No. 1 in the number of supported SNS in Japan SNS × WEB production tool “EmbedSocial” will hold a 60-day free campaign with the addition of new functions!

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[No. 1 in the number of supported SNS in Japan] SNS × WEB production tool “EmbedSocial” will hold a 60-day free campaign with the addition of new functions!
EmbedSocial, an SNS × WEB production tool used by over 150,000 people worldwide / over 600 domestic users, will hold a 60-day free trial campaign with the addition of new functions.

EmbedSocial has gained a wide range of users both in Japan and overseas as a tool that allows you to create an SNS-integrated website by linking with more than 7 types of social media, which is the No. 1 in Japan (*in-house research). We have established a Japanese corporation. With this update, it has become a product with even better functionality as an SNS embedding tool and UGC tool, and it is an opportunity to easily start UGC measures that previously required the introduction of expensive tools.
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Campaign overview

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[New feature 1] Templates suitable for each SNS are now available! The display layout, which was previously only available in 8 types, has been greatly revamped, and the latest update has added “templates” suitable for each SNS format. This makes it possible to reproduce vertical layouts such as Instagram reels and TikTok, and it has become possible to express a richer variety of images even with conventional image display.
In addition, it is now possible to separate the number of columns and the number of posts on PCs and smartphones, which has been requested so far, and when embedding the same layout, it is possible to display the embedded display in a state optimized for each screen with a single widget. Now possible.
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Usage scene
By using EmbedSoial, you can embed and display the content posted on your company’s SNS account on the website. For companies that mainly disseminate information on SNS, it is possible to reduce the man-hours required for site operation by directly reflecting the latest information and images posted on SNS. With this update, it is possible to reproduce the layout suitable for displaying TikTok and YouTube, and it is expected to promote its use in various SNS.
[New function 2] New permission management function added!
It is now possible to add new tags to the posts collected on the EmbedSocial management screen, making it possible to manage the UGC approval flow, which was difficult to manage in the past, on EmbedSocial. You can freely add tags to each post from the management screen, so you can easily sort posts into “confirmed”, “with permission”, and “without permission”.
In addition, since the posts to be displayed on the website can be automatically filtered based on the created tags, if only the posts with tags with posting permission are displayed on the website, the management man-hours can be further reduced. can.
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Usage scene
User-generated content (UGC), which are actual experiences posted on SNS, is popular as a more realistic word of mouth, and is attracting attention as content that promotes conversion on EC sites. With EmbedSocial, not only can you easily collect and embed UGC on your site, but you can also complete the operation of UGC on a single platform with the permission management function.
About EmbedSocial
EmbedSocial EmbedSocial is a SaaS-type SNS embedding tool that allows you to easily embed photos, videos, reviews, etc. from more than 7 types of SNS such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube into your website. It is used in a wide range of situations, such as reducing the number of man-hours required to update the site by linking SNS posts with the website, and acquiring new customers by using word of mouth and UGC to appeal to the reliability of users.
Pricing that can be used from 10,000 yen or less per month and high operability that can be easily implemented by non-engineers are popular, and it has been introduced in a wide range of industries from sole proprietors to large companies. The product originated in North Macedonia and is currently used by over 150,000 users worldwide, and in 2022 it established a Japanese subsidiary.
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