NTT Com Online Announced the results of the NPS (R) benchmark survey 2022 targeting online supermarkets. NPS #1 Amazon Fresh

NTT Com Online
Announced the results of the NPS(R) Benchmark Survey 2022 targeting online supermarkets. NPS #1 Amazon Fresh
-In the industry as a whole, the freshness of fresh food and the ease of receiving products lead to loyalty-

 NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshie Tsukamoto, hereinafter NTT Com Online) conducted the NPS Benchmark Survey 2022 Net Supermarket Division targeting the Net Supermarket industry. As a result, Amazon Fresh has the highest NPS.
In the industry as a whole, factors such as the freshness of fresh food and the ease of receiving products have increased loyalty. On the other hand, future improvements are expected in terms of the details and accuracy of product information, as well as the ease of searching and finding products. AmazonFresh was evaluated for its detailed product information and ease of searching for products, leading to the No. 1 NPS ranking.
Find out more about the survey results here: [NTT Com Online NPS Benchmark Survey 2022]
Future release schedule: city gas, apparel EC, mail order cosmetics, etc. -Points of survey results-
1. Amazon Fresh ranked No. 1 in NPS in the online supermarket category Of the five target online supermarkets, the top NPS was Amazon Fresh (-6.2 points). 2nd place was Life Net Super (-9.6 points), 3rd place was Aeon Net Super (-14.9 points). The average NPS of the five target companies was -14.3 points, and the difference between the top and bottom companies was 16.9 points.
[Image 1

2. The industry as a whole expects improvements in the detail and accuracy of product information, as well as the ease of searching for products.
An analysis of online supermarket loyalty factors into 20 items reveals that, in the industry as a whole, in addition to items such as “good freshness of perishables” and “ease of receiving products” such as delivery and store pick-up, “corporate image”・Good brand image” led to loyalty.
On the other hand, factors that hinder loyalty were items such as “ease of searching and finding products” and “details and accuracy of product information such as images and descriptions.” In addition, future improvements are expected in terms of “providing services and products in line with customer feedback” and “good cost performance” such as product prices and shipping charges.
[Image 2

Figure: Industry-wide Loyalty Factor Analysis (Driver Chart) *For details, please refer to the download materials: AmazonFresh, which ranked No. 1 in the NPS, was highly evaluated for its detailed product information and ease of searching for products, which were issues for the industry as a whole. I was. Lifenet Supermarket, which ranked second, contributed to an increase in loyalty due to its extensive product lineup and attractiveness of special features and fairs, while AEON Net Supermarket, which ranked third, was highly satisfied with the good service of its delivery staff. As a result, each of them has a high NPS result.
3. NPS will be increased if there is follow-up such as advance notification and alternative product suggestions when items are out of stock or sold out
When using the target online supermarkets, we asked whether they had experienced shortages or sold out of ordered products, and whether they had followed up from the store when they were out of stock. This is the result. In addition, 41.0% of the users said, “I experienced a shortage/sold out, but I received a follow-up such as contacting me about the shortage or suggesting an alternative product in advance.” 17.0% of the users said that there was no follow-up such as
notification of out-of-stock items and suggestions for alternative products in advance.
[Image 3

Figure: Experience of missing/sold out items ordered and receiving follow-up When NPS was analyzed by experience of these shortages and sold-outs, and whether or not there was follow-up from the store, the NPS of users who experienced shortages/sold-outs but had follow-up was -7.1, indicating that they experienced shortages/sold-outs. The NPS was higher than the NPS of both users who experienced shortages and sold out, and users who did not follow up, suggesting that following up even when items are out of stock or sold out will increase NPS. This is the result.
[Image 4

Figure: NPS by experience of missing/sold out items ordered and follow-up received
4. There is a tendency to use online supermarkets to purchase heavy or difficult-to-carry items.
When asked about the purpose of using the target online supermarket, the highest percentage, 49.7%, was “to use for purchasing heavy or difficult-to-carry items.” This was followed by 42.7%, “to streamline daily shopping and save time”, 34.2%, “because of the spread of the new coronavirus, so I am reducing my outings”, and 34.2%, “on rainy days or when I am not feeling well. To utilize it” (25.3%) continued. [Image 5

