On March 26th (Sunday), a fireworks display with a reservation system for all seats will be held in Shinchi Town , Fukushima Prefecture, in pursuit of “sound x fireworks”. Early bird tickets will be on sale from January 18th (W ednesday).

On March 26th (Sunday), a fireworks display with a reservation system for all seats will be held in Shinchi Town, Fukushima Prefecture, in pursuit of “sound x fireworks”. Early bird tickets will be on sale from January 18th (Wednesday).
~ Get tickets at a great price with a limited amount of early bird tickets! ~
FIREWORKS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture; Representative Director: Katsuhiro Asama), a fireworks production company that handles fireworks festivals nationwide, will hold “FUKUSHIMA FIREWORKS FESTIVAL 2023 -Fukushima Fireworks Festival” in Shinchi Town, Fukushima Prefecture on March 26, 2023. Tournament in Shinchi Town -” will be held. Along with that, we will start selling early bird tickets from 18:00 on January 18 (Wednesday) tomorrow. [Image

March 2023, 12 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake. It has been decided that the FUKUSHIMA FIREWORKS FESTIVAL, which was held as a pre-event in September 2022, will be held with even more content. The venue, Shinchi Town in Fukushima Prefecture, is on the border with Miyagi Prefecture, and has a warm climate with an average temperature of 12°C throughout the four seasons, making it a prosperous area for agriculture and fisheries.
The urban area is full of fields and orchards, and the sea is shallow and clear, with beautiful sandy beaches.In terms of energy, an industrial park was born against the backdrop of the Soshinchi Thermal Power Station, and is expected to become a new development base. . In the winter of 2019, Tsurushi Bosai Ryokuchi Park, the venue for this event, was developed as a place of relaxation that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike under the themes of “disaster reduction,” “promoting exchange,” and “earthquake disaster archives.” rice field. In such a newly reborn Shinchicho, we will hold an event that everyone can enjoy from the daytime, centering on the fireworks entertainment show.
The fireworks launch will create the best entertainment in the night sky of Fukushima with the cooperation of Margaux, a fireworks company that boasts Japan’s leading technology and has received numerous awards such as the 2022 Prime Minister’s Award.
You can see past fireworks displays held by FIREWORKS from the You Tube link below.

◆ Latest Information ◆
Event details and the latest information will be announced at any time from the following site.
FIREWORKS Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fireworks_ink Tournament official website:
https://fukushima_fireworks_festival_2023.firework.club (released on 1/18)
Name: FUKUSHIMA FIREWORKS FESTIVAL 2023 -Fukushima Fireworks Festival in Shinchi Town-
Date: March 26 (Sun) *Cancelled in case of rain or stormy weather Opening hours: 12:00-20:30 (planned)
Launch time: 18:30-19:30 (sunset 17:55)
Food corner: 12:00-20:00 (planned)
Venue: Fishery Ryokuchi Disaster Prevention Park (51 Yachigoya Fisherman, Shinchi-cho, Fukushima Prefecture)
Number of launches: 10,000 or more (up to the maximum scale ball (10 ball)) Organizer: FIREWORKS Co., Ltd.
Fireworks store in charge: Margaux Co., Ltd.
Special Guest Fireworks Shop: Itoi Kako Co., Ltd.
Cooperating Fireworks Shop: Koseki Fireworks Co., Ltd.
All seats for this fireworks display are paid seats, and there is no [free viewing area and free parking lot]. Please be sure to purchase a viewing ticket before visiting.
We recommend that customers planning to come from outside the prefecture make arrangements for transportation and accommodation as soon as possible.
◆ Ticket sales ◆
All spectator seats (reserved seats) and parking lots must be pre-booked online. (Some same-day tickets will be sold)
Early bird tickets that can be purchased at a great price will be on sale until February 28 (Wednesday).
Official online store FIREWORKS STORE: https://hanabi-fireworks.shop ★Please purchase as soon as possible★
1. You can purchase at a discount price for a limited amount of time! 2. The nearby parking lot is limited to 777 cars and is first come, first served!
3. Double discount (early bird + train discount or student discount) will be a great deal!
◆ Expand services such as train discounts and student discounts ◆ We will prepare a special ticket for train visitors to reduce traffic congestion. We have also expanded services such as student discount tickets to make it easier for students and families to visit. ◆ Liner Bus (departs and arrives at Fukushima Station) ◆
A convenient liner bus is also available.
For details, please check the website below.
Reservation site: https://tours.busket.net/events/fukushima-hanabi-20230326 ◆ Contact information ◆
For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact the FIREWORKS secretariat below.
In addition to fireworks, FIREWORKS Co., Ltd. provides funding and operational support for events. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests.
FIREWORKS Secretariat
Phone number: 050-5526-3851 (Available hours: 10: 00-17: 00 *We are also available on weekends and holidays.)
Contact form → https://forms.gle/aYdsXRcpATUw9qqJ6

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