NTT Konokyu Co., Ltd. Collaboration AR content with Sanrio Characters appears in XR City

NTT Konokyu Co., Ltd.
Collaboration AR content with Sanrio characters appears in XR City Collaborative AR content linked to “SANRIO Virtual Festival 2023” “Anytime Kawaii Live Show” and “Everywhere My Cinnamoroll”

From January 13, 2023 (Friday), NTT QONOQ Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Konokyu) will launch AR content in collaboration with Sanrio Co., Ltd.’s (hereafter, Sanrio) popular characters in the app “XR City” provided by the company. We will provide it.
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In collaboration with Sanrio’s virtual event “SANRIO Virtual Festival 2023 in Sanrio Puroland”, AR content “Itsudemo Kawaii Live Show” will be provided at the theme park “Sanrio Puroland” (Tama City, Tokyo) operated by Sanrio Entertainment Co., Ltd. I will. In this content, “AR Live Show” where you can see a live show of popular characters in AR, and when you open the door that appears in front of you, you can see a part of the parade that will be shown at “SANRIO Virtual Festival 2023 in Sanrio Puroland” in 360 degrees. You can experience the “SANRIO Virtual Festival 2023 Parade” in a spacious space. In addition, as content that can be enjoyed anytime at home or anywhere you like, the popular characters Cinnamon and Friends will appear in AR, and you can watch them move and chat, or move the characters and items to your favorite place and create your own. At the same time, we will also start offering “Anywhere My Cinnamoroll”, an AR content that can be played with lots of cute things such as taking pictures. Please check the attached sheet for detailed experience location and experience period.
“Anytime Kawaii Live Show” and “Anywhere My Cinnamoroll” are AR contents that can be played within the “XR City” app, a new
sensational town play AR service provided by Konokyu that allows you to experience a new world that fuses the digital and real worlds. At the content experience location, customers can enjoy the above content by holding up a smartphone that has downloaded the “XR City” app. The app is free to use, and anyone with a device compatible with the app can experience the content*.
▼ Content experience image
※The image is an image
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In addition, from January 13 (Friday) to January 22 (Sunday), 2023, during which the “SANRIO Virtual Festival 2023 in Sanrio Puroland” will be held, “XR City” will be installed in the “SANRIO Virtual Festival 2023 in Sanrio Puroland”. booth will be exhibited. You can take pictures at a cute booth designed with Cinnamoroll and play with a virtual bubble gun.
Through the provision of this content, Konokyu aims to utilize XR and provide new value and experience to everyone’s lives.
▼ Booth image of “XR City” in “SANRIO Virtual Festival 2023 in Sanrio Puroland” ※The image is an image
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* “Anytime Kawaii Live Show” is free content, and “Anywhere My Cinnamoroll” is paid content.
Inquiries from the media regarding this matter
NTT Konokyu Co., Ltd.

-another paper-
“Anytime Kawaii Live Show” and “Everywhere My Cinnamoroll”
The “XR City” app will provide events held by Sanrio and content collaborated with popular characters of the company.
2.Experienceable content/experience spots
(1) Always Kawaii Live Show
[Table 3: ]

(2) Anywhere My Cinnamoroll
[Table 4: ]
3. How to participate
Please download the “XR City” app from the event official website or the URL below and participate during the event period.
-Android version-
-iOS version- [Image 4d110582-10-c70c80bb503e3de8e505-3.png&s3=110582-10-06c2caad1082353d74e649c1b4a4d11f-332x159.png
4. Event official website
5. Fee*
(1) App download: Free
(2) Content use
1. Always Kawaii Live Show: Free trial
2. Anywhere My Cinnamoroll: Experience fee (480 yen (tax included)) *Payment is made via in-app billing when downloading content. 6. About “SANRIO Virtual Festival 2023 in Sanrio Puroland”
A virtual event where a total of 56 groups of artists, virtual artists, and Sanrio characters will appear in the huge space of Virtual Sanrio Puroland. From Sanrio fans to virtual experts, it is the world’s largest new sensation virtual festival where participants can enjoy each other.
■ Official site ■ VR ticket link ■ SPWN ticket link * Separate packet communication charges apply. Due to the large amount of communication, we recommend using it in a flat-rate communication environment.
* “Android” is a trademark or registered trademark of Google LLC. *iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the United States and other countries and is used under license.

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