Oizumi Factory Co., Ltd. Oizumi Factory NISHIAZABU 60 types of plant-based chocolates that are gentle on the body and the earth! Valentine gift fair is held!

Oizumi Factory Co., Ltd.
[Oizumi factory NISHIAZABU] 60 types of plant-based chocolates that are good for the body and the earth! Valentine gift fair is held! Plant-based & gluten-free chocolate sweets are also available for a limited time
Operated by Oizumi Factory Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture; CEO: Kantaro Oizumi), the Urban Grocery Store “Oizumi Factory NISHIAZABU” sells pesticide-free domestic vegetables, kombucha, and natural processed food products. Jounishiazabu)” https://oks-nishiazabu.com/ is a fair that collects plant-based chocolates that use only plant-derived ingredients from Saturday, January 28th to Tuesday, February 14th. 700% UP! Plant Based Valentine Market 2023” will be held.
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Both the number of products handled and the amount of chocolate used are “700% UP!”
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All of our carefully selected plant-based (vegetable) and natural chocolates, such as craft chocolates and gorgeous lollipop chocolates, all made by hand, are gathered. The lineup is about 60 types, which is 700% UP compared to normal business hours. The popular muffins and hot chocolate drink use 700% more chocolate! We also have a gift set that was well received by many customers last year.
Oizumi Factory NISHIAZABU proposes a Valentine’s Day that is close to those who want to make positive choices for their health and the global environment. It can be a reward for yourself or a gift for someone special. Please take a look at the store and take a look. “700% UP! Plant Based Valentine Market 2023” Limited time product 700% UP! Lovers Chocolate Muffin 450 yen (tax included)
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Plant-based and gluten-free handmade muffins made with bananas kneaded into rice flour-based dough. Filled with plenty of organic chocolate cream and topped with plenty of dark chocolate chips. If you warm it up and eat it, you can enjoy the rich chocolate cream that flows out from the inside. *Both eat-in and take-out are possible.
700% UP! Lovers Hot Chocolate 750 yen (tax included)
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A hot chocolate drink made with organic cocoa powder. A rich organic chocolate sauce is topped in a heart shape and sprinkled with fragrant cacao nibs. It’s a cup that warms your body and soul. *Both eat-in and take-out are possible.
Feliz San Valentin SET 1,750 yen (tax included)
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We have prepared a gift set that delivers such a feeling, “I want to give that important person a gift that is kind to the body and the earth.” Drip coffee made with organically grown beans and 2 types of colorful raw chocolate from OPENER Chocolate are included in the set. A set that is pleasing to look at, delicious to eat, and a gift to give to someone. *It will be sold wrapped in a wrapping bag. Lineup of brands handled *Excerpts, in no particular order
■ Haretoketo 9 types
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[Image 8

■ Armatera 5 types
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■ nicao 10 types
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■ UPBEET! Tokyo 1 type
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■ meme private sweets 4 types
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■ OPENER chocolate 5 types
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■ NOX ORGANICS 4 types
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■ Ombar Raw Chocolate 4 Types
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■ 8tablish 1 type
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■ Botanical Confectionery Laboratory Chai Bami (1 type)
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[Image 19d45733-116-6c8f2e72c2a32d08ddf6-18.jpg&s3=45733-116-ddfcd0b8d175b9934baf54006a3616f9-1604x1071.jpg
It is the “gateway to the Oizumi Factory” where customers can easily touch organic and plant-based products.
We have a wide range of pesticide-free domestic vegetables,
plant-based grocery products, kombucha “_SHIP” using domestic natural ingredients, cold-pressed juices, plant-based menus, and more. [Image 20d45733-116-a1df6c47f8f5086d9396-19.jpg&s3=45733-116-d3ad909ede42e4bb789730f81dd66317-1272x954.jpg
Location: 2-13-13 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031
business hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 8:00-20:00 (last order 19:30)
Sundays and holidays 8:00-18:00 (last order 17:30)
Closed: Mondays / Closed in summer and winter
TEL: 03-6427-4749
URL: http://oks-nishiazabu.com
About Oizumi Factory Co., Ltd.
Company name: Oizumi Factory Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 5-4-1 Ryoke, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture Representative Director: Kantaro Oizumi
Established: March 1938 (established March 1917)
Capital: 20,000,000 yen
Business description: FUTURE FUN FOOD (sales of popcorn machines, materials and organic products), Goodnature (sales and repair of cold press juice machines), KOMBUCHA (_SHIP KOMBUCHA manufacturing and sales), 1110 CAFE / BAKERY, Oizumi factory NISHIAZABU, CAMPUS ( Space rental, JUKUBOX, (ARTISAN) FARMERS MARKET KAWAGUCHI)
HP: http://www.oks-j.com/

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