Odawara City Opinions will be exchanged regarding the private sector management of Odawara Sannomaru Hall! We are looking for people who are interested in hall management!

Odawara city
We will exchange opinions about private management of Odawara Sannomaru Hall! We are looking for people who are interested in hall management!

Currently, Odawara Sannomaru Hall is managed and operated by Odawara City. In considering the future management and operation, with a view to introducing a designated manager system, broadly exchange opinions with private business operators regarding their intention to enter and conditions for entry if they introduce management methods. In order to do so, we will conduct a sounding-type market research.
We hope that many private business operators will participate, and we will receive many opinions and proposals that will lead to more efficient facility management and improved services.
Equipment outline
■ Name
Odawara Sannomaru Hall
■ Address
1-7-50 Honmachi, Odawara City
■Facility details
Large hall (1,105 seats), small hall (296 seats), exhibition room, studio, practice room, gallery corridor
■ Parking lot
None (parking lot for the organizer only)

Overview of sounding market research
■ Eligible people
Private business operator who intends to be the implementation body of the project proposal
■ Main survey contents
・About facility management by designated manager system
(confirmation of intention, form of entry, marketability, specified period) ・About open call for participants condition of designated manager (Application consideration period, preparation period after designation) ・Regarding management methods, etc.
・About voluntary project
■ Schedule
Thursday, February 2nd
 Facility tour/briefing
February 24 (Fri), 27 (Mon), 28 (Tue)
Late April
Announcement of survey results
Facility tour/briefing session
We will conduct facility tours and briefings for businesses wishing to participate in soundings.
* Even if you do not participate in the facility tour / briefing session, you can participate in the sounding.
■ Date
Thursday, February 2
*The time will be notified to the participants separately.
■ Location
Odawara Sannomaru Hall
■ How to apply
Submit the “Facility tour/briefing session application sheet (Form 1)” by e-mail Submit to: hall-kanri@city.odawara.kanagawa.jp
■Application acceptance period
Until 17:00 on Tuesday, January 31
■ Date
February 24 (Fri), 27 (Mon), 28 (Tue)
Time required 30 minutes to 1 hour
*Participants will be notified separately of the date and time of the event. ■ Location
Odawara Sannomaru Hall
■ How to apply
Submit “Entry Sheet (Form 2)” and “Hearing Sheet (Form 3)” by email Submit to: hall-kanri@city.odawara.kanagawa.jp
■Application acceptance period
From Thursday, February 2 to Thursday, February 16 until 17:00

Implementation guidelines and other documents
・Please check the implementation guidelines for details such as points to note. https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d107858-20230123-a9b0a5b7e6c492afb17a38e6ecfd8093.pdf ・Various documents such as materials and forms are available on the Odawara City official website.
https://www.city.odawara.kanagawa.jp/field/lifelong/citizens_hall/topics/p35556.html 【inquiry】
Person in charge: Odawara City Cultural Department Cultural Policy Division (Sannomaru Hall)
Phone: 0465-20-4152

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