Office to a hybrid workplace of “gathering” and “concentration” | 2023 office trend forecast

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-Vis-office to a hybrid workplace of “gathering” and “concentration” | 2023 office trend forecast

Vis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Tomohiro Kanaya), which handles designers’ offices and designs “working”, will inform you that we have summarized the office trend forecast for 2023. I predicted that this year’s office would be a “hybrid workplace of ‘gathering’ and ‘concentration’.”
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We conducted a questionnaire survey of office design designers (55 people) belonging to Vis, and summarized the answers as trend predictions.
■ Contents
[1] Forecast of office design trends in 2023
[2] The kanji that represents the office in 2022 is “shu”
[3] Changes in offices from 2021 to 2022
[4] Review of 2022 office trend forecast
[1] Forecast of office design trends in 2023
The office will become a hybrid workplace of “collection” and “concentration” ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
As office design trends in 2023, we have predicted the following four from both sides of [design] [function / feature].
Expressing the company’s individuality and “likeness” Design with color and impact
A “Gathering Office” where Teams Can Communicate
Expansion of concentrated areas in the office
SDGs/environmentally friendly office
■ 1. Expressing the company’s individuality and “likeness” Design with color and impact
One is the idea that design will change brightly as the economy revitalizes. The other is that while social activities are returning to what they were before the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are once again looking to accelerate their growth by strengthening their recruitment and branding to differentiate themselves from other companies. The idea is to issue
-Designer’s comment-
As the economy continues to languish in the dark, there is a demand for bright, open, clean and cool offices. I want to create a space where you can feel a sense of openness, depth, and room for growth. In 2022, the trend was to have a natural, gentle, and neutral impression, but as the coronavirus has suppressed it, designs that make you feel glamorous and lively will become the trend.
Designs that make people want to go to the company, and workplaces with originality that reflect the colors of the company, which not only attract people but also lead to branding and differentiation from other companies, will increase.
As society begins to recover, an increasing number of companies want to strengthen their recruitment efforts. In order to differentiate from companies in the same industry, it seems necessary to create a one-of-a-kind entrance that is unique to the company, and a bright and cozy office that is effective for recruitment.
[Image 2

■ 2. “Gathering office” where team communication is possible ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
The keyword “communication” continues to attract attention. An increasing number of companies are positioning the office as a place for communication.
This year, more in-depth thinking will be required, such as how to communicate in the office, and how to reflect it in the company’s growth and branding.
-Designer’s comment-
Emphasis is placed on how and with whom people work in the office. Proposals should be made up to the operational side.
With the spread of telework, attention is focused on offices that make people want to come to work, and the depth and activation of communication within the office, and a system that allows employees to demonstrate their abilities to the maximum is becoming important. Many companies will have more opportunities to come to work and gather, and I think it will be necessary to have a place that matches the number of people and the form of communication. I started designing by incorporating the necessary functions and uses there. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
■3. Expansion of concentrated areas in the office
While the office is a place for communication, you will also need individual concentrated work and web conferences when you come to work. There were also problems such as too many people and it was difficult to concentrate.
In addition, some people come to work because they find it easier to concentrate on their work in an office environment than at home, and there is a demand for a space that suits the situation and work content of each worker.
-Designer’s comment-
While the ABW-based open work style continues, there is an increasing need to concentrate on work by coming to work.
It is necessary to think about how to build the quietness in the office that is lost by the increase in the number of people in the office.
There are different ways of concentrating. There are many options such as a completely soundproof phone booth, a semi-private room booth with only sound insulation, a microphone with high sound collection, and a separate area. Enhancement of each area is required.
[Image 3

■ 4. SDGs/environmentally friendly office
Consideration for the SDGs and the environment is also required in the office. In addition to incorporating eco-materials, it also includes building an office environment that considers workers and improving job satisfaction.
In December 2022, VIS also started selling environmentally friendly furniture such as tables and desks made from 100% domestic wood. Many requests from customers for furniture that takes into consideration the SDGs also led to the planning of the product.
* Reference press release: “Start selling original furniture using domestic wood”
-Designer’s comment-
Furniture and other items are becoming more sustainable, and spaces are incorporating more sustainable materials.
I think that giving back to employees will be a big keyword. With the SDGs pervasive, the design that incorporates green is easy to understand.
An ecological space that is friendly to people and the environment. Using natural materials, reusing and remaking without throwing things away.
While there is an opinion that 2. “Gathering to communicate”, there are many opinions that 3. “Expansion of concentration area”. expected to become a “hybrid workplace of” gathering “and” concentration ”. In this context, designs that express the individuality of each company and consideration for the environment will be required again this year.
Below, we looked back on the office in 2022 last year, including a comparison with 2021.
[2] The kanji for 2022 is “shu”
How would you describe office design in one kanji character? ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
In 2022, 14.2% answered “collection”. This is the most common result. In 2020, there were many “strange” answers, and in 2021, the number of responses was divided into “strange” and “moving”, and the period of great change and uncertainty continued. I think it represents the change that came out.
-Designer’s comment-
The importance of the office as a place to gather and communicate has increased. I feel the need to design a space where employees who are accustomed to remote work can gather to get them back to office work.
Many companies are considering measures to emphasize communication and attract people to the company.
[3] 87.7% of respondents said that they had changed significantly and that they had changed.
Changes in office design and needs from 2021 to 2022
[Image 4

