Nissho Electronics Co., Ltd. Start trial of “Online Contact”

Nissho Electronics Corporation
Trial of “online window” started
– Enhancing non-face-to-face channels –

The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank (President: Toshiyuki Sakai) and Nissho Electronics Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Seiichi Teranishi) today started a trial of a non-face-to-face transaction channel “Online Counter” using the digital front office “Moxo”. bottom. [Image 1d115270-1-4a3ffb4fa6d5d33297ec-0.jpg&s3=115270-1-700f2f3beb263db081e75355b5ddb350-512x272.jpg
This project aims to verify whether various procedures can be completed non-face-to-face in terms of systems and operations, with the aim of enhancing non-face-to-face channels. A web camera on a tablet terminal will connect customers who visit the target store with the operator at the headquarters, and the relevant transactions (such as some deposit transactions) will be processed online. In the future, we are also envisioning cooperation with the OKB app, and we aim to create a system where customers can freely choose face-to-face or non-face-to-face, and can receive the same service as at the counter without visiting the store. OKB Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank and Nissho Electronics will continue to aim to provide services that customers can use comfortably.
■ Overview of the “Online Counter” Trial
Who can use: Individual customers
・A smartphone that can receive short messages is required
・You will be asked to shoot and upload official documents with a photo of your face.
Applicable transactions: Account opening, inheritance procedures, etc. ・ Subject to change during the trial period
・There are terms of use for each target transaction
Target stores: Main store sales department, Terrasse Nayabashi branch ・There may be trials at stores other than the above
Scheduled trial period: January 20 (Friday) to about 3 months Fee: Free
■What is Moxo?
A digital front office in a non-face-to-face era that differs from general-purpose communication tools
[Image 2d115270-1-956af7594cb7145bf0dd-2.jpg&s3=115270-1-b290a74d13ea889a8a8221d330c2513f-315x314.jpg
Moxo connects customers, companies, and systems securely and seamlessly to realize the “integration of the real and the digital.” Conventional general communication tools are mainly used for consultation work, and personal authentication and contract functions required for contract work to complete procedures non-face-to-face are used by mail or other tools. etc., had to be supplemented by other means.
On the other hand, Moxo has integrated various functions such as chat, video conferencing, workflow, and electronic signatures into a single platform to provide a one-stop service for all customer service, from product proposals to contract procedures to after-sales follow-up, thereby strengthening customer contact points. can be connected to ■Overview of Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd.
Company name: The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd.
Representative: President Toshiyuki Sakai
Location: 3-98 Kakucho, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture
Overview of Nissho Electronics Co., Ltd.
Company name: Nissho Electronics Co., Ltd.
Representative: Seiichi Teranishi, Representative Director
Location: Kojimachi Mitsuha Building, 3-5 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Details about this release:


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