Notice of “Health Expo 2023 (February 8-10)” Part 2

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Notice of “Health Expo 2023 (February 8-10)” Part 2
A business trade show that considers the health of people, society and the earth
41st Health Expo February 8, 9, 10, 2023
Held at Tokyo Big Sight West Exhibition Hall
Press Release 2023/1/13
With the main theme of “thinking about the health of people, society, and the earth,” a variety of products, services, and raw materials will be exhibited, including foods with function claims, femme/men’s care, CBD, protein, and plant-based products.
There will be 400 exhibitors proposing new products and services, more than 4,000 products, and more than 40 sessions of seminars introducing industry trends and the latest and successful cases. “Look, touch, listen, and try”, don’t miss the 3 days packed with raw information! This exhibition deals with a wide range of “health”.
We introduce products with various focus points in advance. We also picked up the latest trends.
Focus 2023 Products you can talk about, all in one! (Updated every week!)
1 “Wakan”
[Image 1

Japanese and Chinese herbal medicines that have been handed down from generation to generation over the years. It contains the desire to connect tradition to the future.
2 “Bathtime +”
[Image 2

Make your daily bath even warmer and more healing.

3 “Vegan/Vegetarian” [Image 3

The vegan and vegetarian market continues to expand in the world ahead of the 2030 protein crisis. With the development and entry of plant-based food products by major food manufacturers, there are signs of market expansion in Japan as well.
4 “Foot/knee/lumbar support” [Image 4

Due to aging and lack of exercise, the number of people who hurt their legs, knees, and lower back is increasing. You can find many support goods and foods at this exhibition.
5 “Hometown Traditions and Resources” [Image 5

A masterpiece that is rooted in the region and has an indescribable commitment to history and tradition. You can enjoy it not only with your five senses, but also with your head and heart.
6 “Health drink, tea, fruit juice”


[Image 6

Drinks, teas, and fruit juices with strong appeal in terms of health and beauty are plentiful!

7 “Organic Village Japan” [Image 7

We have a lineup of products that work with businesses to spread the essential “organic” = connection between people and nature through food to consumers.

8 “Nourishment Gyutto Fermented Extract”


[Image 8

An extract that uses the power of fermentation to tightly condense the nutrients of ingredients. It boasts deep-rooted popularity in various applications such as health, beauty, and exercise.

9 “Inner Beauty” [Image 9

Transform your body from the inside out. You can see a variety of products such as natural foods, supplements, and drinks.

[To the press]
・There is a press reception at the venue, but if you register in advance, you can enter smoothly.
・If you wish to interview the organizers, exhibitors, or speakers, please contact the secretariat below.
・It would be greatly appreciated if you could share the content of the interview with the organizer before broadcasting or publishing it. ・We kindly ask you to send the video, magazine or copy after the interview to the organizing secretariat.
・In the case of video coverage, please be sure to broadcast after the end of the exhibition.
Overview of the event
Name: Health Expo 2023
Organized exhibitions: Health Foods & Supplements EXPO / FOOD DESIGN EXPO / Organic & Natural EXPO /
HEALTH & BEAUTY EQUIPMENT/GOODS EXPO / GENDERED INNOVATION EXPO Date: February 8 (Wednesday), 9 (Thursday), 10 (Friday), 2023 10:00-17:00 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight West Halls 1 and 2
Co-sponsored: Care Show Japan, E-Commerce Fair Tokyo 2023, Marketing Technology Fair Tokyo 2023
Organizer: Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd.
Sponsors: Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association, Japan Health Sports Federation, Japan Dietetic Association, Japan Home Health Equipment Association, Japan Mail Order Association, Nippon Kenko Scientific Society, Certified NPO Self-Medication Promotion Council, Japan Aroma Environment Association, Japan Department Stores Association, Japan Relaxation Industry Association, NPO All Japan Health and Natural Food Association, Health and physical fitness building Business Foundation, Japan Chain Store Association, Japan Esthetic Industry Association, Japan Esthetic Association, NPO Health and Productivity Management Research Institute
Support: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
▶ How to visit: Free by pre-registering on the website or bringing an invitation (pre-registration required for seminars)
▶Visitor pre-registration: More than 40 sessions of seminars are planned to introduce industry trends, the latest cases, and success stories in food with function claims, femme/men’s care, CBD, protein, and plant-based.
Seminar site:
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