Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. A preview of “Odakyu Real Estate Logistics Center Ichinomiya” will be held

Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.
“Odakyu Real Estate Logistics Center Ichinomiya” preview will be held February 15 (Wednesday) and 16 (Thursday), 2023: [Sponsored by CBRE] For shippers and logistics companies / Friday, February 17, 2023: [Sponsored by Odakyu Real Estate] For brokerage companies

Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. and CBRE Co., Ltd. will hold a preview of the logistics facility “Odakyu Real Estate Logistics Center
Ichinomiya” from February 15 (Wednesday) to 17 (Friday), 2023. This preview is for shippers and logistics companies on February 15 (Wednesday) and 16 (Thursday), and for brokerage companies on February 17 (Friday). Please take this opportunity to have a look.

[Image 1

East truck berth, west exterior
■ Appeal point of this property
〇 Good access to Nagoya city. Located in Ichinomiya City, the core city of Aichi Prefecture
Located about 5.8 km from the Ichinomiya IC on the Meishin Expressway and about 2.5 km from the Ichinomiya Naka IC on the Nagoya Expressway No. 16 Ichinomiya Route. In addition to being a wide-area delivery base, it is an area with high logistics demand as a relay base connecting Kanto and Kansai.
〇Consideration for the surrounding environment
Part of the site has been opened to the public as a sidewalk-like vacant lot, and a sound insulation wall with a height of about 3 meters has been installed on the truck berth side.
〇 Ease of work that is the same as an office building
In the building, we have created a facility that is as easy to work as an office building, such as a rest room dedicated to tenants of about 60 square meters and a women’s restroom with a large mirror that makes it easy to adjust your appearance.
Overview of preview
-February 15th (Wednesday) and 16th (Thursday)-
CBRE Co., Ltd. Nagoya Branch
Advisory & Transaction Services Industrial & Logistics
TEL: 052-205-6951
Shippers, logistics companies
*Please refrain from viewing the properties of real estate and construction companies.
【open time】
Held four times each day: 1.10:30-, 2.13:00-, 3.14:30-, 4.16:00- ※It is a complete reservation system.
* Limited to 3 companies each time.
[How to apply]
Please apply by the morning of February 14th (Tuesday) for the following contents by either application form, email, or telephone. 〇 Application form
https://www.cbre-propertysearch.jp/event/123203016013_202302/ ・ Desired date and time (Please select from 1. to 4. above.) ・Company name
・Participant representative name
·The number of participants
・Contact information (TEL/Email)
-February 17th (Friday)-
Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Asset Strategy Department Investment Development Group
Person in charge: Shikama, Ishiguro
TEL: 03-3370-1151
E-MAIL: shisan@odakyu-fudosan.co.jp
Brokerage company
【open time】
・From 10:00 to 16:00
※It is a complete reservation system.
*Please note that we may not be able to meet your request for time depending on the reservation status.
[How to apply]
Please apply for the following contents by either email or phone by the morning of February 14 (Tuesday).
・ Desired arrival time (10:00 to 16:00)
・Company name
・Participant representative name
·The number of participants
・Contact information (TEL/Email)
that’s all
■ Property overview
Location: 3-7 Kifunecho, Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture
Access: Meishin Expressway “Ichinomiya” IC About 5.8 km
About 2.5 km from Nagoya Expressway Route 16 Ichinomiya Line “Ichinomiya Naka” IC
Use: Warehouse for warehousing
Scale/Structure: 4-story steel structure
Site area: 13,234.63 square meters (4,003.47 tsubo) *Registered record area Total floor area: 26,909.92 square meters (8,140.25 tsubo)
*Can be split into two
Area when divided
A: 13,790.19 square meters (4,171.53 tsubo)
B: 13,109.33 square meters (3,965.57 tsubo)
Floor load capacity: 1.5t (per square meter)
Column span: 10.0m x 11.7m
Effective ceiling height under beam: 5.5m (warehouse part)
Truck berth: 22 units (high-floor type)
Truck waiting area: 8 spaces
Vertical transfer machine: 4 units (maximum loading capacity: 1500 kg / maximum packing style: 1800 W x 1500 L x 2500 H)
Freight elevators: 2 units (maximum loading capacity: 3600 kg/car size: 3500 W x 4000 D x 3200 H)
Parking lot: 78 spaces for ordinary cars, 3 spaces for light vehicles ■ Local guide map
[Image 2d54964-53-66f959d19b6f078fb567-1.jpg&s3=54964-53-0631990d23b4c461be207e8831fdbea9-1145x1025.jpg
[Image 3d54964-53-f6ad8b646221baae7b76-2.jpg&s3=54964-53-3b943fe1876af1a49f098d6c1af72de7-2082x1271.jpg
■ Floor plan
[Image 4d54964-53-2ab49a90a32dc55bfb1a-3.jpg&s3=54964-53-505b91e7e8842ad813d32e1edc9ca5ca-1485x1711.jpg
■ Property photos
[Image 5d54964-53-cc2b0e2c1cef553e1a0f-4.jpg&s3=54964-53-b2c5bf1c01f1b03925d696dfdc767d16-3900x2595.jpg
inside the warehouse
[Image 6d54964-53-dd222dac0e91810a03db-5.jpg&s3=54964-53-7c44285ff62ded362ed36c1bf97f0899-3900x1296.jpg
Entrance/rest room
[Image 7d54964-53-1748b2a9cd428bd28b62-6.jpg&s3=54964-53-ff76d85cd220850bd40cb0ed3751ee5c-3900x1296.jpg
Multi-purpose (multi-function) restroom, women’s restroom
[Image 8d54964-53-1ca00cc8086a4d37caf0-7.jpg&s3=54964-53-41d9ba4de9b4c260a52cd8489be02e4b-3900x1296.jpg
Sidewalk-like vacant lot and green belt, parking lot and large truck waiting area

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