NONNICO-Alpha 1st Anniversary Limited Edition Electronic Cigarette! Now on sale in Japan!

NONNICO-Alpha 1st Anniversary Limited Edition Electronic Cigarette! Now on sale in Japan!
Brand NONNICO’s latest campaign information unveiled!

We have prepared a limited model as a commemoration to express our gratitude to all of our customers who have been patronizing us over the past year. We hope that the 2023 limited edition model will make customers forget the worries of the past year and enjoy the new year with luck on their side, like a lucky star.
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Fashionable style that is functionally novel!
The surface of the main body is treated with anodized aluminum, combined with the delicate touch of black rubber sumac, and the high-quality texture gives it an understated beauty. It is very hard and has excellent wear resistance and will not be deformed.
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As with the previously released NONNICO Alpha, there are no buttons, no time-consuming operations or settings, instant start-up just by inhaling, no need to inject liquid, so you can replace the flavor cartridge without spilling the liquid and getting your hands dirty. Simply replace the POD attached to it!
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With a unique LED light design, you can check the remaining battery level and smoking mode just by looking at the white light display. There are two smoking modes, normal mode and smoke mode, and you can switch modes just by smoking, very simple!
Normal mode: If you inhale slowly as it is, the white light of the instruction LED will continue to rise from the bottom to the top of the LED.
Smoke mode: keep breathing for more than 3.5 seconds, the white light of the indicator LED will continue to rise from the bottom to the top of the LED, repeat two cycles, the white light of the final indicator LED will continue to shine.
Dedicated cartridge for this product (6 flavors)
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These flavors are non-nicotine, zero tar, zero pigments, zero harmful substances, zero tobacco smell and secondhand smoke, so you can relieve the stress of quitting smoking without bothering others! [Watermelon] Reproduce the watermelon flavor of midsummer, ingesting the scent and sweetness of watermelon!
[Tieguanyin] The scent of strong tea penetrates your heart, and it feels like you are enjoying tea!
[Coffee] A liquid made with ingredients extracted from carefully selected coffee beans! the scent hits my nose
[Menthol] A combination of a cool refreshing feeling and a refreshing scent of mint, instantly relieving fatigue!
[Classic Smoke] Reproduces a real classic with a genuine tobacco scent plus a faint sweetness!
[Juicy Muscat] Enjoy the sweetness of fresh and juicy Muscat with mint!
Sales page: p_78%3AB09L17CTD8%2Cssx%3Arelevance
NONNICO Alpha 1st Commemorative Edition first purchase cartridge free! NONNICO is currently running a special promotion:
The number of NONNICO Alpha 1st anniversary limited edition models is 2023, and if users enter the coupon code when purchasing one limited edition model on Amazon, they can get their favorite flavor cartridge (1 box) for free.
Coupon code: Alpha1st
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Sales page: p_78%3AB0BCFNLF7J%2Cssx%3Arelevance
NONNICO Alpha 1st anniversary model introduction video
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