Nomura Dairy Products Co., Ltd. Lactic acid drink “My Flora” has been certified as a Hiroshima specialty product “The Hiroshima Brand” certified by Hiroshima City!

Nomura Dairy Co., Ltd.
Lactic acid drink “My Flora” has been certified as a Hiroshima specialty product “The Hiroshima Brand” certified by Hiroshima City! First certified as a lactic acid drink!

Nomura Dairy Products Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture; Representative Director: Kazuhiro Nomura) announces that the plant lactic acid bacteria fermented extract “My Flora” has been selected as “The Hiroshima Brand” certified by Hiroshima City. I will. This is the first time that a lactic acid bacteria drink has been certified as a “The Hiroshima Brand” product. [Image 1d55083-20-cbf9882f69b7800bfdc3-0.jpg&s3=55083-20-21ce01f528e429c8ac5f6cd355831d02-2219x938.jpg

What is My Flora
“My Flora” is a new lactic acid fermented beverage born from joint research with Hiroshima University using the unique fermentation technology cultivated by Nomura Dairy (founded in 1897) with the concept of “nurturing the stomach”. In contrast to general lactic acid beverages that ferment milk with animal lactic acid bacteria, “My Flora” ferments vegetables with “vegetable lactic acid bacteria” with strong vitality. It has a refreshing taste that matches the natural sweetness of carrots with the sourness of lactic acid bacteria. Experience the power of 100 billion* plant lactic acid bacteria that reach the intestines alive! (*Per 100ml)
What is The Hiroshima Brand?
“The Hiroshima Brand” recognizes particularly excellent Hiroshima specialty products as “The Hiroshima Brand” and promotes them widely to increase their name recognition and increase consumption, while promoting the image of Hiroshima. It is a system aimed at improving, revitalizing the local economy and promoting the attraction of tourists. Established in 2007, 97 products have been certified as of December 1, 2022. Citizens’ votes were solicited, and after
examination by the council, 9 items were newly selected as certified items.
Section in charge: Hiroshima City Economic and Tourism Bureau Commercial Promotion Section (TEL: 082-504-2318)
Nine products newly selected as certified products
1. Nakamoto Honten Co., Ltd. “Sake lees flakes”
2. Nomura Dairy Co., Ltd. Plant lactic acid fermented extract “My Flora” 3. Himawari Foods Co., Ltd. “King Ken Juiceless Dandan Noodles” 4. Fujiiya Co., Ltd. “Shakushi Senbei”
5. Mike Co., Ltd. “Amazake Tart on Sake Brewery Street”
6. Mishima Foods Co., Ltd. “Hiroshi”
7. Yoshino Miso Co., Ltd. “Hiroshima Lemon Nabe”
8. Yuda Mokko Co., Ltd. “MIYAMA cypress entrance door”
9. Rekiseisha Co., Ltd. “Leaf gift of handwork”
(*The order is from the list provided by Hiroshima City)
About Nomura Dairy Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1897 (Meiji 30), a dairy manufacturer with the concept of “nurturing the stomach”. In the past, we produced a wide range of products, focusing on dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and pudding, just like a general dairy manufacturer. However, since the 1990s, milk and yogurt have become commodities, and price competition has intensified. Since 15 years ago, we have focused our management resources on fermentation technology and intestinal environment research, aiming to create products that satisfy customers with value rather than price. Currently, we specialize in business that applies high-concentration fermentation technology of plant lactic acid bacteria, which is rare in the world. Although it is a dairy business, it does not produce milk. Overseas, we provide fermentation technical guidance and fermentation ingredients to dairy manufacturers. In addition, we are actively conducting human clinical trials and intestinal flora analysis of plant lactic acid bacteria. This business strategy is called the “Ippin (excellent product) strategy”. [Image 2d55083-20-0d71a82a13c59ea1a21d-1.jpg&s3=55083-20-3bce2ac5bb197399f9cbb471c0cb6ccd-1790x1015.jpg
Since our founding as a ranch in 1897, we have continued to produce foods necessary for our customers’ health for many years.
* The certified lactic acid drink “My Flora” can also be provided as a gift for viewers and readers.
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