Online training to learn how to migrate LoiLoNote data will be held on Thursday, February 16

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Online training to learn how to migrate LoiLoNote data will be held on Thursday, February 16
LoiLo data can be taken over even at the new school

We at LoiLo will hold an online training course titled “Let’s use LoiLo’s data at your new location!” on Thursday, February 16th. Learn how to migrate data to use LoiLoNote School data in different schools. It can be used when teachers change or students change schools. -Details/Application-
● Learn how to transfer LoiLoNote data between different schools. ● On the day, you can experience the actual data migration work. ● Learn about data import/export functions that can be used outside of school transfers.
“I want to know how to bring data to my new school when I move.” “I want to learn how students can view LoiLoNote data even after transferring schools.”
If you are interested, please join us.

– Date and time – Thursday, February 16, 16:00 to 16:30
-Educational personnel such as teachers, boards of education, and ICT supporters -Participation fee-Free
-Application- Please apply from the page below.
* Application deadline: February 15 (Wednesday) noon
-Related page-
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About LoiLoNote School
LoiLoNote School is a class support cloud that nurtures student independence and creates interactive classes in an age of one-on-one education. It can be used in all classes from elementary school to university. Since it is possible to exchange materials, visualize thoughts, and share opinions intuitively, it leads to collaborative learning in which children think and express themselves, and reduces the burden on teachers. It is also effective for individually optimized learning and remote learning. It is multi-platform compatible and can be used on any device. It is used by more than 2.2 million people a day, and has been introduced to about 10,000 schools in Japan and overseas. Please see the website for details such as case studies.

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