Figure: Main purpose of use of online supermarket
In addition, when we surveyed the products purchased at the target online supermarkets and their physical stores (for products purchased at physical stores, we targeted people who have also used the physical stores operated by the surveyed online supermarkets). Products with a higher percentage of purchases at online supermarkets than at physical stores are “rice” and “water/beverages.” became a trend. On the other hand, the product with the highest purchase ratio at physical stores compared to online supermarkets was “side dishes.” This was followed by “fish” and “meat,” with a high percentage of purchases of side dishes and perishables at physical stores.
[Image 6

Figure: Comparison of products purchased at online supermarkets and physical stores
5. The higher the degree of recommendation, the higher the intention to continue using
When asked about their intention to continue using the target online supermarkets in the future on an 11-point scale from 0 to 10, “recommenders” (respondents with a recommendation level of “9” to “10”) averaged 9.4 points, and “neutral people” ” (Respondents with a recommendation level of “7” to “8”) averaged 7.8 points, and “Detractors” (Respondents with a recommendation level of “0” to “6”) averaged 5.7 points, indicating a high level of recommendation. As a result, the intention to continue using the service increased. [Image 7

Figure: Intention to continue use by recommended segment
-Summary of Survey-
[Net supermarket]
Companies surveyed (alphabetical order, Japanese syllabary order): Amazon Fresh, Aeon Net Super, Ito-Yokado Net Super, Life Net Super, Rakuten Seiyu Net Super
Survey target: Internet supermarket users among Internet research monitors Survey method: Closed Internet questionnaire by NTT Com Research* Survey period: 2022/12/9 (Fri)-2022/12/13 (Tue)
Number of valid respondents: 1,720
Respondent Attributes:
[Gender] Male: 51.0%, Female: 49.0%
[Age] 20s and under: 13.7%, 30s: 17.3%, 40s: 25.1%, 50s: 19.9%, 60s and over: 24.1%
-What is NTT Com Online NPS(R) Benchmark Survey-
The NTT Com Online NPS Benchmark Survey is based on the research method of Satmetrix Systems (currently NICE Systems) in the United States, which jointly developed the NPS index. In addition to extracting monitors according to demographics and announcing highly reliable data as NPS benchmarks (standards) for each industry, we also award the top companies that are industry leaders.
We also sell NTT Com online NPS benchmark survey data. Please take advantage of it.
Read more about the NPS benchmark study here:
-What is NPS(R)-
 NPS (Net Promoter Score) is an index that measures customer loyalty, calculated from the answers to the question, “Would you like to recommend to your friends and colleagues?” It is said that one-third of public companies in Europe and the United States use NPS, and in Japan as well, more and more companies are using NPS as a new index to replace customer satisfaction.
Learn more about NPS here: -About NPS(R) Solution-
NTT Com Online provides a total solution (NPS solution) to improve customer loyalty using NPS.
In addition to consulting by NPS qualified personnel, we offer “NPX Pro”, a cloud service that visualizes customer feedback in real time and guides improvement actions, and “NPS Research”, which is effective for understanding your company’s position within the industry. increase.
Learn more about NPS solutions here: -About NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions-
 NTT Com Online is a solution partner that supports the digitalization of companies through the provision of data utilization and technology. In the data & analytics business, we provide total support from introduction to implementation of NTT Com Research, which provides NPS customer loyalty management, “eNPS surveys” that measure employee engagement, and social media analysis. In addition, in order to respond to corporate data issues and support the ever-evolving digitalization, TIBCO’s data analysis and integration software, which has a strong track record globally, is a software that “coordinates, integrates, and analyzes all kinds of data in real time.” We provide our products as a sole agent in Japan.
 Name:   NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd.
Location: Osaki Center Building, 1-5-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032, Japan
 Representative: Yoshie Tsukamoto, Representative Director and President  URL  :
*Net Promoter(R), Net Promoter Score(R), and NPS(R) mentioned in the text are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Fred Reichheld, and Satometrics Systems (currently NICE Systems, Inc.) am. In addition, company names and product names described in this document are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies. ” supplement ”
(*) “NTT Com Research (formerly goo Research)”
A high-quality, high-value-added Internet research service provided by NTT Com Online.
We have built a large-scale consumer panel with our own panels and monitors from partner companies, and have four pillars: “monitor quality”, “questionnaire quality”, “questionnaire system quality”, and “answer result quality”. It is used by many companies and
organizations as Internet research that provides highly reliable research results by thoroughly ensuring quality based on the “Quality Policy”.
In addition, on December 9, 2013, the service name was changed from “goo research” to “NTT Com research” with the expansion of the monitor base, and the service is provided.
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