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Odyssey Group Co., Ltd.
Large-capacity 2500ml dispenser with temperature detection function “Protector alcohol sterilization dispenser 2.5 with temperature detection” launched

The “Alcohol Disinfectant Dispenser 2.5 with temperature measurement” has the same functions as the “Protector Alcohol Disinfectant Dispenser 2.5”, which was released in September 2022 and pursues economic efficiency and ease of use. , is a new product with added temperature detection function.

Protector alcohol sterilization dispenser 2.5 with temperature measurement (mist) (left) stand type (right) desktop type
The new product “Protector alcohol sanitization dispenser 2.5 with temperature measurement”
・Large-capacity 2500㎖ tank reduces alcohol replenishment work. ・The amount of spray can be switched in 5 steps from 0.4ml to 1.8ml according to the usage environment. *When set to 0.4ml
・The temperature measurement range is 32°C to 43°C, and there is no need to prepare a separate power supply for temperature detection as it is integrated into the main unit.
・The high temperature alert can be set from 37.3°C, and if an abnormal temperature is detected, an alert sound will be sent.
The height of the stand can be adjusted, so you can set it low in places where there are many children or people in wheelchairs, or set it high in places where there are many adults, such as office buildings.
・Power supply is equipped with USB power supply function in addition to power supply with AA batteries. If you use USB power supply in a place where you can secure a power supply, you can reduce the hassle and cost of replacing batteries.
・The tray part integrated with the main body is large, suppressing the scattering of alcohol and keeping the installation place clean. ・The main unit has a stable shape and can be used as it is on a counter. “Protector sterilization dispenser 2.5 with temperature measurement” 【specification】
Power supply: DC 5V / 1A (USB power supply) or AA battery x 4 (alkaline or rechargeable)
Amount of spray (㎖): about 0.4, 0.7, 1.1, 1.5, 1.8
Maximum detection distance: 10cm (±2)
High temperature alert: 37.3°C ~ Temperature icon turns red and beeps Temperature measurement range: 32°C to 43°C
Operating ambient temperature: +15~40℃
Operating Ambient Humidity: ≤80%
Liquid capacity: (upper limit) 2450 ± 50ml (lower limit): 100 ± 50ml Maximum capacity: 2500ml
Body weight: 1411g
Product dimensions: 190×141×462mm
Stand size: W340×D340×H820~1225mm
With the increase in the number of tourists from overseas and the movement of people within Japan due to deregulation, it is still necessary to continue basic measures against infectious diseases. We will continue to provide the products and services necessary to improve the environment for infectious disease control, such as reducing costs.
Company name: Odyssey Group Co., ltd.
Established: June 2015
Head office: 8th floor, ACN Nihonbashi Hamacho Building, 2-1-10 Nihonbashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0007
Representative: President and CEO James Jiang
Business description: 1. Product development and sales business 2. Renewable energy business
3. Inbound marketing business, etc.
     Homepage: https://www.odyssey-g.com/
     Protector product page: https://www.protector-ex.com/
      Protector Itsudemo Official: https://p-itsudemo.jp/

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