Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation NTT East Group’s new commercial “Where will the future come from?” NTT Agritechnology version will start broadcasting from January 16

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
NTT East Group New CM “Where Will the Future Come From?” NTT Agritechnology Edition Starts Broadcasting on January 16

From January 16, 2023 (Monday), the NTT East Group has started broadcasting the new TV commercial of the NTT East Group, “Where does the future come from?” NTT Agritechnology.
NTT East CM “Where will the future come from?” NTT Agritechnology (60 seconds)
NTT East CM “Where will the future come from?” NTT Agritechnology (30 seconds)
As a “social innovation company that supports the future of local communities,” the NTT East Group will work together with local residents to create value that goes beyond solving problems, and to create a society that incorporates a recycling-based system that allows people to feel their dreams and hopes in a sustainable manner. We aim to support
In order to realize this “regional recycling future”, we are developing community-based businesses not only in the field of communications but also in various fields such as agriculture, e-sports, culture and arts, and renewable energy.
This series, which will be rolled out for the first time as a group from 2022, will explore what kind of business the NTT East Group is working on, including non-communications fields, and what kind of future we will create with the people of the region. It was produced with the aim of delivering to everyone who saw the commercial what it is.
In order to convey that the society that the NTT East Group wants to realize is the future of children, we have appointed children who will live the future of the region as the main characters.
We will depict how their real lives are connected to the NTT East Group’s solutions, and how they will be happy in the future, along with the beautiful scenery of the region.
●About NTT Agritechnology
The fourth installment of this series, NTT Agritechnology, is based on the theme of “Future where smart agriculture solves regional issues.” The main character is a girl who feels that she must eat vegetables for her future when she sees lettuce grown by her mother who works on a next-generation smart farm. By combining the eyes of the main character for his own future and the eyes of the NTT East Group for next-generation agriculture, we express our thoughts on the “regional recycling future”.
The main character doesn’t like vegetables, but the older sister she admires only eats vegetables.
While eating lettuce made at the ICT house where his mother works, he thinks about vegetables and his own future.
It suggests new possibilities of next-generation agriculture for the future of people, the earth, and vegetables.
● About songs
Music: Come to the Sea (Lyrics: Yosui Inoue, Composition: Masaru Hoshi) Singing: Setsuko (blank play, vocal)
The song used throughout the series, “Umi e Come Nasa”, was created by Yosui Inoue as a gift for a new born child. It is a cheering song, and it was selected because the thoughts and lyrics in this advertisement are in sync.
It conveys the message to understand and resonate with nature and the surrounding environment rather than resisting them.
Recently, Setsuko, the vocalist of “blank play”, which has become a hot topic on YouTube, etc., sings with a singing voice that has a balance of strength and delicacy, and aims to be heard by a wider range of generations.
About the NTT East Group CM “Where does the future come from?” Series Corporate advertisements that have been produced since 2022 with the aim of delivering to everyone who has seen the commercials about the NTT East Group’s businesses, including non-communications fields, and the future that they want to create with local people through each business. am.
・NTT Art Technology
*Please refer to the following page for details on the examples of NTT Art Technology’s efforts introduced in this volume.
Realization of regional revitalization through digitization and utilization of valuable local culture and art ・Biostock
*Please see the following page for details on the biostock initiatives introduced in this volume.
Solving local issues using biogas plants and ICT, and realizing sustainable livestock and dairy farming * 30-second versions of each CM and
There is also a video where you can see the details of the project. ● Inquiries from customers regarding this matter
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