Osaka Industrial Creation Center (Osaka Industry Bureau) Upgrade “mottainai”! Held to think about upcycling from case studies

Osaka Industrial Creation Center (Osaka Industrial Bureau)
Upgrade “mottainai”! Thinking about upcycling from case studies -Meet up-
A Meetup will be held on March 7th (Tuesday) to consider the possibility of reducing and effectively utilizing waste materials and ingredients for a sustainable future society!
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Event Overview/Application
Date: March 7, 2023 (Tuesday) 13:30-16:30
Application deadline: Friday, March 3, 2023, 17:00
Venue: Osaka Industry Creation Center (1-4-5 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka) Fee: Free (advance application required)
Organizer: Osaka Industrial Creation Center (Osaka Industrial Bureau) Apply here: Business summary
As part of the “O-TEX 2025-Osaka Business Opportunity Acquisition Project-” (*1), the “Osaka Industrial Creation Center”, a support base for small and medium-sized enterprises in Osaka City, will gather companies interested in upcycling and sustainability, and dispose of materials and materials. For companies that want to reduce and effectively use food ingredients, learn from previous cases and think about the possibility of their own efforts while interacting with other participants – Upcycle Meet up – Event will be held in March 2023. It will be held on the 7th (Tues).
(*1) “O-TEX2025-Osaka Business Opportunity Acquisition Project-” is a large-scale exhibition utilization program and It is a support business that conducts lectures and events on various themes. Business URL:
Event overview
Food loss is a problem not only at home but also at processors, distributors, restaurants, etc., where food that can still be eaten is thrown away.
The amount of food loss in Japan is said to be about 5.22 million tons per year (source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Ministry of the Environment “FY2020 estimate”), which translates to about 41 kg per person per year. This is a figure close to the annual consumption of rice per person in 2021 of 51.5 kg (according to a survey by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries). In addition to food, the processing and transportation of industrial waste is also regarded as an economic and environmental problem because it generates a large amount of processing costs and a large amount of CO2. On the other hand, some companies are beginning to break away from such a negative cycle and undertake “upcycling” initiatives.
At this event, first
・Contribute to reducing food loss with canned food using non-standard ingredients and offcuts!
・Launched a matching site for unnecessary steel materials
・Complete your own products from scrap materials!
・Energy bar born from the spirit of “mottainai”
・New materials born from “waste x design”
Through lectures and talk sessions on upcycling cases of companies that are currently attracting attention, [food] and [non-food], you will get hints on the development and efforts of upcycled products. [Image 2

After that, in the exchange part, participants will talk with each other as a place to “search for partners” and “exchange information” while doing simple work, and look for opportunities for upcycling. 2030 is the deadline for achieving the goals set in the SDGs. In addition, the Osaka-Kansai Expo will be held in 2025, and we hope that through this event, as many companies as possible will be born to work towards a sustainable future society.
Program content
RFC Co., Ltd. Representative Director
Misato Ibuki
[Preceding case study lecture 13:35-14:10]
(1)-Food-Recipe development and sales support for canned food using non-standard ingredients and offcuts from food processing
Founder & CEO of H&W Co., Ltd.
Mr. Atsuya Hashizume
(2) -Non-food – Establishment of waste material matching site/town factory that develops products with waste material
Tamura Shoten Co., Ltd.
Senior Managing Director Yukiaki Tamura
Public Relations Department Kumi Tamura
[Talk session 14:10-14:55]
・H&W Co., Ltd.
・Tamura Shoten Co., Ltd.
・On-Co Co., Ltd.
・ Lapin Co., Ltd.

[Exchange part 15:00-16:30]
≪Participating company exchange work≫ 15 minutes
While doing simple work, participants will talk with each other as a place to “search for partners” and “exchange information”.
≪Exchange time≫
Please interact with other participants.
Speaker profile
[Preceding case study/talk session]
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Founder & CEO, H&W Co., Ltd.
Mr. Atsuya Hashizume
Our vision is to bring happiness to people around the world through the Japanese food revolution.
Founded in 2003 after graduating from university, engaged in advertising and marketing in the IT industry.
While solving the digital marketing issues of major advertisers and small and medium-sized enterprises, he built a unique freelance network and contributed to the expansion of the video advertising marketing market. Since 2015, in order to foster the sustainability of Japanese food with people all over the world, while solving the social issues of the Japanese food industry, the theme is “Made in Japan”, “Utilization of domestic ingredients”, and “Co-creation of high added value”. We are currently developing the “co-creation development platform business for Japanese processed foods” that develops and distributes high value-added products in Japan and overseas. [Image 4

Managing Director, Tamura Shoten Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yukiaki Tamura
Born and raised in the town of Kujo, Nishi-ku, Osaka, which is an industrial cluster of metal processing. After graduating from university, worked for a steel trading company for seven years. In 2013, he returned to his family business, the ironworks.
He is working hard every day to bring about a small revolution in a small town factory in an unconventional way.
Our mission is to create a town factory filled with dignity and hope.

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Tamura Shoten Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department
Kumi Tamura
After graduating from university, he worked as a salesperson for a major food manufacturer. Became a full-time housewife after marriage and childbirth. In 2022, he joined Tamura Shoten as a public relations officer. Participated in SNS operation and launch of new business. He is the leader of the “TEPPEN” business, which upcycles scraps and scraps into interior accessories.
[Talk session]
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On-Co Co-Founder/Material Division
Mr. Kyohei Fujita
Born in 1992 / Born in Oguchi Town, Aichi Prefecture
Established in 2017 after renting a vacant house and operating a share house from 2015.
We have developed multiple services centered on PR, such as “Sakasama Real Estate”, a real estate service that does not post real estate information, and “Jokaiten Research Institute”, an upcycle development community.
In 2022, we will develop “resecco,” an upcycled material using gypsum board. Using material development and PR as a weapon, he is working on solving waste issues while co-creating with companies.
[Image 7

Lapin Co., Ltd. Vice President
Eri Kubo
After studying in the United States, he worked as a ground staff at Osaka International Airport and founded a bakery in Esaka, Suita City in 1999.
Local bakeries like ours do not use preservatives, so bread baked in the morning reaches its expiration date in the evening and cannot be sold the next day. I felt guilty about it for many years, so I thought I could do something about it, and opened a kushikatsu shop in 2016 by making bread crumbs from leftover bread. Thanks to that, there is almost no bread loss, and now the kushikatsu is a return gift for Suita City’s hometown tax. In the process, we created cereal bars and granola by adding value to Japanese superfood “Okara” and craft beer lees “Beer malt lees”.
We would like to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by converting things that have been discarded or wasted into high-value items that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
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RFC Co., Ltd. Representative Director
Misato Ibuki
・Executive chairman of ROCKS FORCHILE, a music festival that creates the future of children
・Beyond SDGs Japan Certified SDGs Business Master
・Future Technology Promotion Council Certified SDGs Board Game Facilitator ・ SDGs games for children Get The Point official facilitator ・CAMPFIRE Official Authorized Partner
・Crowdfunding Producer Association Kurafun Curator
To create an environment where children are excited about their future, and to create a society where everyone is excited regardless of their environment. As an exciting creator of the future, we will lead the world one step in an exciting direction through Entertainment × Education!
*This matter was announced at the same time on the same day at the Osaka Municipal Press Club and the Osaka Economic Press Club. Inquiries
Osaka Industry Creation Center Event/Seminar Secretariat
Phone: 06-6264-9911
Reception hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-17:30 (excluding holidays)
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