Nitta Gelatin Co., Ltd. Sponsorship of Nitta Gelatin “Dog Sports Tournament”

Nitta Gelatin Co., Ltd.
Sponsorship of Nitta Gelatin “Dog Sports Tournament”
Supporting sports that people and dogs can enjoy together

Nitta Gelatin Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 2-22 Futamata, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Koichi Ogata, hereinafter Nitta Gelatin) announced that it will hold a We co-sponsored the dog sports competition held at

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At Nitta Gelatin, we thought that it would be helpful to deepen the bond between owners and their dogs and contribute to the promotion of “dog sports” that contribute to mutual health. We provided “Run Shot” and “Ken Dog Collagen Tablet”. We will continue to actively support them.
*On January 7, 2023, only “Ken Dog Collagen Tablets” will be provided. ■ What is dog sports?
It is a competition between a handler (a person who is paired with a dog and gives commands to control the dog) and a dog. Having fun together is the number one priority, but to do that, communication with the dog, basic training, and training to teach the rules of the competition are necessary. It’s attractive to be able to move your body toward one goal and share the joy of achieving it.
-Representative dog sports-
 ∙ Agility: An obstacle race in which dogs and humans pair up and run together to compete for time.
∙ EXTREME: A simple obstacle course that pursues a sense of speed. ∙ Flying Disc: A competition in which a dog catches a disc thrown by a handler in the air.
∙ ∙ Flyball: A competition that uses a device that shoots a ball when you step on the pedal.
What is recovery drink “Runshot”?
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With the concept of “post-exercise recovery care,”
Developed to support REIT training
Shot” is an anti-doping certified informed
With the acquisition of the
Manufactured under control. For various people including athletes Drinkable.
-Product content-
[Table 3: ]

-Nutritional ingredients-
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 Collagen peptide 5,000mg
 Citric acid 2,700mg
 BCAA 1,000mg
■ What is “Ken Dog Collagen Tablet”?
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This is a supplement for dogs that was born from the idea that you want your dog to spend every day happily and healthily.
It is a cheese-flavored tablet-type supplement that uses human-grade raw materials and contains 1 grain of collagen peptide, vegetable lactic acid bacteria, and oligosaccharide.

-Product content-
[Table 4: ]
-Nutritional ingredients-
[Image 5d77613-27-6b2a1828df3c783c7bec-14.jpg&s3=77613-27-afe954c5c8510e5e5e668545443741d9-475x87.jpg
 Collagen peptide 300mg
Contains oligosaccharides and vegetable lactic acid bacteria ■Where to purchase the product
Nitta Gelatin Direct
■ Destination
About Dog Life Support BIGDOG
BIGDOG is a store located in Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture, that supports dogs and their owners from various aspects so that they can live together with a smile. We hold pet dog daycare (day service), training and drills such as discipline classes and puppy classes, and dog sports events such as agility.
■■■What is Nitta Gelatin Co., Ltd.’s official online shopping site “Nitta Gelatin Direct”?
“Nitta Gelatin Direct” is the official online shopping site of Nitta Gelatin Co., Ltd., a collagen manufacturer founded in 1918. We will clarify the unknown functions of collagen, which has infinite possibilities, and support our customers’ future ideals through collagen products and services.
Nitta Gelatin Official Mail Order “Nitta Gelatin Direct”
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