Notice of Appointment of New Executive Officer of bravesoft

bravesoft Inc.
Notice of Appointment of New Executive Officer of bravesoft
In order to carry out business planning and management of the entire bravesoft, the president’s office manager is born!

Bravesoft Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO), which provides in-house products (eventos, Live! : Eiji Sugasawa, will start operations today on January 4, 2023, but from this year Shinsuke Isogai, president’s office manager, will strengthen management planning. I have been newly appointed as General Manager of the President’s Office, and at the same time, I am pleased to report that I have been elected as a newly appointed Executive Officer.
Executive Officer Shinsuke Isogai Profile
[Image 1d54681-164-06f689d076ecb35a898c-0.jpg&s3=54681-164-fa3e3cbf1633f81492000220d5033f56-2094x1396.jpg
After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University, joined a content distribution service company as a new graduate and was in charge of management planning. After that, he was in charge of a wide range of matters such as finance, IR, stock business, various disclosure correspondence, and IPO correspondence, mainly for listed companies, and was also in charge of management of the administrative department. Joined in October 2022, sympathizing with the direction of eventtech handled by bravesoft. From January 2023, he will be appointed Executive Officer along with the appointment of General Manager of the President’s Office.

New system
Our management system is as follows.
Company Profile:
Representative Director and CEO | Eiji Sugasawa
Director and CTO|Koichiro Kiyota
Director and CDO |Imeshige Aoki
Executive Officer | Nobuhiro Ito
Executive Officer | Wataru Nishimura
Executive Officer | Hoang Ngoc Singh
Executive Officer | Shinsuke Isogai

the next deployment
Isogai, the head of the president’s office, will check the progress and provide support to achieve numerical values ​​and goals in the three business divisions and two corporate divisions of bravesoft, and will make every effort to ensure that all divisions achieve their goals.
On top of that, the business side will realize the slogan of the first half of 2023, “Explosive sale,” and the corporate website will support it.

What is bravesoft
[Image 2d54681-164-fca4b78ec2175d986c6a-1.png&s3=54681-164-69aa430e4fdb54ec2afdcb7c604a19c4-2000x450.png
It is a tech company that has been developing apps since the dawn of smartphones and boasts a track record of over 800 applications and a cumulative total of over 100 million downloads, such as “Bokete”, “TVer”, “Prime Minister’s Official Residence”, and “31 Ice Cream”. As an in-house service, we are developing a platform “eventos” that can centrally manage events on the web and apps. Utilizing the latest technology, we aim to realize eventech, which will revolutionize the event experience.

Contact information
■Company profile
Trade name: bravesoft Inc.
Representative: Eiji Sugasawa, Representative Director
Location: 6F Tamachi Front Building, 4-13-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014 Established: April 4, 2005
Business: Event Tech, experience app development
Capital: 250 million yen (including capital reserve)
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Person in charge: Masaomi Takase, Public Relations and Recruitment Department Email:
Details about this release:

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