Open world RPG “Tower of Fantasy” that runs together in the future New character “Annabella” will appear from Thursday, January 12! A sniper from an irresistible Battle Maid? ! Master, you’re ready!

Level Infinite
Open world RPG “Tower of Fantasy” that runs together in the future New character “Annabella” will appear from Thursday, January 12! A sniper from an irresistible Battle Maid? ! Master, you’re ready!
Popular character “Cobalt” reprint pickup gacha held on the same day!

Level Infinite is an open world RPG for PC and mobile “Tower of Fantasy”, from January 12 (Thursday), the latest version. We will inform you that the cross will appear.
A mysterious and super cute maid will aim at your heart with “Crossfire”! Master, give your orders!
In addition, a reprint pickup gacha of the popular fire attribute character “Cobalt” and the SSR weapon “Flame Revolver” will be held on the same day.
In addition, in order to deliver a more comfortable game experience, we will release a server change function. Users who register by January 10, 2023 (Tuesday) will receive one server change ticket free of charge. Please use all means.
Phantom Tower game download link
▽ PC version
Official site: Steam: ▽Mobile version
Google Play: ■New character “Annabella” (CV: Tomoyo Kurosawa) appears in the latest version 2.2 “Kyokatsukikage”! A maid who is good at long-distance sniping with high firepower with a sniper rifle is here!
From January 12th (Thursday), the new character “Annabella” and SSR weapon “Clover Cross” will appear in the latest version 2.2
“Clover Cross” is a fire attribute weapon that can switch between two modes. You can give a burning effect to the enemy and deal a large amount of damage with a range attack, and you can expect a significant increase in firepower. Furthermore, by switching to sniper mode, sniping from a very long distance is also possible.
Also, when equipped with other fire-attribute weapons, the resonance effect will increase fire-attribute damage and resistance. As a character that can practice various fighting styles, please acquire it and experience the splendid battle!
▼ Introduction PV of the new character “Annabella”
[Video 2:] ▼Profile of the new character “Annabella”
With a calm and dignified elegance, the ability to handle any emergency, and a textbook smile, this is the mirror of a maid. It is her custom to always ask for instructions from the “master” on the other side of the income, even for trivial matters, act according to orders, and report the progress and results one by one.
However, he has a fatal weakness of not being able to make decisions on his own, and in real life he always finds himself in a delicate situation where he is one tempo behind.
Also, although he is usually polite, he sometimes swears in that respectful tone.
One of the legends of the Seven Great Cities that circulates on Mirapolis’s anonymous bulletin board–a crimson maid vampire that wanders the streets of downtown.
As a result of the investigation, it turned out that the true identity is a girl who is busy with many jobs every day. It doesn’t seem to have changed anything in particular, other than being friendly enough to take on personal escorts. Therefore, I judged that the legend was made up by the random writing of net users.
She insists that she is nothing more than a maid who does what she is told to do and gives orders one after another to her “master”. But who that “master” is is still unknown.
She certainly has a vampire-like aura. But at its core… he’s a normal person who’s good at shooting games and has a slightly peculiar way of speaking. Maybe it must be…
■ A reprint pickup gacha of the popular character “Cobalt” will be held for a limited time from the 12th (Thursday)! With fire elemental resonance, you can do high damage in a short time.
The popular character “Cobalt” and the SSR weapon “Flame Revolver” pickup gacha will be reprinted for a limited time from Thursday, January 12th.
“Cobalt” and SSR weapon “Flame Revolver” are fire attributes and have elemental resonance of fire. By equipping other fire attribute weapons together, fire attribute damage and resistance will increase. In addition, when the energy value of a specific skill or weapon of fire attribute reaches MAX, it will give the enemy a burning effect and deal continuous damage. You can enjoy a splendid and exhilarating battle. Please take this opportunity to get “Cobalt” and SSR weapon “Flame Revolver”.
■ What is “Tower of Fantasy”?
This work is an open-world RPG that travels through a vast world colored with beautiful anime-style graphics. You can freely move around the vast field and experience a battle full of realism. A story full of mystery and excitement, majestic BGM, and a story woven by a large number of unique characters, you will go on an adventure while solving the mystery. Officially released on August 11, 2022. ■ Click here for the latest information on “Tower of Fantasy”! The official website of “Tower of Fantasy”, the official Twitter account, and the official YouTube channel are constantly transmitting the latest information and information that conveys the various attractions of the game. Don’t forget to follow us and subscribe! ▽ You can check each account from the link below.
“Tower of Fantasy” official website:
Official Twitter:
Official YouTube Channel:
◆ Game overview
Title: “Tower of Fantasy”
Genre: Open World RPG
Supported platforms: iOS/Android/PC
Price: Basic free (some in-game purchases available)
Release date: August 11, 2022 (iOS/Android/PC)
Supported languages: In addition to Japanese, it supports a total of 8 languages ​​(English, German, French, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian)
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About Level Infinite
Level Infinite is a global gaming brand created with the purpose of delivering high-quality, engaging interactive entertainment to users around the world, whenever and wherever they want. Level Infinite is headquartered in Amsterdam and Singapore, with staff scattered around the world. For more information on Level Infinite, please visit the official website (English) and official Twitter (Japanese).
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