NTT East Japan Achievements of parallel work support for public relations and support program planning work

NTT East Japan
Achievements of parallel work support for public relations and support program planning
Activity report of Yokosuka City’s “SME support model by utilizing new human resources”

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Kanagawa Division (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Executive Officer Kanagawa Division Manager: Hironobu Nakanishi, hereinafter referred to as “NTT East Kanagawa Division”) has announced that Yokosuka Wonder Forest Co., Ltd. (Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Yoshitaka Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as “Wonder Forest”) ), we provided human resource support utilizing in-house parallel work-*-for three months-October 11, 2022-January 10, 2023-for PR and support program planning work.
-*- A way of working in which two or more jobs are carried out at the same time. [Image 1d64879-156-0bc40f473279e2e68211-1.jpg&s3=64879-156-95eeb3ad1e3ef3e077cc1ca0e5b0f097-1003x595.jpg
1. Details of human resource support scheme by NTT East Kanagawa Division (1) Number of supporters: 5
(2) Support period: 3 months -October 11, 2022 to January 10, 2023- (3) Work days/hours: Conducted in-house parallel work about once a week during work
(4) Work location: Customer office and remote work
(5) Wonder Forest’s human resource support needs:
Development of business expansion activities such as “Project to support children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families” and “Project to nurture the ability to open up the future through IT”
2. Details of human resources support activities for public relations and support program planning
We carried out proposal activities to expand the “Wonder Labo” programming class for young children using applied behavior analysis –
[Image 2d64879-156-2fe8e3f3be0272e8b9f5-2.png&s3=64879-156-6fb3afac80c3a305f58e9247adfcd82b-1471x590.png
■Phase 1: Industry/business understanding and consideration of initiatives [Image 3d64879-156-995dc0f48127149b9e44-3.png&s3=64879-156-36183638117be3ff40a7a633ef7f7c35-1191x699.png
■Phase 2: Proposal sales preparation
[Image 4d64879-156-a2ec6994eaf4ef3c6155-4.png&s3=64879-156-f714b271e0b555d2d17ff08355627579-1177x345.png
[Image 5d64879-156-3c6922a18ceea2804e27-5.png&s3=64879-156-6f37985a19e49a2f630dc0ef54b6d6f3-1179x322.png

[Image 6d64879-156-af687205a792eec8a838-6.png&s3=64879-156-38ddab06db8107dffd4571803bf2f04a-1122x712.png
■Phase 3: Proposal sales activities through visits, etc.
[Image 7d64879-156-4f665032f97b3ac1195c-7.png&s3=64879-156-a9e82f1bc4b154889b4ed296bf99a02d-1180x672.png
-Free trial session-
[Image 8d64879-156-9197d6b63b620e2db1ba-8.jpg&s3=64879-156-c72158d4b44a5f21ee3fb4ac11ef72a2-1128x434.jpg

[Image 9d64879-156-3c3850e6ca4308cb7af7-9.jpg&s3=64879-156-83883d8e9075bee8e1627cd3ea935abf-724x1024.jpg
[Image 10d64879-156-93d5ade6c0965b203194-10.png&s3=64879-156-7bf2b4f674e68eeb037dc84a8189f2a4-520x817.png
3. Comments from related companies
■ Wonder Forest CEO Yoshitaka Takahashi
It is a great achievement that we have been able to take a step forward in proposing activities for the “Wonder Labo” programming class, which we have not yet started. In addition, through the proposal activities, we were able to discuss “community development” and “model projects” with key persons from Yokosuka City and local organizations. For these results, we would like to thank the secretariat of Yokosuka City, NTT East, etc. for matching employees who sympathize with the philosophy of Wonder Forest and who can support the activities. On the other hand, we hope that the contents will be “friendly” to local companies, such as preparations until the start of human resource support and operational rules during support. ■NTT East support staff
Mr. Takahashi of Wonder Forest has a vision that he cherishes when dealing with local customers, “I want to make Yokosuka a city where the children who leave here in 10 or 20 years will be happy to have grown up.” I realized that it was really important to have a perspective of what we can do for the region. (Kaneko)
Mr. Takahashi of Wonder Forest left a strong impression on me with his attitude of moving forward with his business without giving up, even when he was overwhelmed. I learned a lot from you in the way you conduct your own work. (many shop)
When I participated in the programming class, when I saw the children smiling and announcing the programs they had created, the smiles filled with a sense of accomplishment were dazzling. I want to support you from the bottom of my heart. (Asaoka)
Mr. Takahashi from Wonder Forest even talked about his own vision when proposing a programming class. Rather than looking at the other person as a sales partner, his attitude of wanting to achieve something together with this person is wonderful and I would like to emulate him. (Ezura)
I thought that Mr. Takahashi of Wonder Forest had a clear vision of creating a place for everyone. I was deeply moved by the fact that when the children go out into the world, the skills to create their own place will be nurtured here. Wonder Forest Takahashi-sama’s actions all seem to be connected to that.” (Arai)
Tomoyuki Chikuni, General Manager, Regional ICT Promotion Department, NTT East Kanagawa Division
This project was the first case of Yokosuka City’s “small and medium-sized enterprise support model using new human resources.” One of the achievements of our activities is that they approached local issues from the perspective of Wonder Forest and their parents, and that they have taken the attitude of applying what they have learned from this experience to their original work. In addition, although the issues in operating the SME support model were clarified, Mr. Takahashi of Wonder Forest commented that within a limited period of time, we were able to achieve results that contributed to business development through support. I am very happy.
-Reference-Overview of Yokosuka City’s “Small and Medium Enterprise Support Model Using New Human Resources”
■ Support model image diagram
[Image 11d64879-156-3fc35a0de4b0b37c440a-11.png&s3=64879-156-7ffd069c146351f060278547fe2a07a9-1568x439.png

*Press release material_ 4. Future cooperation
NTT East and Wonder Forest will work together to create a future for Yokosuka where children can feel hope. , we will consider and implement environmental improvements and support so that we can continue to implement them.

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