NTT EAST Cooperating with Tachibana High School in Kawasaki City for learning about SDGs

NTT East Japan
Cooperating with Kawasaki Municipal Tachibana High School for “SDGs” inquiry learning
Introduction of SDGs initiatives promoted by the NTT East Group
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Kawasaki Branch (Branch Manager: Yasunobu Tateno, hereinafter referred to as “NTT East Kawasaki Branch”), for comprehensive inquiry learning on the theme of “SDGs” conducted at Kawasaki Municipal Tachibana High School, I cooperated with the interview.
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1. Background
In the first grade full-time course at Kawasaki Municipal Tachibana High School, we conduct inquiry learning in comprehensive inquiry time with the theme of “SDGs”.
In order for students to actually take action on their own, it is necessary to have an opportunity to know what kind of efforts are being made in the real world. To help me think about what kind of action to take, NTT East Kawasaki branch was asked to interview me, and I cooperated with the interview.
In addition, NTT East Kawasaki Branch has been certified as a “Kawasaki SDGs Gold Partner”<*1<*1″Kawasaki SDGs Partner” is a system by which the city certifies companies and organizations that work to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). ”, and
“Certification” to self-evaluate SDGs efforts and set goals for the future. Registered organizations are called “Kawasaki SDGs Gold Partners”.
2. Interview overview
(1) Date and time: Friday, January 12, 2023, 15:00-
(2) Students interviewed: Kawasaki Municipal Tachibana High School Full-time 1st year students 5
(3) Contents of explanation: NTT East Group’s efforts regarding SDGs *Excerpt from explanation materials
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(4) Impressions of interviewed students
・I’ve been thinking about learning 5 and 10, but I’m glad I learned a lot about NTT’s environmental issues and other things.
・I learned that it is important to have various systems in place so that women can be as active as men.
・NTT East has solid measures for SDGs, so I thought I would like to work for such a company.
(5) Comments from interviewed employees
We have introduced which part of the SDGs goals the NTT East Group is promoting. I am pleased that this interview helped us to spread awareness of the efforts of the NTT East Group.
As a member of the Kawasaki Branch, which is a Kawasaki SDGs Gold Partner, we will continue to actively participate in efforts to contribute to the local community.
3. Looking ahead
The NTT Group has contributed to the realization of a sustainable society by working to solve social issues through products and services that utilize ICT. In September 2016, the NTT Group announced its endorsement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At the same time, each group company associates the 17 goals of the SDGs with its own business and is working to achieve the goals. <*2>
In addition to the efforts of the NTT Group as a whole, the NTT East Kawasaki Branch is also actively involved in “connecting communities” to contribute to “providing places for people to connect, enhancing and strengthening connections, and revitalizing the city.” By further promoting health and productivity management, together with Kawasaki City, Kawasaki SDGs partner companies and gold partner companies, we will promote the SDGs with the aim of a sustainable future where no one will be left behind. I would like to respond to interviews. <*2
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