On the day to think about inclusiveness (January 20th), CULUMU will release the inclusive illustration material “Minna no Irasuto” for free.

On the day to think about inclusiveness (January 20th), CULUMU will release the inclusive illustration material “Minna no Irasuto” for free.
CULUMU (STYZ Co., Ltd.), which provides inclusive design support and business development, will release “Minna no Irasuto” for free to understand diversity.

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Download it here
Why do design studios do illustrations?
CULUMU’s design goes from For to With. We are working to realize designs that are friendly to all futures and people, based on communication in which the consumer is the main player, not the sender. This “Irasuto for everyone” was born from the taiwa that CULUMU cherishes. I decided to publish these illustrations with the hope that they will give rise to new creative and community ideas, and that they will be an opportunity to aim for a world that co-creates with various people and societies through illustrations that make various situations more familiar. .
This illustration can be used in various situations
Business presentation materials and catalogs
Digital design for websites, etc.
Educational Materials and Teaching Materials
Posting on social media
Explanatory materials at public facilities and commercial facilities Promotional materials for events, exhibitions, etc.
Graphic design for guidebooks and diagrams
Example of use of persona card used at CULUMU’s inclusive design workshop [Image 2d22873-33-287a4b02eebdd41d7d26-5.jpg&s3=22873-33-d94497b94db861967df877d0df97c50a-2499x1450.jpg
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[Image 3d22873-33-32ebb08f34a6f7b90989-2.png&s3=22873-33-3d7e30651b81dd6ff087987950855b0d-3840x2160.png
[Image 4d22873-33-de0d01023bc94d5a4485-3.png&s3=22873-33-e5020ae9f05da1347a773014546b910b-3840x2160.png
[Image 5d22873-33-52d11f091ec6214f2714-4.png&s3=22873-33-31e6dba458d0efae1df5b7fd217874a3-3840x2160.png

Terms of service
CULUMU is an “inclusive design studio that co-creates with diverse people and society” operated by STYZ Co., Ltd. We will make a user-centered approach (involvement from the upstream process of manufacturing) that can incorporate the voices of various people in the society of the future, such as the elderly, people with
disabilities, and foreigners, into manufacturing.
URL: https://culumu.com/
Company Profile
Company name: STYZ Co., Ltd.
Location: LAIDOUT SHIBUYA 5F, 1-15-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 URL: https://styz.io/

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