In April 2020, the way we work changed significantly with the declaration of a state of emergency due to the new coronavirus. Diversification has progressed at once, such as the penetration of telework, office optimization, and the expansion of shared offices and coworking.
This trend will continue in 2021, and “hybrid work”, which combines office work and telework, has become established. Furthermore, each company began to think about the role of the office and the meaning of coming to work.
And in 2022, the office construction that looked at the post-corona has progressed. Efforts to communicate are increasing, such as devising an office that employees want to visit so that employees can gather in the office.
-Designer’s comment-
I think that the polarization has progressed between those who have a strong image of returning to the pre-coronavirus situation of everyone coming to work and fixed seats, and those who have a more hybrid image of teleworking and going to work.
Different companies have different priorities. It is diversified, such as design-oriented, work-style-oriented, functionality-oriented, and budget-oriented.
There are more and more requests to bring people back to the office and to improve productivity through communication.
It became clear that I needed an office, and my hesitation disappeared. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
[4] Review of 2022 office trend forecast
We looked back on the “2022 Office Trend Forecast” released last year. For each of the four “2022 trend forecasts”, the percentage of respondents who answered “it was a trend” is shown.
■Trend prediction 1: Workspaces that enable diverse work styles (42.9%) -Design example-
[Image 5
There is a space that allows various working styles, such as team work in the coworking area and individual work centered on the web booth. [Image 6
There are spaces where individuals can concentrate and spaces that can be used by teams, depending on the genre of design and fixtures. -Other designer comments-
I got the image that communication and added value will come out from there by giving a good contrast to the work place.
I think there is less resistance to the way of working at Friad and various seats. There are many requests to have various seats rather than arranging island-shaped desks.
■ Trend prediction 2: Office designing communication (59.2%) -Design example-
[Image 7
There is a good balance between workspace and communication. It incorporates communication mechanisms.
[Image 8
One floor is an office of nearly 1,000 tsubo, and there is a clear connection between the work space and the communication space. In an office of this size, the style of connecting with flow lines while incorporating a mechanism that naturally creates communication into the plan is likely to increase in the future.
-Other designer comments-
I feel that more and more managers want to bring people back to the office after the coronavirus. While it is possible to work from home, I have the impression that there are many requests to create an office as a place to communicate and revitalize the company.
As a result of the progress of telework due to the corona wreck, there were many requests to set up a space where employees could
communicate, thinking that communication loss was progressing. An increasing number of managers believe that real communication not only improves work efficiency, but also affects employee engagement and mentality, and has the effect of raising the motivation of the entire company.
■Trend forecast 3: Agile and flexible. An office that can respond to changes (16.3%)
-Design example-
[Image 9
Customers agree that it can be used as a lounge, can be used for seminars, and can be used in various units.
[Image 10
From large furniture to light furniture, it can be used in a variety of situations.
-Other designer comments-
When making a proposal, the customer always asked how we could respond to changes in the attendance rate.
There was a tendency to desire a layout with room to accommodate an increase in staff. Economic efficiency was required, such as how to respond to changes in the attendance rate and how to use existing furniture.
■ Trend prediction 4: Express individuality and originality in design (12.2%) -Design example-
[Image 11
The entrance and space created under the concept of “Royal Studio” are unique. In particular, the entrance has a symmetrical appearance and gives an elegant and sophisticated impression.
-Other designer comments-
Among clients who have become more interested and knowledgeable about work styles, even in a series of proposals, they are being asked whether they are suitable for them or not, and their originality is being evaluated.
In 2022, as you can see from the kanji for “collection”, more companies want to increase communication in the office.
Even if employees who are accustomed to telework are forced to come to work, there is a risk that their engagement will decline and they will leave the company. Employees are expected to voluntarily become an office they want to go to.
In 2023, we will see offices that have evolved further from
communication, such as realizing what you want to do after
communicating, and conversely expanding the concentration area. Vis will continue to create and disseminate the latest trends related to offices and “working”.
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