Once you have it in your hand, you will never be able to turn back. Introducing a special towel MSOK from TRUE TOWEL!

Masaoka Towel Co., Ltd.
Once you have it in your hand, you will never be able to turn back. Introducing a special towel [MSOK] from TRUE TOWEL!
A favorite item with an enchanting touch. The result is a towel that you can immediately tell the difference when you look at it or touch it.

Released “MSOK”, a fluffy towel that everyone will be crazy about and want to touch forever. Founded 102 years ago, Imabari Masaoka Towel’s “towel manufacturing technology for luxury hotels” meets “the highest quality sea island cot”. am.
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■ An irreversible experience that can’t be found anywhere else Overwhelming performance of Sea Island Cotton.
Whether you see it with your eyes or touch it with your hands, the finished product is a luxurious towel.
A fluffy towel that makes you want to touch it forever. Towel “MSOK” was born with the ultimate materials and technology. You can enjoy the softness and softness that you can’t imagine from the voluminous fabric.
Once you have it in your hand, you will never be able to turn back. [Image 2

■ Characteristics of special towel [MSOK]
Top quality towel series MSOK using American Sea Island cotton. It is a representative product of TRUE TOWEL that is gentle to everyone, with softness, smoothness, and a thick and voluminous feel, yet light and plump texture, soft to the touch, and comfortable to use as it absorbs moisture well.
The warmth spun from carefully selected cotton is a gem that fuses Masaoka Towel / technology that has been in business for over 100 years.
Once you touch MSOK, the softness that wraps you and the moist texture that sticks to your skin may make you feel like there is no longer a place for towels.
And the elegant design is embroidered with the message “WONDERFUL WORLD”. The ultimate in luxury for everyday life. Also makes a great gift. [Image 3

■ MSOK specifications
・Item bath towel/face towel/wash towel
  Bath towel ¥16,500 70×140cm about 590g
  Face towel ¥4,400 34×85cm approx.170g
  Wash towel ¥2,200 34×34cm about 75g
*General bath towels are 60 x 120 cm. It is a large size that comfortably covers the whole body.
・Color Snow White, Deep Navy
・Embroidery You can choose whether or not to have the “WONDERFUL WORLD” message embroidered.
Of course, it is an “Imabari towel brand certified product” that has cleared its own quality standards such as the 5 second rule. [Imabari Towel Certification No. 2022-2595, No. 2022-2596]
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■American Sea Island Cotton
Sea Island Cotton is known for its name as a purveyor to the British royal family.
In the late 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I appreciated its quality so much that it was kept secret for 200 years. West Indies “Sea Island Cotton” reigns at the top of cotton that has continued to attract the envy of people around the world.
“American Sea Island Cotton” has evolved while inheriting 100% of this cotton’s DNA. This super-long cotton of the highest quality is superior in terms of fiber length, fineness, strength, and luster.

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■What is TRUE TOWEL?
Masaoka Towel was founded in 1926 in Imabari. “TRUE TOWEL” is a genuine hotel towel created by collecting the know-how of towel manufacturing that we have provided for luxury hotels.
We continue to provide the high quality of genuine (= TRUE) hotel towels, a luxury that is one rank higher in every corner. At “TRUE TOWEL”, you can enjoy overwhelming comfort and a sense of security that is different from the hotel specifications that are only in name. [Image 7

◇ Sales location
◇Company Profile
Company name: Masaoka Towel Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hiroshi Masaoka
Headquarters: 4-6-10 Sakurai, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture Main Business: Manufacture and wholesale of towel products
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Person in charge: Isao Sato
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