OneSports Co., Ltd. J.League Official Licensed Digital Trading Card Service “J.League Yale Trading Card” K yoto Sanga F.C. Presale Starts

OneSports Co., Ltd.
J.League Official Licensed Digital Trading Card Service “J.League Yell Trading Card” Kyoto Sanga F.C. Pre-sale Starts

OneSports Co., Ltd. (Reading: One Sports, Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Norikazu Sugino, hereinafter OneSports), whose mission is to “create a new circular economic zone that connects players, teams, leagues, and fans,” is NFT. We are pleased to inform you that the pre-sale of Kyoto Sanga F.C. has started on the J. [Image 1

■ Kyoto Sanga F.C. pre-sale
During the pre-sale, we will sell a portion of the 3,600 sales card packs (5 cards per pack). Sales are not blind sales by gacha, but pack sales where you can see the contents. You can check the contents of the pack containing 5 pieces and purchase the pack you like. Recorded cards: All 50 types (sales: 25 types)
Sales price: 2,500 yen (5 pieces per pack)
Sales schedule: January 26, 2023 14:00 (planned)
*Each club pack will be sold sequentially.
HEROES ★★★★★★ *Not for sale
Maximum number of issuance 50 each (Default 40/ClubColor 10) [2022 J1 Section 8] Peter Utaka
[2022 J1 Round 7] Shohei Takeda
[2022 J1 Section 11] Kosuke Shirai
[2022 J1 Section 1] Naoto Kamifukumoto
[2022 J1 Section 14] Kosuke Taketomi
NUMBERS ★★★★★☆ *Not for sale
Maximum number of issuance 200 each (Default 160/ClubColor 40) [2022 J1 Section 4] Peter Utaka
[2022 J1 Round 9] Shohei Takeda
[2022 J1 Section 8] Sota Kawasaki
[2022 J1 Section 6] Takuya Ogihara
[2022 J1 Section 13] Shogo Asada
SHINING ★★★★☆☆ *Not for sale
Maximum number of issuance 650 each (Default 520/ClubColor 130) [2022 J1 Section 2] Kosuke Shirai
[2022 J1 Section 16] Naoto Kamifukumoto
[2022 J1 Section 2] Kosuke Taketomi
[2022 J1 Section 6] Fuuki Yamada
[2022 J1 Section 6] Takumi Miyayoshi
MOVING ★★★☆☆☆
Maximum number of issuance 750 each (Default 600/ClubColor 150) [2022 J1 Section 1] Peter Utaka
[2022 J1 Round 4] Shohei Takeda
[2022 J1 Section 1] Sota Kawasaki
[2022 J1 Section 9] Takuya Ogiwara
[2022 J1 Section 1] Shogo Asada
FEATURES ★★☆☆☆☆ *Not for sale
Maximum number of issuance 700 each (Default 560/ClubColor 140) [2022 J1 Section 17] Kosuke Shirai
[2022 J1 Section 2] Naoto Kamifukumoto
[2022 J1 Section 3] Kosuke Taketomi
[2022 J1 Section 16] Shohei Takeda
[2022 J1 Section 7] Peter Utaka
[2022 J1 Section 9] Inoue Reihito
[2022 J1 Section 9] Mendez
[2022 J1 Section 6] Tenma Matsuda
[2022 J1 Round 8] Shimpei Fukuoka
[2022 J1 Section 2] Daiki Kaneko
BASES ★☆☆☆☆☆
Maximum number of issuance 750 each (Default 600/ClubColor 150) [2022 J1 Section 16] Takuya Ogiwara
[2022 J1 Section 1] Kazuma Nagai
[2022 J1 Section 16] Shogo Asada
[2022 J1 Section 4] Tomoya Wakahara
[2022 J1 Section 6] Sota Kawasaki
[2022 J1 Section 13] Yuki Honda
[2022 J1 Section 6] Inoue Reihito
[2022 J1 Section 4] Ryogo Yamazaki
[2022 J1 Section 15] Takumi Miyayoshi
[2022 J1 Section 1] Yuta Toyokawa
[2022 J1 Section 4] Mendez
[2022 J1 Section 17] Takahiro Iida
[2022 J1 Section 1] Hisashi Apiatavia
[2022 J1 Section 12] Fuuki Yamada
[2022 J1 Section 16] Tenma Matsuda
[2022 J1 Section 7] Martinos
[2022 J1 Sec.5] Shimpei Fukuoka
[2022 J1 Section 7] Ismaila
[2022 J1 Section 7] Daiki Kaneko
[2022 J1 Section 15] Daigo Araki
* Not for sale: Cards that can be obtained through the combo (exchange) function within the service.
■ What is “J.League Yell Trading Card”?
This service is an entertainment service that digitally updates the “see, collect, and exchange” of trading cards. We will provide a new trading card format that covers all the players on the pitch and records their success scenes on the pitch as videos. Collected “likes” become assets, and it is a service that allows you to find friends through “likes”. We are aiming for a service that will remain in culture 100 years from now, in order to become a long-term collectible item like a real trading card.
[Image 2

■ New Digital Collective Service
Existing sports NFT services only sell videos that can be viewed anywhere as NFTs, and many of the purchased NFTs have no use. For better or worse, NFT is just a certificate, and we believe that it is important to continue to provide the meaning of continuing to own it as a service.
At Yale Trading Card, we aim not only to sell NFTs, but also to provide a digital collectible service that protects the value of NFTs by continuing to own them. We provide services that people who really like want to own, not for speculation.
■ Vintageizing digital data = Realizing digital vintage
The feature of digital data is that it does not deteriorate and is easy to copy. Although NFT is a mechanism that is difficult to copy or tamper with, it does not deteriorate, so the amount of data generated does not change. As a result, current NFTs tend to have the greatest value during production, and lose their value over time as their popularity fades and the need for them disappears. On the other hand, real things such as wine and watches physically decrease in quantity over time. This causes rarity, increases in value over time, and causes vintageization.
In the future, we will provide a system that allows users to purchase and hold NFTs with peace of mind and enjoy the joy of collecting them, using patent-pending digital vintage technology to control the asset value of NFTs purchased by users.
■ Division of duties in providing this service
For the provision of this service, OneSports Co., Ltd. has signed a license agreement with the Japan Professional Soccer League, and Playthink Co., Ltd. is in charge of development and publishing. The patent for digital vintage technology has been applied for by PlaySync Co., Ltd.
-how to access-
[Image 3

You can use the service by accessing the above URL and logging in to LINE. *The images shown in this announcement are screens under development and may differ from the actual specifications.
■OneSports Co., Ltd. Company Profile
[Company name] OneSports Co., Ltd.
[Representative] Representative Director Norikazu Sugino
[Location] Sunshine 60 45F, 3-1-1 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo [Established] February 13, 2020
We are a digital sports entertainment company that increases the number of people who enjoy sports and enriches their daily lives. Starting with the release of the sports game “Mobapro” in 2010 during the era of its predecessor, Mobcast Games, he has been involved in the distribution and management of multiple games such as baseball, soccer, basketball, horse racing, and professional wrestling, and has accumulated over 8 million users. I have communicated. Going forward, we will continue to create value for fans and athletes amidst the infinite possibilities created by sports and technology, and enrich our daily lives.

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