Opt x UNITE Dialogue 14 points and case studies that BtoB marketing and inside sales organizations want to keep

UNITE Co., Ltd.
-February 15th (Wednesday) Free webinar held- [Opto x UNITE Dialogue] 14 points and case studies that BtoB marketing and inside sales organizations want to keep

UNITE Co., Ltd. (https://unite-biz.com/), which supports the launch of inside sales organizations, will start marketing support from 12:00 on February 15, 2023 (Wednesday). /www.opt.ne.jp/) and “[Opt x UNITE Dialogue] 14 Points and Case Studies that BtoB Marketing and Inside Sales Organizations Want to Hold” seminar will be held online. In this seminar, we will explain and discuss marketing and inside sales functions, organizations, and key points for expanding new customers for BtoB companies. Mr. Hiroaki Ito of the Opto-In House Business Department, which supports in-house production in the marketing area, and Mr. Keita Ueda, representative of UNITE, which supports the establishment and operation of the organization in the inside sales area. We have prepared a program in the form of a panel discussion, with 14 points that we would like to focus on, touching on customer contact points and the latest case studies.
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Many BtoB companies believe that there is still room for improvement in their marketing and inside sales processes. Therefore, in collaboration with OPT, we have created a sheet that allows you to diagnose BtoB marketing and inside sales organizations. By
understanding the current status and optimal solutions for each process and further improving the coordination between processes, you can build an organization that will serve as the starting point for business growth. In this seminar, two marketing and inside sales professionals will use diagnosis sheets to introduce the items they want to keep in each process and the linkage between processes, and discuss ideal organizations and introduce successful cases. I was given the opportunity.
-Overview of Webinar-
・ Seminar name: [Opto x UNITE Dialogue] 14 points and case studies that BtoB marketing and inside sales organizations want to keep ・Date and time: February 15, 2023 (Wednesday) 12:00-13:00
・ Holding format: Online (Zoom webinar)
・ Participation fee: Free
・ Application URL: https://event.opt.ne.jp/opt_230215
・ Participant benefits: BtoB marketing, inside sales organization diagnosis sheet present
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First half: Introduce the points of view you want to push in each process and the reasons using the diagnosis sheet
Second half: Opto, discussing UNITE’s ideal marketing and inside sales organization
Question-and-answer session
UNITE Co., Ltd. CEO Keita Ueda
At a recruitment consulting company, engaged in management consulting sales for small and medium-sized enterprise owners, career consulting, in-house mid-career recruitment activities, and launching a business succession business. After working at Prudential Life Insurance, joined Smart Camp, which operates the SaaS comparison site “Voxil”, as a salesperson. Driving annual sales from several million yen to several hundred million yen. Served as a director and COO at a company that operates a toC app, and established UNITE Co., Ltd. in 2018. Yohei Tomiyasu, Director, Sales & Marketing Department, UNITE Co., Ltd. Based on his experience in B2B marketing support for about 150 companies in 13 years, he has also been in charge of BtoB marketing and inside sales for several companies. Currently, while managing the marketing and sales organization of UNITE Co., Ltd., he is also involved in solving problems in the marketing field of multiple companies. Specialty area is BtoBSaas marketing strategy to overall measures.
Hiroaki Ito, General Manager, OPT In-House Business Division Joined OPT in 2013. Engaged in a wide range of media strategies for video/brand promotion, TV x digital optimization, advertising creative direction organization and sales department management. From 2022, we will launch an in-house support business specializing in B2B marketing / lead-type business owners, and with the mission of self-running and in-house marketing activities, we will accompany the business growth of each business owner. Engaged in mold in-house support.
About UNITE Co., Ltd.
・Name: UNITE Co., Ltd.
・ Location: 1-18-6 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003 Cross Office Uchisaiwaicho
・Representative: Keita Ueda, Representative Director and CEO ・Business description: Inside sales introduction and operation support ・ URL: https://unite-biz.com/
・Inquiries about services: info@unite-biz.com
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