NPO from Metaverse wins Communication Strategy Award at 17th Manifesto Awards

NPO Virtual Rights
NPO from Metaverse wins Communication Strategy Award at 17th Manifesto Awards Commendation for Outstanding Efforts Contributing to the Improvement of Democracy

At the 17th Manifesto Grand Prize held at the end of 2022 (organized by the Manifesto Grand Prize Executive Committee, co-sponsored by Waseda University Manifesto Research Institute, Mainichi Shimbun), the NPO Virtual Rights (Chairman: Yuto Kunitake) We received the “Communication Strategy Award (Excellence Award)” as an excellent initiative that contributes to improving our philosophy.
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Award ceremony at Roppongi Academyhills
What is the Manifesto Grand Prize?
The Manifesto Grand Prize recruits and recognizes excellent
initiatives that contribute to the improvement of regional democracy by local government councils, mayors, citizens, etc. The purpose of this is to give honor to those who are making efforts in the region and to further motivate them, and to expand the circle of “benevolent competition” in which excellent efforts are widely known and urban development is promoted in a way that they compete with each other. increase. It is held to promote policy-oriented politics and consumer-oriented policies, and the NPO Virtual Rights has been selected for 40 of the 3,133 submissions.
Organizer: Manifesto Award Executive Committee
Co-sponsored by Waseda University Manifesto Research Institute, Mainichi Shimbun Sponsored by: Kyodo News Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Bright Election Promotion Association, Public Interest Incorporated Association Junior Chamber International Japan
Chairman’s comment on award-winning efforts
[Image 2d77712-23-0d1187617ce864b93fb7-1.jpg&s3=77712-23-cd1c221fa397cf3df149dadc43c1faf1-850x566.jpg
“First of all, I am very happy to have received this prestigious award at the Manifesto Awards.” The award-winning initiative was a policy proposal based on a town meeting held in VR or the Metaverse space. There are also policy proposals that lead to specific measures. As an activity classified as so-called advocacy, we would like to move forward so that we can continue to contribute to the development of culture using digital technology. In addition, at the Manifesto Grand Prize this time, there are multiple initiatives other than our corporation that utilize the Metaverse, and I was able to deeply feel that the best practices are being created right now.
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Commemorative photo with Machida City, which also received an award for its initiatives related to the Metaverse
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Town meeting

Commentary: Soichiro Takagi (Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, University of Tokyo)
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Professor Takagi (Source: Manifesto Award)
The Metaverse has been attracting increasing attention in recent years, but rather than introducing the Metaverse as a new
participation tool within the framework of the region, this initiative aims to encourage users who have been using VR and the Metaverse for some time. It is unique in that it has been linked to policy proposals and town meetings. Above all, there are few opportunities to consider in conventional local politics and citizen participation scenes, such as being able to participate by the name that the person wants to be called, not asking for gender or face photo, and respecting free gender expression by avatars. It is also noteworthy that he sheds light on this point of view. It is an initiative that brings new perspectives to future political, community, and regional activities. [Image 6d77712-23-387e7777c535158c0c4b-7.jpg&s3=77712-23-eb3f94bc1c892f8dffda08b0be618522-3900x2194.jpg

About NPO Virtual Rights
[Image 7d77712-23-33954196f28ae1027f32-3.png&s3=77712-23-e18995c81a420f96926e0ce022f5a0a5-960x540.png
Japan’s largest VR advocacy organization*1. With the main purpose of protecting VR culture and the rights of users and creators and disseminating culture, VR culture conferences and study sessions inviting legislators and experts, holding cultural dissemination events, research projects, policy proposals to government offices and parliamentary federations, etc. carried out. Meetings and events use VRSNS and online tools, and are actively active even during the corona crisis. Certified and established as an NPO corporation that held the inaugural general meeting in VR space in March 2021. Serves as chairman of the Metaverse subcommittee of the Cabinet Office’s “Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform”. Received the Communication Strategy Award at the 17th Manifesto Awards.
Chairman: Yuto Kunitake
Office: 3-22-23 Otsuka, Inzai City, Chiba Prefecture
Number of members: about 1100 (as of January 2023)
Established: March 29, 2021
Official site:
*1: From NTTdata feature article
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