Omikare Co., Ltd. Japan’s largest marriage-hunting portal site “Omikare” has released the trends of 2023 marriage-hunting parties! That party that emphasizes conversation was chosen by people who expected a wonderful encounter

Omicare Co., Ltd.
One of Japan’s largest marriage-hunting portal sites “Omikare” has unveiled the trends of marriage-hunting parties in 2023! That party that emphasizes conversation was chosen by people who expected a wonderful encounter
Marriage hunting survey report by “#marriage speaking Omicarre”
There are 700,000 marriage-hunting members who are seriously considering marriage, which is the largest in Japan.
No. 1 in Japan for the number of marriage-hunting parties posted and the number of online marriage-hunting parties posted. *
In addition, it is No. 1 in Japan for the number of matchmaking party “word of mouth” postings. *
Omikare Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Suginami-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Akira Nishimura), which operates the largest “matchmaking party” portal site “Omikare” in Japan, is targeting matchmaking party participants nationwide. We would like to inform you that we have conducted a survey.
[Image 1

In this year’s survey on the actual situation of marriage-hunting at Omi-boyfriends, we conducted a “Survey on attitudes toward
marriage-hunting parties” for Omi-boyfriend members, and received responses from 1,675 people.
A new year has begun. What kind of encounters do you expect and how do you want to spend your time? ?
Let me introduce you.
Q. What made you decide to participate in a matchmaking party? [Image 2

1st place [Because the opportunity to meet nature has decreased] 2nd place [Because I thought I could meet someone who is serious about love and marriage] occupied the top!
♦ 1st place: Because opportunities to meet nature have decreased It can be said that one of the factors is that the recent spread of telework has reduced opportunities to go out and have fewer
opportunities to have dinner with a large number of people.
In addition, many people feel that they have lost the opportunity to naturally meet the opposite sex due to lifestyle changes such as moving from a student to a working adult.
♦ 2nd place: Because I wanted to meet someone who is serious about love and marriage
People who say, “I have a fulfilling private life and work,” or “I have many friends, and it’s not like I don’t have opportunities to meet people of the opposite sex,” also participate in marriage hunting parties.
This is because a matchmaking party is a meeting place where people who are seriously looking for a match gather.
One of the greatest benefits of participating in a matchmaking party is that you can meet people of the opposite sex that you would never have the chance to meet in your normal life!
♦ 3rd place: Because I was interested in the content of the matchmaking party What kind of impression do you have from the word “matchmaking party”? There is a dress code, a party held at a luxury hotel, or an arranged atmosphere with a matchmaker present. Different people have different impressions.
In fact, there are a wide variety of matchmaking parties, and the biggest attraction is that you can choose the content that suits you and participate!
Also, each party has its own characteristics, so the participation conditions such as age and occupation will change accordingly. Please try to find a party that says, “This kind of party seems to suit me♪”. Q. Please tell us about the matchmaking party you would like to participate in from now on.
[Image 3

[Conversation-oriented one-on-one talk event] accounted for the majority, and was selected as the number one by far!
♦ 1st place: Conversation-oriented one-on-one talk event
Both men and women collected the number of answers in 1st place. As for the reasons, many people said, “I want to talk with all the participants,” “I’m not good at free time,” and “I want to participate in a marriage-hunting party that emphasizes conversation.”
Most of the people I meet at parties are people I met for the first time. It can be said that it is a great attraction that you can start from knowing each other firmly by having a one-on-one conversation ♪ ♦ 2nd place: theme parks and bus tour events
♦ 3rd place: Free time is the main town Convent
What is common to “theme park and bus tour events” and “con events in towns where free time is the main thing” is that they are “parties with a relatively high degree of freedom for interaction”.
You can deepen exchanges through the same experience, so it can be said that it is a party that is close to a natural encounter. It’s also fun to try it out with your friends.
♦ 4th place: Common hobby events such as pets and fortune-telling Since this is a party where only people with common hobbies gather, there is no need to worry about what to talk about first.
You can open up to the opposite sex quickly, so it seems like the conversation will be lively.
Q. Even if you say “matchmaking party” in one word, there are many types. Let’s take a look at some of the main party features. Which one would you choose to participate in?
[Image 4

Male 1st place [Limited to one participant] Female 1st place [Same generation] was selected as the top!
Limited to one person participation, it was also selected as the second place for women, so it can be said that it is the “party that is currently attracting the most attention” chosen by matchmaking party participants ♪
We also compared trends by gender based on the characteristics of the ranked parties.
♦ Points emphasized by men Able to have a solid conversation and interact ♦ Points emphasized by women: age, income, hobbies and preferences A matchmaking party is a place where people who are seriously looking for love and marriage can meet each other.
The important thing is to choose a party that suits you and
participate. There is no such thing as a good format. Don’t you think that if you can appeal yourself more and participate in a party where you can be more active, you will get closer to a wonderful encounter? ?
♦ In 2023, everyone who is looking for love and marriage is thinking like this [Image 5d20019-107-1e6b633933a04a2df669-12.png&s3=20019-107-a77cf8acc0172491ec533ca8330a0581-840x580.png
[Image 6d20019-107-fbb0d76b5ced1ae271b5-13.png&s3=20019-107-42064894e3646330001b6b9223e5b68c-840x580.png
By the way, how did you feel about this survey on marriage-hunting, which focuses on marriage-hunting parties? ?
Everyone who is looking for love and marriage is likely to have a good encounter this year! The awareness of expectations is increasing! At times like this, it’s a chance to get closer to a wonderful encounter! 2023 is just beginning. At the beginning of the new year, why don’t you look for a meeting? ?
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