Oriental Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Oriental Giken Kogyo Starts sales of the air DX system “Sensing Unit Canaria” that visualizes the risks of hazardous chemical substances, CO2, etc. in the air environment of the workplace and promotes improvement

Oriental Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Oriental Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Started sales of the “Sensing Unit Canary” air DX system that visualizes risks in the air environment in the workplace, such as hazardous chemicals and CO2, and encourages improvement
Make your workplace safer and more comfortable with digital
transformation of air (DX)

Oriental Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President/CEO: Seigo Hayashi), which builds research environments, has developed a new air DX system “Sensing Unit Canaria” that visualizes the indoor air environment. Did.
There is growing interest in indoor air quality (IAQ) from the perspective of consideration for well-being and measures against infectious diseases. Canary monitors five indoor air quality factors that affect health and productivity with high precision: temperature, humidity, CO2, PM2.5, and total volatile organic compounds (tVOC). . When the measured value exceeds the set threshold, it gives a visual and audible warning, prompting the user to take actions to reduce risks, such as efficient air conditioning control and ventilation, thereby contributing to the maintenance of a safe and comfortable indoor environment.
Pre-orders will start in February 2023, and we plan to ship
sequentially from March 2023.
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https://www.orientalgiken.co.jp/latest_products/kanaria.html Indoor air quality (IAQ) is attracting attention
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“Indoor air quality (IAQ)” is a term used in the air conditioning and environment-related industries. The quality of the air surrounding people, such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and
cleanliness, is measured from the perspective of health and comfort. It is an index to evaluate from. Indoor pollutant concentrations are generally two to five times higher than outdoors due to the effects of interior decoration and building materials. In addition, “air” is the substance that people take in the body the most in a day (air: 18 kg/person, water: 1.2 kg/person, food: 1.3 kg/person), and 83 % is considered to be air, and since it contains many factors that affect health, various studies have shown correlations with high disease and mortality rates.
Due to recent interest in well-being and the impact of the new coronavirus, interest in IAQ has increased even more. It is also one of the important management issues.
Features of “IAQ Monitoring Unit “Canary””
Simultaneous monitoring and recording of 5 air quality elements with high accuracy
Just place it and start watching over your workplace immediately Notifies with sound and screen display in the event of an abnormality Supports WELL environmental monitoring
1) Simultaneous monitoring and recording of 5 air quality elements with high accuracy
Temperature, humidity, CO2, PM2.5, and tVOC can be monitored with high accuracy. In addition, many general monitoring devices are small and can only be seen on a separate management screen, but this system displays numerical values ​​in real time on the built-in monitor. The monitored data is recorded in the built-in memory, and can be retrieved in CSV format by connecting a separate USB.
2) Start watching the workplace immediately by placing it
When installing the main unit, no special settings or wiring work are required, just plug it into an outlet and you can start using it immediately. It is compact and can be placed anywhere, and you can choose from a warm wooden exterior that mimics a canary, or a copper-colored (made of steel) exterior that gives a feeling of aging, and has a design that blends well with your interior.
3) In the event of an abnormality, it will be notified by voice and screen display.
When the monitoring target exceeds the threshold, it notifies you with sound and screen display, and prompts you to take actions such as ventilation.
4) Supports WELL certified environmental monitoring
WELL Certification (WELL Building Standard(R)) is a performance evaluation system that focuses on people’s health and well-being in buildings and offices originating in the United States.
It has been attracting attention in recent years as the number of companies and managers seeking solutions to issues such as “health management” and “ESG investment” is increasing, and the number of facility operators requiring global standard “infectious disease control” is increasing. with more than 23,000 project registrations in 97 countries around the world. (as of June 2021)
The evaluation items of “WELL Certification” consist of 10 concepts in total, one of which is the air quality monitoring item, which requires the installation of indoor air quality sensors that meet the performance requirements.
The “Canary” not only satisfies the performance requirements, but also supports data output for submission as it can record data on its own. We also offer a maintenance package that includes an annual sensor replacement.
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Air professionals propose optimal solutions based on measurement data Based on the know-how cultivated through the construction of a research environment that requires advanced control of the air environment, including various harmful substances, temperature, humidity, and cleanliness, as well as safe maintenance and management after operation, the IAQ acquired with Canaria. Air specialists will analyze the data and provide optimal solutions for improvement and maintenance.
We provide a one-stop service for improving the air environment, from detailed surveys of IAQ by nationally qualified personnel, consulting for improvement, introduction and maintenance of countermeasure equipment, and design and construction of construction and air conditioning systems.
Future outlook: From “visualization” to “smartization”
To create a safe and comfortable workplace, we are promoting the introduction of a new system called “Canary” that visualizes risks and encourages improvements, as well as related services, so that we can maintain ideal conditions rather than making air environment measures temporary. In addition to contributing to this, we will accelerate the development of systems and services for further convenience. We are currently working on the development of a connected system, and by centralizing and remotely managing the air environment in many workplaces and linking with various air conditioning equipment, we will automatically change the equipment settings according to the detected risk. We plan to release smart solutions that contribute to energy conservation and promotion of well-being, and implement communication functions using video and audio.
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https://www.orientalgiken.co.jp/latest_products/kanaria.html Oriental Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Oriental Giken Kogyo is an engineering company that comprehensively produces research environment construction. With the purpose of “creating a moment of inspiration”, he is challenging the behavior of researchers in Japanese laboratories, which are architecturally and spatially unattractive, and creates architecture, spaces, facilities, and an innovation culture that generate interaction and awareness. increase. We will contribute to technological innovation in Japan through solutions to various problems hidden in the research environment and products and designs that touch the subconscious of researchers.
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