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[Niigata Computer College] NIIGATA XR Project 3rd “Niigata 2km Virtual Walk” held
~ Virtual art work & animal AR contents appearing in Niigata City! ~
Niigata Computer College (hereinafter referred to as Niigata Computer College), an incorporated educational institution of the NSG Group, consists of Daiichi Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Daiichi Printing Co., Ltd.), NTT Communications Corporation
(hereinafter referred to as NTT Com), and Promedia Niigata Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Niigata). In cooperation with Promedia Niigata), the 3rd NIIGATA XR Project (*1) “Niigata 2km Virtual Walk” will be held in Niigata City from January 20, 2023.
[Image 1d32951-996-b3b208f22182afe594de-0.jpg&s3=32951-996-3338230948282ffbf19db6f2a742dc0f-1773x1182.jpg
■ Background/Purpose
Niigata City is facing the challenges of young people leaving the prefecture and a declining population, and various efforts are underway to make the city more attractive, with the aim of becoming a city of choice. As part of this initiative, the “NIIGATA XR Project” is a project that provides citizens with new experience value by utilizing virtual space expression technologies such as VR, AR, and MR and fusing the real and the virtual. was launched.
This time, Daiichi Printing Co., NTT Com, Promedia Niigata, and Niigata Computer College collaborated to create the third installment of the “NIIGATA XR Project”, where you can enjoy AR content around the city center axis “Niigata 2km” (*2). Niigata 2km Virtual Walk” will be held (*3). We aim to create liveliness in Niigata City by providing citizens, tourists, and visitors with new attractions around the city center axis and improving the accessibility of the city center through AR content installed throughout the city.
Also, with the support of NTT Com, one of the goals is to increase the number of people who can use digital in Niigata by having students from Niigata Computer College create AR content.
During the event period, AR contents will be installed in various places in Niigata City, where animals and art works will appear when you hold your smartphone over it. In addition to enjoying virtual content with the cityscape of “Niigata 2km” in the background, it is also possible to take pictures and videos with AR content art works and animals.
[Image 2d32951-996-e5f7117542b17e221e79-1.png&s3=32951-996-c9358e4feefe5ca3d276eea70410cd1f-581x326.png
AR content image example art work
[Image 3d32951-996-085bae1b31d8ce930e29-2.jpg&s3=32951-996-2c00578a235445aba7fda9b415aa9f02-381x326.jpg
AR content image example animal content
■ Roles of the four parties
(1) Daiichi Printing Office
・Coordination and planning direction regarding the implementation and operation of this event
・Creative production of QR marker panel for AR content experience (2) NTT Com
・ Overall project management related to this event
・Support for planning and production of AR content
(3) Promedia Niigata
・Production of video content for tourism PR, which is one of the contents (4) Niigata Computer College
・Production of AR animal content/AR art work content
・ Promotional activities using Vtuber (“Shoshushi”)
■ Efforts of Niigata Computer College
Niigata Computer College will establish a new “Character Design Department” in April 2022. Through industry-academia-government collaboration, we are learning advanced technologies that are required in recent years, such as 3DCG, VTuber, Metaverse, etc., where the attention of XR technology is rapidly increasing.
[Image 4d32951-996-0779bbe129e1ce0133a0-3.jpg&s3=32951-996-1aced6db7ff4db1fedb2aa67e9c7e61b-1846x1135.jpg
At this event, with the support of NTT Com, students from the character design department will challenge themselves to create AR content. In addition to creating 3DCG models, they also attended a special class by Psychic VR Lab Inc., which operates the event platform “STYLY”, and learned how to implement models created by students in an AR space.
Also, as the official ambassador of the event, Niigata Computer College’s original VTuber “Shii” was appointed. We are working on promotional activities such as creating videos and web content, mainly for students in the “VTuber course”.
[Image 5d32951-996-53472b47120b4ac2ed82-4.png&s3=32951-996-7653700645bfff3243e0f16bf6a0c06c-510x638.png
■ Comments from participating students
Character Design Department, Souta Sasazaki, Graduated from Nagaoka Koryo High School
[Image 6d32951-996-33e950c217763692719b-5.jpg&s3=32951-996-f9ffb21f2185582ad0d21acf18239828-2749x1833.jpg
“I was very happy when I saw my work moving in an AR space. I understood the fun of AR technology that allows you to see living things, and I would like to use it in my future works.”
■ Implementation overview
・Event period
January 20 to March 31, 2023 (planned)
・ Service area
Various locations within Niigata 2km, central axis of Chuo Ward, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
Please check the event special website for specific event locations. [Image 7d32951-996-d078050eb4503b256811-6.png&s3=32951-996-77a732972fb66ef343366c116fc62b11-567x321.png
·usage fee
・Experience benefits
After experiencing the AR content, a prize will be presented by lottery from those who answered the questionnaire.
・Event special HP
■ How to use
By reading the QR markers for AR content experience installed in various places around “Niigata 2km” with a smartphone that has downloaded the special app “STYLY”, the AR content will be displayed on the smartphone and you can enjoy the virtual world. receive. You can also shoot AR content with photos and videos. Furthermore, during the event period, among the citizens who have experienced the AR content, we will send you a wonderful gift by lottery from those who responded to the questionnaire.
-Click here to download the dedicated app “STYLY”-
・For iOS
URL: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/styly/id1477168256
・For Android
URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.psychicvrlab.stylymr&hl=ja&gl=US ■ About the future
Based on the data and survey results obtained through this event, we will update the content and plan new events. In the future, we will continue to create new attractions in Niigata City using advanced technologies such as VR, AR, and MR, revitalize the economy, and improve mobility, so that we can be “chosen” by citizens and people outside the prefecture. We will contribute to the realization of Niigata City as a city.
(*1): Please check the following for details of the “NIIGATA XR Project”. URL: https://www.city.niigata.lg.jp/business/growing/xr/xrpj/index.html (*2): Please check the following for details of “Niigata 2km”. URL: https://www.city.niigata.lg.jp/shisei/seisaku/jigyoproject/niigata2km.html (*3): This event is held as a subsidy for the Niigata City XR Content Implementation Project in 2022.
-About Niigata Computer College-
An IT vocational school in Niigata City. We are producing human resources with the necessary IT skills and knowledge in the 5G, AI, cyber security, VTuber, metaverse, games, e-sports, web design, and CG animation industries. We are working on advanced education in collaboration with industry companies, such as signing a partnership agreement with “NTT DoCoMo, Inc.” to develop a 5G environment on campus, and forming the first educational partnership in Japan with “Virtual Cast Co., Ltd.”, which provides metaverse communication services. I’m in.
Educational juridical person Kokusai Sogo Gakuen Niigata Computer College Location: 7th floor of NSG Square, 935 Furumachidori 7bancho, Chuo-ku, Niigata City
Representative name: Tomoaki Kojima
-Niigata Computer College Homepage-
-About the NSG Group-
Centering on the education business and medical/welfare/nursing care business, we develop a wide range of businesses such as health/sports, construction/real estate, food/agriculture, trading companies, advertising agencies, ICT, hotels, apparel, beauty, human resource services, and entertainment. A corporate group consisting of 110 corporations. Aiming to make each region “the most prosperous and happiest city in the world”, we will work from the private sector to create projects that will revitalize the region with the keywords “people”, “peace of mind”, “work” and “attractiveness”. I’m in. -NSG Group Homepage-

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