Online Shop Support Office Co., Ltd. The customer analysis method “New CPM analysis function”, which is also used by mail-order companies with sales exceeding 5 billion, will be installed in the ASP cart system and released on January 26 as a clue

Net Shop Support Office Co., Ltd.
Installed “New CPM analysis function”, a customer analysis method used by mail-order companies with over 5 billion sales, as a clue to solve the sluggish LTV, and released it on January 26th.

Net Shop Support Office Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Koichiro Yamamoto, hereinafter referred to as Net Shop Support Office) analyzes the operating status and maintenance status of the number of customers based on data such as the number of customer purchases and the last purchase date. On January 26, 2023, we released the “New CPM Analysis Function”, a customer analysis method that visualizes CRM results. It can be used in the EC cart system “Rakuraku Repeat” provided by the company.
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What you can do with the “new CPM analysis function”
The new CPM analysis is a customer analysis method that analyzes the customer’s operating status and maintenance status from data such as the number of purchases and the last purchase date, and visualizes the results of CRM with “customer BS” and “gold customer development map”. 1. “Customer BS” function that treats customers as assets
Based on the current retention rate (customer retention rate), the number of customers and sales up to 5 years ahead are predicted and displayed. The point of customer BS is to predict what will happen if you build sales only with existing customers without acquiring new customers. In other words, it has become possible to quantify the number of people who support a shop or brand and become fans (number of active customers) and sales (cumulative sales over five years) as CRM results. .
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In addition, the customer BS plays a role in detecting signs of decreased sales due to withdrawal of active customers, identifying the cause and taking countermeasures to put a brake on it.
Customer retention and sales are closely related. It is said that there is a time lag of about 3 to 6 months from when the number of customers starts to decrease until sales decline, so it is important to periodically look at changes in the number of customers and the customer retention rate in addition to daily sales and LTV indicators. is important.
2. “Gold customer development map” function that visualizes the overall picture of customer transition
The retention rate, withdrawal rate, and return rate for each customer category from F1 to F5 are mapped, and how many newly acquired customers remain until “F5 (gold customer) continuation” is expressed as an index called “remaining rate”. This is what I did. The survival rate is an indicator to determine whether EC operations are dependent on new acquisitions.
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(* F is Frequency. F1 is the first customer, F2 is the customer who made the second purchase. F3 to F5 can be freely defined for the nth purchase.)
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Furthermore, it is also possible to run the CRM PDCA cycle in conjunction with the customer BS mentioned above. For example, if customer BS shows a decrease in customer retention rate (= decrease in retention rate), use the gold customer development map to check the retention rate, withdrawal rate, and return rate, and there is room for improvement in CRM measures for which group. can determine if there is
Development background of “new CPM analysis function”
In response to various environmental changes, such as the spread of the new coronavirus, the discovery and arrest of fraudulent activities at advertising agencies, and revisions to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, companies that have created non-essential sales by trying to acquire new customers have been forced out. It’s been done.
In the future, if you try to acquire new customers in a legitimate way, the cost will be high. With the cost of acquiring new customers soaring due to various factors such as population decline and diversification of values, more and more businesses are emphasizing retention and development of existing customers (CRM).
We are in the position of providing tools to support mail-order companies that are working on essential CRM, but we believe that it is important to spread the idea and theory of “new CPM analysis” to the world through function development and provision. I thought about it and came up with this development.
LTV Issues and CRM for Mail Order Businesses
Despite the fact that most mail-order companies believe that improving LTV is an inseparable part of managing an online shop, it is difficult to increase the LTV of existing individual customers , KPIs cannot be achieved as expected.”
Many companies are working on CRM because it is essential to develop good customers to improve LTV, but the reality is that they are not able to use CRM effectively due to the following three problems, which does not lead to increased sales.
-Three Problems of Current CRM-
-Hard to see results
– It takes time to get results
・Can’t narrow down what to do
Originally, CRM contributes to sales improvement in the long term and comprehensively, and it is said that it is difficult to directly measure its effect. Although LTV is an easy-to-understand indicator, we focused on the limitations of using LTV alone as an indicator for the long-term CRM method.
In addition to LTV, the newly released “New CPM analysis function” visualizes the results of CRM using new indicators such as “customer retention rate”, “number of active customers” and “customer retention rate”.
About use
The “New CPM analysis function” is provided as a standard function of the EC cart system “Rakuraku Repeat”.
-Usage fee-
There is no charge for using this function alone.
-How to apply-
Raku Raku Repeat introduction companies:
Please tell your sales representative or customer success that you are interested in the new CPM analysis function.
Companies that have not yet introduced Raku Raku Repeat:
This function requires the use of Raku Raku Repeat. If you would like to install it, please contact us via the web form or by phone. ・Telephone
* Please tell us that you are considering introducing Rakuraku Repeat. ・Web form
Release commemorative seminar held
We will hold a seminar to commemorate the release of the new CPM analysis function.
Companies with issues such as not knowing the cause of declining sales, sales not growing despite implementing CRM measures, and indicators such as LTV being only fragmented, are welcome to participate. Please give me.
-February 16th (Thursday) 13:00-Online-
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10th year since establishment. We develop and provide systems and services necessary for EC business. We provide cart systems for both BtoC and BtoB areas, which are rare in the industry. Equipped with “technical strength” and “know-how”, it has a reputation for “proposal ability” for the success of EC business.
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