Opened in February 2023 iCHICO New release of EC limited brulee cheesecake that connects you and your loved ones.

[iCHICO] New release of EC limited brulee cheesecake that connects you and your loved ones.
i need u eat to first.

To you who work hard every day, to that person who wants to be happy. With that in mind, each one is baked completely by hand so that it will be a standard product that anyone can enjoy.
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Brulee Cheesecake ¥3,300- (tax included)
We will deliver the rich cheesecake in a luxurious original box.
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Selected cream cheese from Australia with no peculiarities, using pure fresh cream and red eggs
Mixed and baked with organic vanilla bean paste that enhances the aroma. The melt-in-your-mouth texture and the sourness peculiar to cheesecake are intentionally suppressed, and the biscuit dough mixed with domestically produced butter and maple syrup and the finished brulee create a sensual taste.
[Image 3d115137-5-0aef215fcab3558ef00f-2.jpg&s3=115137-5-9aeb0a89a908661b46228b7321894bb9-932x640.jpg
Each one is carefully pouched and packed in a luxurious original box. Shipped by nationwide courier service. 30 days frozen from the date of arrival and 3 days refrigerated after thawing have been checked by an inspection agency. debt
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Please use the convenient gift bag ↗︎ top right for presents. (200 yen separately)
[Image 5d115137-5-beeeb8c23456e5cf395e-4.jpg&s3=115137-5-446343412c5c2ec63f4e3227e33fce0b-3024x2365.jpg
It has already been used for inquiries from influencers and
participation prizes in golf competitions.
Developed with a pastry chef by a former professional dancer who just loved cheesecake
Because it is handmade, it is limited to 30 per day, and it has been lovingly finished at a price that is easy to reach.

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