Notice of pre-sale of 100 works limited to “AKUTA IKAN”, the first NFT art work of “Tetsushi Aoyama”.

Leo Management Co., Ltd.
Notice of pre-sale of 100 works limited to “AKUTA IKAN”, the first NFT art work of “Tetsushi Aoyama”.
“NFT×ART” Digital art work with NFT

Notice of pre-sale of 100 works limited to “AKUTA IKAN”
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Leo Management Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Satoshi Ogiwara), which operates the NFT Metaverse business with the concept of providing unique value,
Tetsuji Aoyama’s first NFT art work “AKUTA IKAN”
From January 14th (Sat) to January 22nd (Sun), 100 works will be pre-sold on the following site for a limited time.
This product is a set of NFT and the actual work (54cm x 54cm wooden canvas panel).
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▼Sales site
阿久田 偉観 (AKUTA IKAN)作品一覧
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♦️ Profile of Tetsuji Aoyama
In December 2020, the 2nd and 3rd editions were sold out due to the popularity and attention at once triggered by Nippon Television’s “Akashiya pacific saury that nobody knows” and “pacific saury Art Shop Project”. In the 4th auction, the highest price is 4.5 million yen. The solo exhibition held at PARCOcalif Shibuya in 2021 was sold out on the first day.
At the solo exhibition at Hankyu Umeda Main Store in 2022, 1391 entries will be collected for the lottery sale of 24 works.
Worked on the design of the main character Manpuku Hirutarou and the logo design of the Fuji TV lunch program “Poka Poka” which started in 2023.
[Tetsushi Aoyama] Comment
This time, we have announced the NFT art work AKUTA IKAN.
“Akuta Ikan” is a story about a detective who disguises himself as a detective and fights against villains to reform the world.
An interesting story has been completed, so please take a look at the site. ▼ Click here for the sales site
♦️Tetsushi Aoyama SNS
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What is NFT Art?
With the advent of NFT, the value of digital art has increased dramatically, and some people have found value as assets and investment targets.
The biggest feature of NFT art is that it cannot be copied or tampered with because it is stored on the blockchain.
Conventional digital art can be easily copied or falsified, so there was a problem that it was difficult to generate asset value as a work. NFTs are also attracting attention for their roles such as digital certificates and digital memberships.
♦️ About Leo Management Co., Ltd.
Based on the concept of providing unique value, we utilize influencer marketing strategies, etc. to solve various customer problems according to the client.
Established “SAMURAI STUDIO” in 2022 to deliver the creative power of Japan to the world.
Currently collaborating and co-creating projects with many famous domestic artists.
◇Company profile
Company name: LeoManagement Co., Ltd. President: Satoshi Ogiwara Location: 39th floor, Shibuya Scramble Square, 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
For inquiries, please contact
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