to “Kitos”, which has 13 facilities in Chiba Prefecture.
In addition to the conventional round toothbrush M/L/flat type for adults and S size round toothbrush for children, this product is a new bamboo toothbrush “for infants” that has been requested by hotel and inn operators. The lineup will be expanded.
[Nippon Take Ichiban Founding Philosophy, Thoughts for the Future] Nippon Take Ichiban is a trading company specializing in bamboo products established in July 2022. Focusing on “bamboo,” which grows quickly and has a low environmental impact when harvested, we have adopted the corporate philosophy of “tackling global issues with the power of bamboo and connecting smiles to the future.” As an
alternative material, we are planning and developing products using bamboo and working on SDGs activities.
[Image 1

In addition, as a company that lives in the present age, we want to contribute to the health and living environment of children who will be responsible for the future. We have been engaged in activities to raise children’s environmental awareness and health awareness, such as purchasing projects, sampling campaigns for parents and children using SNS, and bamboo toothbrush donation activities to children’s homes. [Image 2

Meanwhile, from 2022,
A joint development project of bamboo toothbrushes for infants to be used at “Kitos”, a nursery school with 13 facilities in Chiba Prefecture, has started.
[Kitos, the industry’s first nursery school that doesn’t require luggage] High Flyers operates a “baggage-free nursery school” that does not require bringing in luggage to be used at the nursery school, even though it is a licensed nursery school. We aim to increase the time children and parents face each other by freeing them from daily preparations for going to kindergarten without paying for futons, diapers, toothbrushes, meal aprons, etc.
[Image 3

Parents need to prepare a lot of luggage every day to go to nursery school. Daily use diapers, butt wipes, meal aprons, towels for wiping hands and mouths, toothbrushes, and a change of clothes.
In addition to that, every weekend, I bring home a futon for naps and wash it at home and dry it in the sun.
I will bring it back next week.
It was a heavy burden for parents who had to balance work and childcare. [Image 4

While sticking to the concept of “a nursery school that does not require luggage”, it is said that the on-site childcare workers and guardians gradually became aware of the issues.
▽ Below is an interview with General Manager Ishii, Public Relations Department, High Flyers Business Planning Headquarters
[Image 5

▷ From the left in the photo: High Flyers Business Planning
Headquarters General Manager Yoshida, Public Relations Department General Manager Ishii, Childcare Operation Headquarters General Manager Hyuga
[Issues related to plastic toothbrushes used by more than 500 children a day and discarded by more than 10,000 per month]
“Luggage-free nursery school” does not mean that “children take over the burden of preparing luggage for parents”.
We also wanted to increase the amount of time that childcare workers spend with the children through a “no-luggage nursery school” so that they can concentrate on their original professional work.
For this reason, we have our futons and clothes cleaned by specialists to avoid the hassle of washing.
However, toothbrushes are meant to be put directly into children’s mouths. Thorough hygiene management was necessary, and it was a very nerve-wracking part, especially in a nursery school where infectious diseases are prone to epidemics. When I thought that it would be very difficult to hygienically manage a toothbrush for each individual without making mistakes, I got a hint from the hotel’s disposable amenities.
[Image 6

Unless you are very particular about it, no one will bring their own toothbrush when staying at a hotel. And of course, it is disposable for hygienic use. At the beginning of the launch of the “nursery school that does not require luggage”, the hotel industry was hit hard by the impact of the new coronavirus infection. Therefore, we proceeded with the consultation.
However, continuing to use disposable plastic toothbrushes is going against the current trend of plastic reduction, and I started to think that I would like to do something about it.
[Image 7

At Keitos, we take care of 500 children, so we end up throwing out 10,000 toothbrushes a month.
As a result of exploring whether it is possible to change this to a toothbrush made of environmentally friendly materials, we arrived at the bamboo toothbrush.
[Image 8

[Materials, safety, size, cost…meeting with BambooOne while facing many challenges]
There are several companies that manufacture bamboo toothbrushes, but there are not many that are “for children”.
Since it is used by children, the first requirement was that the material and size should be safe and secure.
The next hurdle was cost.
Inevitably, bamboo products are more expensive than plastic ones, and Keitos’ “Luggage-free nursery school” is a service that the company bears all costs and parents can use for free, so it is an absolute requirement to keep costs down. was.
If we don’t do this, there will be “families who can’t choose to use” due to having parents bear the cost, and it will be difficult to continue the “nursery school that does not require luggage” itself. . Not only the parents but also the staff will return to the troublesome burden of managing luggage, and in turn, the children will have less time for adults to “face directly with themselves” at home and at nursery school. .
The bamboo toothbrush from Astep Group Nihon Takeichiban was able to meet all of these requirements.
[Image 9

What the childminders themselves felt when they held the samples in their hands, We are flexible with the hardness of the bristles, and we offer toothbrushes that are safe for children aged 1 to 6
Now available at low cost.
[Image 10

〇Product specifications
[Image 12

〇Voices from the field at the time of introduction
At the time of trial introduction to childcare facilities, which was conducted in advance, we received many positive reactions from the staff and children.
[Image 13

[Image 14

[Image 15

◆◆◆Voices of staff (nursery teachers)◆◆◆
“It looks so stylish!”
“I want one at home too!”
“When you put it in your mouth, it’s gentle unlike the cold, inorganic feel of plastic. I feel like it fits in children’s mouths.”
“It’s good to stimulate the five senses with the faint scent of bamboo!” “It is gentle to the touch and gentle to the tongue, so children can accept it without any discomfort.”
“I think it’s safe and secure because it’s natural.”
“Unlike plastic, it’s eco-friendly. Considering disposal, it’s environmentally friendly.”
“Because it is more natural and comfortable for children, it feels safe to put it in their mouths, and I think it will make toothbrush time more enjoyable in the future.”
◆◆◆◆◆Children’s Voice◆◆◆◆◆
“Why are you brown?”
“It smells like wood!”
“Easy to polish”
“reach deep”
“I want to polish more”
“You can hold it well because it’s thin!”
on the other hand,
As an opinion of the on-site nursery teacher at the time of the test introduction,
・”In order to handle bamboo toothbrushes cleanly, we have them individually wrapped, but small scraps of plastic may lead to accidental ingestion.”
・ “It takes time for the staff to open one by one.”
・”We want to reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging” Other issues were raised as well.
Along with this, we plan to improve the packaging in the future and strive to further improve the quality.
[Brush your teeth with a bamboo toothbrush more widely and more naturally] In the enactment of the Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law and the efforts of the national SDGs,
BambooOne’s bamboo toothbrush is already being introduced to many domestic hotels and inns.
This collaboration with High Flyers has led to the release of new products for childcare facilities and infants.
In the future, under the supervision of veterinarians and veterinary hospitals, “Bamboo toothbrush for pets” exclusively for dogs and cats, “Bamboo toothbrush for elderly people” who are worried about grip strength and fingertip sensation, etc.
We also plan to start developing new products to meet diverse needs. [New products will be exhibited at the International Hotel and Restaurant Show 2023]
Nippon Take Ichiban will be exhibiting at the International Hotel and Restaurant Show 2023 (February 7 (Tuesday) to 10 (Friday) / Venue: Tokyo Big Sight) scheduled for this year.
Those who are looking for products in line with SDGs, those who are looking for environmentally friendly amenities and guest room fixtures,
If you are a business considering plastic-free, please stop by our booth. First, pre-register for your visit from the link below.
[HCJ2023 visitor pre-registration] ↓Other links below↓
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