Orion Tour Co., Ltd. Enjoy the new winter more! Publish an article covering “Tips for getting better at snowboarding” explained by top instructors!

Orion Tour Co., Ltd.
Enjoy your new winter! Publish an article covering “Tips for getting better at snowboarding” explained by top instructors!

Orion Tour Co., Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuaki Asami) has planned many sports tours such as skiing, diving, and golf. We have created and published 3 articles that cover “Hints to enjoy snowboarding more and get better” explained by 2 instructors. The contents of the article are as follows.
▼Theme 1
The fun and benefits of snowboarding taught by top instructors, and the secret to enjoying the best!
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We asked two of Japan’s top instructors, Nao Toai and Chiharu Saito, about the real thrill of snowboarding and the secrets to enjoying snowboarding while feeling the wind in beautiful nature. Covers the charm of snowboarding, which is both a lifelong sport and leisure, such as the charm of spending an extraordinary time in the snowy mountains, tips on how to choose a slope suitable for beginners, ideas for gear, benefits of school, etc. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of starting this winter.
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▼Theme 2
A professional teaches! Snowboard beginners can enjoy guratori and guratori, gear to enjoy and the secrets to improving
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You can turn around while sliding on the slope, or shift the center of gravity to the nose or tail to “press”. Chiharu Saito taught me about Guratri, which stands out if it looks cool and stands out. Guratori is an abbreviation of ground trick, literally a style of sliding while performing tricks on the ground (slope). This is a must-read for anyone who wants to try guratori, including how to practice on flat ground, the secrets to improving press tricks, 180 how-tos for spin tricks, gear that suits guratori, and more.
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▼Theme 3
A professional teaches! The secret of continuous turns and carving turns that beginners want to learn
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When you can turn as you wish, the fun of snowboarding goes to the next level. We asked Ms. Nao Watanai to explain the continuous turns and carving turns that allow you to enjoy the feeling of openness that is unique to snowboarding. Enjoy the whole slope regardless of course level, including the basics of toeside and heelside turns, common points seen by people who cannot make consecutive turns, tips for carving turns, gears that make turns easier, etc. It is a content that expands the field of view of snowboarders who want to.
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■ commentator profile
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Nao Watanabe
Born in Nagano prefecture. The principal of “SIS Snowboard School” in “Koume Reex Ski Valley” in Koume Town, Nagano Prefecture. A talented person who has participated in the All Japan Championship many times. The “Carving Master Camp”, which is held every season to convey the secrets of carving, is well received for its careful coaching. JSBA (Japan Snowboard Association) Certified Class A Instructor.
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Chiharu Saito
Born in Saitama prefecture. Principal at MG Snowboard School Norn Minakami School in Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture. At the same school, we are developing a school with the motto “fashionable and cool”. Private lessons are also available, and they gently teach you the most fun snowboarding. JSBA Certified Class A Instructor. Details about this release:



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