Noguchi Tourism Management Co., Ltd. Hokkaido Sounkyo Chaoyang resort hotel recommendation! A special day to taste local Dohoku beer

Noguchi Tourism Management Co., Ltd.
[Hokkaido Sounkyo] Chaoyang resort hotel recommendation! A special day to taste local Dohoku beer
A must-see for girls and boys who like alcohol!

At the Hokkaido Sounkyo Onsen Choyo Resort Hotel, we would like you to taste a special local beer on Valentine’s Day and White Day until March 31, 2023! We are selling a plan to give to you who like alcohol. Noguchi Kanko Management Co., Ltd. Sounkyo Onsen Choyo Resort Hotel (Aza Sounkyo Onsen, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido, Executive Officer and Manager, Takahisa Nishijima, 200 rooms in total) Chocolate is good for Valentine’s Day and White Day, but alcohol is the best for someone who likes alcohol.
Would you like to give a special beer that you don’t usually drink as a Valentine’s White Day gift that will make your partner or favorite friend happy?
Introducing a plan with benefits that you can enjoy chocolate and Valentine’s Day and White Day ♪
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The liquor that interests me is the craft beer from Bifuka Shirakaba Brewery, which uses “white birch sap” from Bifuka, Hokkaido instead of water.
Located almost in the center of the Dohoku region of Hokkaido, Bifuka-cho is a frigid area with temperatures exceeding -20°C in winter. A rare blessing that can be extracted only once a year, for only one month, from trees that have survived the harsh winter. From craft beers made with sub-ingredients that are slightly sweet and contain a variety of minerals, the “water of life” for trees, we have prepared a masterpiece IPA and an IPA that expresses the flavor of peach.
“White Lines”, which is characterized by a fruity aroma at the first bite and a bitterness that hits you in the back after drinking, is a Bifuka that imagines the town of Hokkaido, such as the white birch forest and the snow that piles up in early winter. A masterpiece of Shirakaba Brewery.
In order to create a seasonal product, the fruity flavor is inspired by peaches that cannot be harvested locally. A fruitful beer that pushes fruitiness to the fore. It’s a fruity IPA that you’ll want to drink like chewing fruit.
For sweets that give you a taste of chocolate, we offer Melty Kiss, a white chocolate made with Hokkaido milk that melts in your mouth♪ Enjoy the harmony of refreshing beer and melting chocolate!
▼ Click here to make a reservation for the Valentine & White Day plan ▼ [Image 2d19483-589-40dc24712a1caa038f54-1.png&s3=19483-589-eae6c19058f1ab83f28f4d1ed218708e-1024x768.png
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