Osaka Prefectural Housing Supply Corporation A flexible plan to enjoy family time together Recruitment for renovations for young people such as Nikoichi starts on January 30

Osaka Prefectural Housing Corporation
A flexible plan to enjoy family time together Recruitment for renovations for young people such as Nikoichi starts on January 30 ~ Senboku New Town Chayamadai B Complex (Minami Ward, Sakai City) ~
Osaka Prefectural Housing Supply Corporation (head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Chairman: Yu Yamamoto, hereinafter referred to as “public corporation”), which provides public-owned rental housing SMALIO in Osaka Prefecture, operates Chayamadai Complex B (Minami-ku, Sakai City). We will start recruiting residents from January 30 (Monday) for the housing unit renovation plans “Nikoichi” and “Renovation 50,” which meet the diverse needs of young people such as child-rearing households. In addition, prior to recruitment, an open room will be held on Sunday, January 29th.
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In order to attract young people such as single-person households, young couples, and households raising children, the public corporation has utilized the know-how of architects and other private business operators since fiscal 2014 to convert two dwelling units into one unit. We supply renovated “Nikoichi” and “Rinobe 50”, which is a single-unit renovation.
This fiscal year, the Chayamadai B housing complex adopted the theme of “sustainable living that illuminates one’s own time” and adopted a “spacious and single” floor plan in which the home office and storage play the role of partitioning the space. We have realized a plan that supports new lifestyles with excellent ventilation efficiency and coexistence of work and home. Nikoichi’s plan concentrates the living functions on the north side, and places a large activity space on the south side, and there is plenty of storage space such as a pantry and storage shelves next to the kitchen, so you can live comfortably with a small amount of furniture. Is possible. In addition, by using heat insulating materials that reduce the environmental impact, we will provide a comfortable life, and we plan to install pendant lights, lamp shades, stand lights, etc. It has been designed with your enjoyment in mind.
■ Recruitment
Move-in application reception: From 10:00 on Monday, January 30, 2023 (first-come-first-served basis)
Number of units available: Renovation “Nikoichi”, which converts two adjacent units into one, 2 units
1 unit renovation “Renovation 50” 1 unit
Application method: Apply online from the website on the back Move-in period: Scheduled for early March
◆ Nikoichi: “Omoya” and “Separateness” that enrich our lives [Image 3d19188-215-3a5b412856b041743202-10.jpg&s3=19188-215-626517ea9cb2347aa1b527ecf6f933a5-929x726.jpg
[Image 4d19188-215-d957b59fd2ca5634e68e-4.jpg&s3=19188-215-9d0bc146c157b6bf34b657b1100b3fcd-1920x1440.jpg
Floor plan: 4LDK Area: 98.46 square meters Rent: 88,000 yen
A nostalgic yet new space where you can go back and forth between “Omoya” and “Hanare”
“Hanare” is considered as a space where you can enjoy “your time” such as bathing and exercising, and has a “solar room” on the south side and a “home office” on the north side. It is a sustainable and rich space where natural ventilation is ensured comfortably as a united living room with a curtain and a table gently dividing it (a plan (5LDK) that divides the home office part into two rooms is also available. To do).
◆Renovation 50 “Han-Nagaya” with two semi-outdoor spaces
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Floor plan: 2LDK Area: 49.23 square meters Rent: 62,000 yen
A semi-outdoor free and bright space that utilizes natural light A home office is set up facing the balcony, creating a comfortable space that incorporates natural light and natural ventilation throughout the year. The living room is designed to be integrated with the dining room and kitchen, making it a space where you can share your own time, such as exercising and DIY, with your family’s time together.
▽Click here for details *You can see the inside of the room in VR. Nikoichi
 Renovation 50 ■Designer: Ken Yamamura Architects and Associates First-class architect office / Yamamura SanzLavina Architecs Co., Ltd.
[Image 7d19188-215-f2ec1ffa406c80524f8c-8.jpg&s3=19188-215-2db844b5063707b8f1e3a2366b68a0cf-800x500.jpg
An architectural design office based in Tokyo, jointly led by Ken Yamamura and Natalia Sanz Lavinha, which designs spaces that make people feel comfortable.
▽ Designer interview ■ Contractor C2S CREATIVE Co., Ltd.
■Outline of Open Room
Date and time: January 29, 2023 (Sunday) 10:00-16:30 (last reception at 15:30) Reception location: Chayamadai B housing complex meeting place (2-8 Chayamadai, Minami-ku, Sakai-shi)
Application method: Apply online in advance from the following URL (reservation required)
Access: About 15-18 minutes on foot to Senboku Rapid Railway “Izumigaoka” station
* Held while implementing measures against the new coronavirus infection [Image 8d19188-215-301e5a1a6a0274977844-11.jpg&s3=19188-215-ddfb5e929b6c4ea0a001fe08cacbd582-799x301.jpg
* A preview for the media will also be held on January 25 (Wednesday). Overview of Chayamadai B Complex
Location: 2-8 Chayamadai, Minami-ku, Sakai City Residential area: 49.23m² ・ 98.46m²
Total number of units: 267 Start of management: June 1974
Structure: 5-story reinforced concrete structure Transportation: About 15-18 minutes on foot to Izumigaoka Station on the Senboku Rapid Railway
[Image 9d19188-215-876d9e4cbcd7353e7a74-1.png&s3=19188-215-a86fcf90d77e6f8ab38ae8a7d801ddf4-1000x326.png
◆Overview of Osaka Prefectural Housing Corporation
Representative: Director Yamamoto Yuzuru
Location: 2-3-21 Imahashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Business description: Management and operation of public rental housing SMALIO, etc.
Public corporation website:
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We aim to realize the SDGs through various initiatives.
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